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What have the 9 newest Victoria's Secret angels got at the Show so far (after became angels)

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Up to 2018...
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GeniusDolphin (1 year ago)
As shown in the beginning of the video, this video only includes after they became angels in 2015 :)
Eden Miramon (1 month ago)
Lais is the worst. Does not deserve to be an angel at all.
Nina Hosk (1 month ago)
Josephine is the best angel of all!!!! I hope she will wear the fb next year.
Helena Katherine Ann (1 month ago)
Sara, Romee, and josefine are underrated in my opinion. I personally love josefines walk
Nina Hosk (1 month ago)
Me too. Josephine is the best.
Anna eriksson (2 months ago)
u should do an uppdated one
Felipe Silva (2 months ago)
Mita Maharani (2 months ago)
Taylor hill is beauty and cute at same time
Peter N (2 months ago)
Elsa is the QUEEN! She almost did everything in this show. Opening, wear the So and now the Fb. What`s next ? :D
Nathan Attack_plays (3 months ago)
Elsa hosk .... Its honk
Stella of the Lake (3 months ago)
Elsa got the fantasy bra this year.
Patrosalie x (3 months ago)
No offence, Josephine is so beautiful, but for some reason her walk looks weird
Nina Hosk (18 days ago)
No josephine walk isn't bad She is the best angel
Don't mess up my tempo (3 months ago)
Update 2018 ❄Taylor (1 wing) open show/seg Glam Royale, bored... ❄Stella (1 wing) open seg Downtown Angel ❄Romee (2 wings) close seg Golden Girls, wearing SO in seg Celestial Angel ❄Martha (2 wings) open seg Flights of Fancy, close seg Downtown Angel ❄Jasmine (2 wings) open seg Heritage ❄Josephine (2 wings) close seg Heritage ❄Lais (2 wings) open seg Celestial Angel ❄Elsa (2 wings) close seg Flights of Fancy with FB Poor Sara (2 wings) 😟 Hope Behati will get FB next year, she has worked 9 years for VS😟😟
Marc Aaron Toribio (1 month ago)
Don't mess up my tempo I feel like Sara will get something special at 2019 (like show opening or FB), because look what they did to Taylor at 2017 she didn’t get anything but in 2018 she open the show. PRAYING FOR SARA AND BEHATI
Habeeb Nisha (3 months ago)
Romee has only got 1) segment closing 2) segment closing 3) segment opening She should get to wear the Swarovski outfif or the
Michaela O'Neal (3 months ago)
Sara, Romee, Stella, and Elsa are my favorites
1GoldRunner (3 months ago)
Besides Jasmine, where is the return button?
LHT411 (3 months ago)
Sorry not sorry. And all offense intended. But there's nothing like the "Original" Angels. They commanded so much attention with their individual walks, personalities and beauty. Replacing the originals, is like recasting and re filming the Titanic. Or replacing the face of Disney with some new character other than Mickey Mouse. VS needs to retire their show. It's proven in their low ratings.
Nikki Kula (3 months ago)
I'm sorry Lais and Jasmine wearing the fantasy bra and they're new while Alessandra Ambrosio had to wait for 11 fucking years?! Pathetic
Lisa (3 months ago)
Nikki Kula Lais is new ?? She's in the show since 2010
hanz Xx (3 months ago)
josephine’s walk is SO bad
Nina Hosk (9 days ago)
You better look a yourself
Paulina Tirado (3 months ago)
No offense but after seeing the recent fashion show, Stella, Josephine and Martha can go kick the curve. Barbara Pavlin, Alanna, and some of the other new models stood out to me the most. Barbara should be made an angel soon, she owned the catwalk and has that sexy personality that VS needs now that queen Adriana is gone.
Apparently your wishes came true! Barbara Palvin is the newest Angel 💕
David Bolaños Nonocae (2 months ago)
Alanna is 😍😍
StillDollSyndrome (3 months ago)
Barbara palvin is my favorite!!😍😍
Catarina Costa (3 months ago)
Sara Sampaio is so underrated...
