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Inside INSA's London Studio with Juxtapoz Magazine

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A never before seen video capture of graffiti and fine artist INSA's London studio. This was recorded during our interview with the artist for an article featured on the Juxtapoz Magazine September subscriber cover. "His Southeast London studio views more like the workshop of sexy elves than the creative base of a highly sought after contemporary artist. Coffee cups litter a worktable alongside spray cans and markers. Sawdust lines the floor, high heel prototypes perch next to staple guns and rows of pornographic lighters suggest an in-progress installation. A custom lowrider bike hangs from a wall opposing a four-foot square mechanical spinning lightbox with gold and chrome mirrored panels featuring Darlene from Ice-T's 1988 album Power." --Katie Zuppann, Juxtapoz Magazine September 2010 Song: "I'm Your Pusher" by Ice-T from the album 'Power' www.juxtapoz.com www.insaland.com
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stevio (8 years ago)
Nice nosey parker video.

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