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Watch in HD :) INSTA/TUMBLR: @alexandriatothemax TWITTER/SNAPCHAT: @alexandriamorgz All business enquirers to my manager: [email protected]
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Mauricio Garcia (11 days ago)
You make me happy beautiful girl I am so grateful for your existence :)
I love your videos, keep them coming!
yagirl rosaa (20 days ago)
omg i hate eating noises and then they’re like mmmm or yum yum, i get so annoyed lol
Mel Miller (28 days ago)
You’re so humble and real that’s why I’m here
Naima (1 month ago)
this was such an inspiring video! :D
Valeria Beliard (2 months ago)
Love how real and natural you are. It was a true treasure to discover your channel 😊💜
PrettyinPink9789 (2 months ago)
Awe I like you. Very real and down to earth. I wanna start eating healthier and cleaner. I lost 45 lbs but gained it all back :( you just inspired me
Sarah J (2 months ago)
didn't she use the microwave for the oatmeal lmao why didn't she notice the cookies then?
chis jones (1 month ago)
Sarah J i think he hid them there after breakfast
Claudia Alessandrini (2 months ago)
Hello beautiful guys!!!! If you haven’t already you should take a look on my channel maybe you’re gonna find it interesting, it’s a little I opened it, let me know what you think about ☺️♥️
Won Lim (2 months ago)
Love her message!
Deniz Derya (2 months ago)
Your thumbnail is so try hard omfg i wanna throw up
LyeHD (2 months ago)
Wait. U did ur food in the microwave but there where cookies in there?
Marihelen Gloria (2 months ago)
I love you!!!!
너구리두부 (3 months ago)
I really love your video I'm really stressed out with what I eat because of calorie cutting or losing weight But after watching your video i realized that the focus should be on eating healthy not the calorie Thank you I love you
Sam, A Creator (3 months ago)
Girl you changed my life with this oatmeal recipe. I love eating oatmeal now cuz I always make it like how u make it. ❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽 thank u so much
Vicky Papayannaki (3 months ago)
We love a comfort food queen
Haileigh Garoutte (3 months ago)
OMFG at 17:11 your cat just appears behind you during the cut. Lol
Haileigh Garoutte (3 months ago)
THANK YOU FOR SPARING US the eating noises! One of the reasons I just don't like watching them. The lip smacking and talking with their mouth full....just ugh. So thank you.
영서 (3 months ago)
Charlotte Lester (3 months ago)
What music has she used at the start of the video?
Regan Vellan (4 months ago)
this is so interesting
Autumn Faith (4 months ago)
how does she still look angelic eating a pint of ice cream every night xD
357M view (4 months ago)
You look sad af! Like you need a MAN real man!
Rinoa (4 months ago)
Fake as hell
Karen Snyder (4 months ago)
I kinda want to be a model.... I told my mom but she was like well they want u to look a certain way and weigh a certain amount and I just want you to do something that would make u feel like urself (or something like that XD) So let's just stick with softball.
Asaph Mungal (4 months ago)
jacky o (4 months ago)
your sister's messages in the cookie tin was hilarious! you guys need to sell those "Morgan cookies" with special one of a kind messages for whoever gets to open the tin, it'll make her famous...you heard it here first and i'll only take 10% for the idea, LOL;)
Park Chimmy (4 months ago)
she is living and eating healthy which is rlly good unlike some models out there who starve themselves just to be skinny and fit. ily so much😊
Paige 1996 (4 months ago)
I love you! I try and and try and try and try to diet (I’m on weight watchers rn) and it takes FOREVER to lose weight and if I eat one cheat meal for an entire week I will gain it all back. I’m 21 and heart disease runs in my family and I have super high blood pressure and high pulse rate and so a lot of the weight problems I think are caused by my medicine because beta blockers (which is what I’m on. That and a water pill) are know to cause weight gain or weight loss problems. I also have severe anxiety and am on an anxiety med which is also known to cause problems with weight gain and weight loss. I’m at a loss over what to do lol but you made me feel better when you talked about each persons body is different and even if you eat the exact same thing as someone who has a really nice body you might not look like them.
