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Celine Dion - A Mother's Prayer (Lyrics)

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Celine Dion - A Mother's Prayer Lyrics
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83 years old
r.i.p milagros Icatar pascual😇
carol addison (1 month ago)
No child ever stops loving their Mother! No Mother ever stops loving their child!! To my daughter Ashlee. My heart!
ron cniel (1 month ago)
I'm crying thinking of my daughter Lisa who died one year ago this Spring.
BlacknWhite Truthfully (1 month ago)
I lost my first true love on Christmas Eve 2018 RIP 😭 momma my hero she raised us a single parent ❤️❤️❤️
Katy Don (3 months ago)
So, does Celine have three prayer songs? This, the one with Andrea Bocelli and Prayer?
Andreas Andry (3 months ago)
RIP my baby boy Alexander Melvin... God love u so much... see u soon
Anto (3 months ago)
Ho perso mamma e questa canzone è per lei.spero che sia nella luce.
Helen MycDonald (4 months ago)
For,, you, mum, missing you so much, I, just, cry, all, the time
ChrKezia S (4 months ago)
I sing this song when my daughter get her sweet seventeen b'day, with all my heart , hope she will always in God leads. Love this song very much🙏
Banura Mdee (5 months ago)
💖💖💖💖💖💖long live Mama
유윤 (5 months ago)
i wonder who is David Foster
Lola Sarge (5 months ago)
I lost my baby October 28th 2017 I lay my baby to rest February 6th 2017 I never got to find out sex but I held my baby as my baby laid peacefully in my arms (my baby was the size of a cotton wool bud) I sang over the rainbow and when it was baby funeral we played this song every night I would light a candle and place it next to my baby ashes box and play this song people say it gets easy but nearly a year on and am still grieving I also have a two year old little boy and it hurts more when am aware he kind of understands what happened because even every morning and every night he will kiss the baby box and say night night baby love you and when I say we’re your little sister or brother he will point to the sky 😔 it never get easy loosing a child and it’s a lot more painful when your young your self no mother should bury their child before them selfs so if your a mother or a new mother hold your child tight yes they can be pains at times they will make u want to rip your hair out but end of the day all they want is your attention and love my son is on social services and now his dad has got him because they can’t do there jobs and now I’ve lost everyone and everything id do anything for my son to be back with me and I’d do anything for my other baby to be alive children don’t stay young or stay babies for ever so always treasure what you have with them now before it’s too late ❤️🌹
Lynda Mark (5 months ago)
Rip mom Linda Mark I miss u so much mama
Tahi Marama (6 months ago)
Dear baby brother, I love you so much thank you for being my world 😘
Katy Lease (6 months ago)
Goodbye my sweet Declan James.. Passed away 8-3-18. Still born. I love you so much, it hurts.
Brandon Quintanar (6 months ago)
This reminds me of my sister and my mother. My sister is going off to college and my mother is kind of struggling to realize it. My mother doesn't want her to go. I imagine many tears when she leaves. I will be going with her for a day or two but then I will be leaving her. I hope when she leaves god will watch over her..
unknown creature (6 months ago)
gosh 💓
Sage Rene' (7 months ago)
To my two little brothers that i love more than anything in this world. Our mom died 6 years ago and I try to be the best mother figure i can be to them and take care of them like she always used to ask of me. I love and miss her so much and they remind me so much of her.
Pixelz (7 months ago)
My mum sent this to me :3
HollyPop Vintage (7 months ago)
R.I.P my beautiful darling daughter Eva <3 you were born sleeping on the 9th June 2018. Holding you in my arms was the best but also most saddest moment of my life. I wish I could have seen you open your eyes, hear you cry even if it was just for a couple of minutes but you never had that chance. I'm thankful I got to see you grow in my tummy for 9 months and feel you kick when you did. we're still yet to find answers on why you had to leave so soon, and I hope we do find them answers! until then all we can do is cry for our beautiful Eva <3 Tomorrow is your funeral and we're playing this song for you. I'm not looking forward to it but at least I know you'll finally be at peace baby. please watch over us all and please let us know you'll always be around even though we can't see you. you would have been the best littlest sister ever and i would have loved to have seen you grow with your big sister. Mummy, daddy and big sister love you so much and we will never ever forget you. you will always be in our hearts <3 i hope one day we will be reunited in paradise. sweet dreams our sleeping beauty, and spread those wings, spread them high my beautiful little Angel Eva <3 <3 9/6/18 <3 <3
HollyPop Vintage (2 months ago)
+tamara verdurme thank you I do hope so too <3
tamara verdurme (2 months ago)
Sorry for you're loss hope you're angel is whatching over you ❤
HollyPop Vintage (2 months ago)
+Karen Conway thank you <3
Karen Conway (2 months ago)
HollyPop Vintage I'm so sorry for your loss💔
Amy Barnabi (7 months ago)
I was married 15 years ago today. When our mother's were seated at our wedding we played this. My husband and I then danced to "The Prayer" as our song. Amazing memories!