Stella of the Lake (3 months ago)
aleee na (3 months ago)
I like romee the most she has the combination of karolina kurkova n candice swanpoel in her. Also she's very pretty asf oh my god 😭😭😭
mimita arwan (3 months ago)
Somehow i felt like the show didn't fix the video
lorenzo lim (3 months ago)
some walks were so weak
Amanda Claire (3 months ago)
anti garu (3 months ago)
Tom Odell another love
PAULA CARNEIRO (3 months ago)
I like Sara
PAULA CARNEIRO (3 months ago)
I lik Sara
Luna Lovegood (3 months ago)
Their opening is so sucks and boring~~
NGUYEN LARRY (3 months ago)
+Marc Aaron Toribio true af
Marc Aaron Toribio (3 months ago)
NGUYEN LARRY Maybe her face is so sucks and boring~~ thats why she uses Luna Lovegood. What a way of disrespect for Luna.
NGUYEN LARRY (3 months ago)
+Marc Aaron Toribio he even named himself luna lovegood
Marc Aaron Toribio (3 months ago)
Your english is so sucks and boring~~
Sara Ng (3 months ago)
tbh i know majority of comments are comparing them to the angels of the vs golden era, and all i can say is VS is probably giving them more exposure through openings and closings so that the public are more aware of these new angels who will be groomed to be the next batch of long running angels that will eventually have the same reputation as the previous generation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Marc Aaron Toribio (2 months ago)
argell (3 months ago)
They won't and don't have the same reputation as the new generations, because the bombshell era of VS is over.
Megan Falls (3 months ago)
Sara Ng Very well said. I love this comment!
ilselientje (3 months ago)
Romee is absolutely stunning
Karen woodley (3 months ago)
Sara Sampaio 😍 and Elsa e Romee 😍
Ikon Fanboy (3 months ago)
Sara deserve more
asava17 (4 months ago)
Yass Romee is a bombshell!!!!
elene Mesxia (4 months ago)
Romee is so underrated she deserves so much more :(
stellarpong (4 months ago)
romee is so underrated. she's the closest to being the new candice tbh.
Farhana Hossain (2 months ago)
+Melisa D. josephine looks like 32 33 age.
Dessy Rasmiyani (3 months ago)
No one can be like candice herself, sorry but all new edition of VS angel are so boring
ml890324 (3 months ago)
Melisa D. Josephine has a really weak walk though. She always slouches with wings
Stella of the Lake (3 months ago)
Melisa D. (3 months ago)
She is cute but not unique at all. Cant compete w/ Candice. Josephine has a more cute face and a rocking body.
Farhana Hossain (4 months ago)
They never fart?
tempestuously (2 months ago)
+Farhana Hossain Stella farted in my face before. It was lovely.
Farhana Hossain (2 months ago)
How u know?
tempestuously (4 months ago)
They do but they smell of roses.
Random Girl (4 months ago)
Taylor has also opened the show in 2018
Mazz Mazz (4 months ago)
Martha Hunt always looks like she’s wobbling along and always so awkward on the runway
Isabella Nguyen (4 months ago)
Not to offend anyone but most of the new girls don't have the wow factor like I mean their walk isn't strong enough. For example Adriana Lima her walk is so motivating and powerful!
Megan Falls (3 months ago)
Isabella Nguyen But that doesn't mean they aren't good like soo many people are unfortunately saying. you can't find 15 Tyra Banks or Adriana Lima's to be a victoria secret model and people just need to see and accept that. they are all still beautiful
Isabella Nguyen (3 months ago)
Megan Falls Some of the new angels are powerful but their will never be the same power the older angels brought to the runway.
Megan Falls (3 months ago)
Isabella Nguyen if their walk wasn't good, they wouldn't be cast for shows and become angels... like?????
poohsydestroyer (4 months ago)
Martha hunt's segment cloaing wqsnt graceful at all, it was cringey tbh.