Mariah McQueen (4 months ago)
Girl, i'm eating the halo top you suggested and oooooooohhhh my goodness I get where you're coming from
Amanda Likes You (4 months ago)
your breakfast looks disguisting
Shilan (5 months ago)
Hi im 16 years old and are from Norway ! My dream is to become a really athletic/karate fighter fashion model type of thing ❤ My only problem is that I'm only 1.67,5 cm high 😭 but I still are going to try bc, I really want this ! Loved this video btw you are really good. So I subscribed ! ❤ (I have an Instagram account that aren't really popular yet where I post out pictures and hope to grow with ^.^ ! ) ( I won't tell the account name except if someone ask me for it, bc I don't want this to sound fake))
Desiree Onomor (5 months ago)
8:44 who else smiled when she said this?
Solese Brown (5 months ago)
Soooo humble!!!!
Atalia Younan (5 months ago)
You always talk about your workings so can you please make a workout routine video
Eli Maki (5 months ago)
Hi guys! I've recently opened a YouTube Channel about nutrition and I have published a "What I eat in a day" video. If you want check it, I'd be really grateful.
Basilah Mohamed (5 months ago)
It's not good idea to go workout with an empty stomach because you can passed out from dehydration. You should always eat first
Jasmine Wells (5 months ago)
Any advice cause I wanna be a model but my mum won't let me 😄😄😄😄
Angelina (5 months ago)
I always thought models counted calories. I love this.
Milly Miles (5 months ago)
Loveddd the cinnabun halo top 😍
Soph Alexandria (5 months ago)
You do not look like a model, you look like only a pretty girl that's it
Krystal Santiago (6 months ago)
I litterly only pressed on this video cuz her cover looked pretty😂
hannah banana (6 months ago)
I just found you and i love you
Angry Chick (6 months ago)
you are such a role-model to me! love you lots xx
Emily Nelson (6 months ago)
I love the cubbies
Kay_Kay (6 months ago)
I swear when she said " I get wigged out from the eating noises " THAT IS MY SISTER TO A T!
madann85 (6 months ago)
You're so funny :)
The Vegan Celiac (6 months ago)
I fucking love your personality 😍
Zaina Sarah (6 months ago)
weirdly got this little feeling of excitement when you mentioned that you were a pescatarian. you're literally the only person I know that follows the same diet as me 😂
Hallie Johnson (6 months ago)
Can you do a workout video?
Ellie McEvoy (7 months ago)
Wow she has such a healthy attitude toward food and also seems genuinely humble and funny
xxelegentlavenderxx (7 months ago)
Wow Shes inspiring. For real.
wsbdancer (7 months ago)
The first model to be real with the public. She is so uplifting and I don't feel discouraged or insecure or guilty for slipping up when I don't eat necessarily healthy. No hate for Alexis Ren, but Alexandria's lifestyles seems way more suitable and reasonable.
marsey (7 months ago)
your so inspiring.
katTV (7 months ago)
Cooper 😍
Kaylyn R (7 months ago)
You are so beautiful inside and out, this video makes me happy :D You go girl! :)
Her attitude is AMEIZING!!!!  just  AMEZING if all models followed her diet and her way of how she sees things.....They all will enjoyed model and health!!!. lMonica Fernance, Australia
Ellie Saunders (7 months ago)
I see why you are a model😍
Jessica Wade (7 months ago)
Hello Angel 😃
Efrén Beltran (7 months ago)
This changed my life
Hanis Notonfire (7 months ago)
I love her lips
alyssa (7 months ago)
I just tried your oatmeal recipe and it’s so gooddddd I used to not like oatmeal
keanu banana (7 months ago)
i have that same little star blanket that you have to the left of you☺️☺️btw i started working out at the gym recently and i really wanna stop eating dairy but i love some of the stuff. no shame but at the same time i feel shameful lol. i wanna becomes vegan so watching your videos of you jus eating healthy helps me a lot!
eva klitgaard (7 months ago)
moist..... Dolan Twins?
Sulagna Dasgupta (7 months ago)
I just subscribed ☺️...
Jinx Y (7 months ago)
Ur personality is great, and ur so beautiful
Maxim Wolf (7 months ago)
You sound like me. Like nearly exactly like me. Wtf... O_O
Rose Christie (7 months ago)
Why would you say the M word 😩😩 omg it made me cringe
Yifei Xu (7 months ago)
Fish are still meat. Anything that is alive, have senses and feelings are considered animals.
leaves are alive, does that mean they have feelings or senses? no. your statement is incorrect
Elisabet V (7 months ago)
Please, do another what i eat in a day...I loved this one!
glazed jihoon (7 months ago)
you are so beautiful 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️
Chris Gallo (7 months ago)
Nice unibrow in the thumbnail
Rachel Benzo (7 months ago)
know now all The only reason I wanted to watch this is because I'm training (at home) to be a mode before I become a real child model. Me and my mum have already called modelling company and I can be a model I just need to send them a photo of me and they will reply to me within 3 weeks.I also eat wraps a lot for lunch... But here's what I ate this week!: Monday Breakfast: Yogurt,Banana,Granola with Honey. Monday Lunch: Ham wraps (with low fat butter) Monday Dinner: Meatballs, Brown Rice and a side salad Monday Snack Before Bedtime: Low fat crackers with Low fat butter. Tuesday Breakfast: Porridge with blueberry's, bananas and strawberry's on the side. Tuesday Lunch (dads birthday): Chicken Wraps. Tuesday Dinners: Pasta, Tuna and Cheese. Tuesday Snack before bed: Rich Tea Biscuits (obviously with tea). Wednesday Breakfast: Bacon and Eggs with beans. Wednesday Lunch: Barbeque Chicken wraps. Wednesday dinner: Brown Rice and Chicken. I fell asleep straight after dinner! Thursday Breakfast: Granola+Milk+Blue berries. Thursday Lunch: Tuna Sandwich. Thursday Dinner: (Leftover brown rice and chicken). I was in a mood then so i didnt eat anything before bed. Friday(lots of fat foods): Breakfast: Jam toast with Diet Coke. Friday Lunch: Chicken Tikka sandwiches. Friday Dinner: Chicken/Margerita Pizza, Spicy wedges and a diet coke again! I m know now all of these are healthy but whatever I eat I never put on weight because I eat quickly(unless im being rushes because we are going somewhere, which happens alot) so yh but I stick to this every week but some times i switch up the breakfasts and lunch. But credits to my mum for the LOVELY DINNERS!
Cherry Phorasri (7 months ago)
my mum compares me to skinny people and say everyday that im fat
rachel (7 months ago)
lmao all the boys in my class bully me for being “lanky” which means tall and skinny, and i just laugh at them and go, “and your point is?” because i have no idea how it’s a criticism. thought i’d share
WolfRyder (7 months ago)
I love that she was out of a bunch of things when she was making food and that she so positive!!
Chicken Nuggets (7 months ago)
*Comparison is the thief of joy* I instantly envy everything about you and hate myself 500% more than I did yesterday.
Chicken Nuggets (7 months ago)
P.s you should so be the next president
Chloe Jaye (8 months ago)
Diet Coke is my favorite drink ever I drink it like everyday
That is one of THE WORST peanut butter u can eat!!Buy the natural pb w/only peanuts! Walmart has a natural pb made by "Adams". Delish. I love the nutty type.
Lea Rogelj (8 months ago)
You're amazing girl!!! 👍💕👏
Carolyn Verba (8 months ago)
I love this girl so much
Naz F (8 months ago)
This is realistic https://youtu.be/hps5MV0PA3M Love you
Kevin N (8 months ago)
Wouldn’t you have seen the cookies hidden in the microwave when heating up the oatmeal?
Rosie Peacock (8 months ago)
"There are some girls with some bangin' bodies out there, but that doesn't make your body any less bangin' " 👏👏👏🙏
D Empress Hair Season (8 months ago)
😊😊😊😊 thank u 4 sharing!💗🙌
GROWLINGGORILLA25 (8 months ago)
GG likes this video and fashion model!!!
Blurb (8 months ago)
How do you stop eating bread? It's my biggest weakness
TheHermitShell (8 months ago)
Wow! She looks kind of looks like @DcwithSarah on instagram, it comes down to skill in perseverance in the end though i guess!
Surelda Moon (8 months ago)
Lol I love this girl. So real.
Asking Alexandra (8 months ago)
New sub here! Loved your video😍
Sandra Bermúdez (8 months ago)
I actually laughed with the salmon joke😂
lol What (8 months ago)
She’s so gorgeous like I wish I looked her ;((
Emily watson (8 months ago)
such a basic white girl though
Shayna Neal (8 months ago)
how were the cookies in the microwave if she used it to cook oatmeal
keke do you love me (8 months ago)
*i bet she doesn't even have makeup on shes so gorgeous wow*
keke do you love me (8 months ago)
*peanut butter is a no no it'll give u acne*
Rue Rue (8 months ago)
You're beautiful
Jordyn Boost (9 months ago)
Can I just say I love how real she is
Mochi (9 months ago)
she seems so down to earth and humble 💕
Febo Gerlsma (9 months ago)
You inspire me 💛

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