Leonardo Mello (3 months ago)
painfull to watch
Pal _ (4 months ago)
Stella is the most underrated :(
Hailey Quinzel (4 months ago)
Only angels that I love now is Adriana,Candice, Elsa and Jasmine everybody else are just....pretty girls, I don't even understand why they didn't get Carmen or Naomi a angel contracts but Behati? Seriously....She is beautiful but nothing special in her and her openings were terrible
Victoria Welzen (3 months ago)
imo, it's because Behati have a great personality, that none of angels ever has and she actually can carry big wings like a pro + her walk isn't that bad, not fierce maybe, but not that bad either. And well, I like her openings, especially in 2015 more than Adriana's in 2003, 2007, 2008 years and much more than Candice's opening in 2011 and so much more than Taylor's in 2018. I think, that's now Behati's even more prettier and sexier than before and she's really deserved being an angel
Luna Lovegood (3 months ago)
123annelarissa (4 months ago)
Hailey Quinzel maybe Naomi didn’t want to sign a contract with VS. Not every model wants to be a full time angel , it has to be a two way street 😊
DEPY K (5 months ago)
I don't know if it's because they're in their beginning but they don't have the glamour fierceness nobility of previous girls like Adriana, Carolina, Gisele, Heidi, izabel, Miranda and the others top angels.
Melisa Sueldo (5 months ago)
i'm sorry but even if i actually like Josephine, her "mini opening" isn't an opening itself, the opening of the segment AND the show belong to one of the queens: Candice
allana culanag (5 months ago)
Romee and Elsa 😍
Waikhom Bason (6 months ago)
Romee 😘😘 😘
Jo Jo (6 months ago)
I want Stella to have the Swaroski Outfit and Elsa the Fantasy bra / or Sara
Nina Hosk (9 days ago)
Josephine deserve the fb too
Jo Jo (4 months ago)
Sad Girl Actually it was Elsa who got the FB and Romee the SO
Ariola Fan (4 months ago)
Sara got it but it looked messy
kookies and cream (5 months ago)
Sarà deserves it so much and Elsa too
Asyraf Zulkifli (6 months ago)
No offense but none of them has the wow quality like the old ones like Giselle, tyra, heidi, miranda kerr etc...
David Bolaños Nonocae (2 months ago)
Elsa, Romee and Jasmine have so much potential 👌
Taylor Mackenzie (2 months ago)
Elsa and Taylor have potential
Stella of the Lake (3 months ago)
Alexandra (3 months ago)
+Isabel Marie what? Karlie's walk is good :$
Gago Pala Co (3 months ago)
+Isabel Marie i love karlie kloss
Barbie is a bitch (9 months ago)
Poor Stella. She is so big in HF and she won model of the year award. She deserves a Swarovski outfit.
allie del rey (3 months ago)
+Arely Garcia high fashion
Arely Garcia (3 months ago)
What is HF
Not Sure (3 months ago)
Barbie is a bitch i think she suits HF more than VS. Because i feel like in VS, models should not walk with a flat vibe. I mean when she walks for VS, i get this flat vibe that i get in HF. Not that i say she’s not great, but i think HF suits her better
Tessi Kräuter (9 months ago)
Can you please do a "What the 9 newest Victoria Secret Angels had to do to bekomm Angels" and include all the work they did with VS before they became Angels. I think there will be some major differences between some of them. I'm sorry for my bad englisch it's not my native language
Kenny Thai (9 months ago)
Elsa Hosk ❤️ ❤️
All of beauty!!! My heart beats for Jasmine Tooks!!
Don't mess up my tempo (10 months ago)
I hope Candice, Behati or Elsa will get Fantasy Bra. I dont want to see a very new angels wear it.....
Nina Hosk (9 days ago)
+Alexandra i agree
Alexandra (3 months ago)
Behati's walk is weak, she's mediocre.
Natalie Chan (3 months ago)
Elsa got it this year !! so happy for her
starrynights358 (3 months ago)
Don't mess up my tempo I actually hoped that Behati would wear it but Elsa got it. No complaints tho cuz she looks amazing in it and it would be better than some others
Hailey Quinzel (4 months ago)
I hope Elsa gets to wear fantasy bra
rachel v (11 months ago)
stella deserves so much more

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