Check mate (8 months ago)
HollyPop Vintage (8 months ago)
I lost you a week ago today my baby girl! I can't believe how quick it has gone, and I miss you so much! I never got to hear you cry or see you open your eyes and it breaks my heart every single day! please watch over me and please wait for me, we will be reunited one day, but until then all I can do is cry and wish for you back here on earth. you will always be in my heart sweetheart, we all love you so much and you would have been the best little sister ever! sleep tight my Angel and spread those wings high. I love you <3 my little Eva Beryl Susan born sleeping 37+5 weeks 9/6/18 <3 forever in my heart <3 <3
Nathalie-Lalie Fouquet (8 months ago)
Paroles et traduction de «A Mother's Prayer» traduction en Français. A Mother's Prayer (Prière D'une Mère) I pray you'll be my eyes, Je prie pour que tu sois mes yeux, And watch her where she goes, Pour voir où elle va, And help her to be wise. Et aide-la à être plus sage. Help me to let go. Aide-la à partir. Every mother's prayer. Chaque prière d'une mère. Every child knows. Chaque enfant sait. Lead her to a place. Conduis-la vers un lieu. Guide her with your grace Guide-la avec ta grâce To a place where she'll be safe. Vers un lieu où elle sera en sécurité. I pray she finds your light, Je prie pour qu'elle trouve ta lumière, And holds it in her heart, Pour qu'elle la garde dans son coeur, As darkness falls each night. Contre l'obscurité qui tombe chaque nuit. Remind her where you are. Qu'elle se souvienne où tu es. Every mother's prayer. Chaque prière d'une mère. Every child knows. Chaque enfant sait. Need to find a place. On a besoin d'un endroit. Guide her to a place. Guide-la vers un lieu. Give her faith so she'll be safe. Donne-lui la foi car elle sera en sécurité. Lead her to a place. Conduis-la vers un lieu. Guide her with your grace Guide-la avec ta grâce To a place where she'll be safe... Vers un lieu où elle sera en sécurité... Publié par Roman En savoir plus sur https://www.lacoccinelle.net/264238.html#HZLyDizwhdbSiu3W.99
Briannaansualda Garcia (9 months ago)
Just Thank You (9 months ago)
All the Mothers who deserve our praise and appreciation! This week Just Thank You celebrates all mothers in the world ♥️ The people who gave us life and showed us how to live. Call your mom, and say thank you 😊 🙏 #justthankmom #justthankyoumomsweek Share your story with us on Just Thank You. We would love to hear it :) Our app is available on Apple App Store (https://apple.co/1fZR4qM) and Google Play (http://bit.ly/2GJRHDB )
Bleh Kyin (9 months ago)
I think the mother sang her baby for someone take her away from baby for a life of broken hearts for mother baby
Bleh Kyin (9 months ago)
😭 And it sad
Molly Roseberry (9 months ago)
To all the mothers who lost your children, y'alls comments have me bawling my eyes out. I'm sorry for everyone's loss, I lost a baby over a year ago and it still gets to me even though I was only 2 months pregnant. I have a 3 year old little boy an angel baby and a 1 year old rainbow baby. The loss and pain never gets better and my heart aches for everyone here who has lost someone. 💔 R.I.P. to all of the little ones and lost loved ones.
Amina Jennifer (4 months ago)
Molly Roseberry keep being strong i lost my daughter last year and its like a nightmare every single day ever since i lost my angel. She was my one and only child.
Alan Fox (10 months ago)
I was getting upset about songs related to people losing loved ones i have to hear the song again because a few hours ago I have a phone call that interruption and enjoyment of the song.
Dragon girl 101 (11 months ago)
Quest for Camelot!!
Mary Jones (1 year ago)
miss my mum makes me cry this song 😓
Michelle Maudlin (1 year ago)
Words can't begin to express how much this song touches every single part of my heart. I lost my angel 1/30/18. I can't make it through the song without the tears flowing but every word expresses my love for my daughter. I know she's up in heaven watching over me until I can get there to finally hold her.
Vasana Wijesena (1 year ago)
Love all the words....very beautiful..
Heather Seymour (1 year ago)
Mummy will always love you!my gracey moo 06 01 17 xxxxxx rip God bless xx xx xx
BloodyCookie (1 year ago)
The comments here are so sad and touching. I broke out in tears. I'm not even a mother yet but just the imagination of some mother's situations... God bless everyone here and for every mother who lost her dear child: They will always be with you and watch over you. The connection of mother and child is too strong. *Nothing* can destroy that. Not even death. Stay safe everyone and have happy times with your mother and entire family as long as it's still possible. Life is short. Use it.
emilie porte (1 year ago)
Toutes sans exception son des musiques qui on bercé mon enfance Merci Céline Dion de donner temp de souvenir et de permette par vos chanson d'en préserver et graver de beau et magnifique dans nos coeurs je vous admire
isaac sound waves (1 year ago)
the gimme Stelter movie brought me here
Heather Seymour (1 year ago)
My baby girl God knows all! Truly my faith has been tested to the max!I will always remember you in my heart and yur sister and brother and bby brother to be xxx rip gracey moo! 06-03-17 born sleeping at 35 weeks xxxx
iiSxpphirei i (1 year ago)
I'm 12 and I understand what this means with the connection of the mother and daughter...so beautiful 😭😍
ElliePlushies XD (1 year ago)
Me to my oc's: *plays this song*
Justyna Dominiak (1 year ago)
👼👱👼I love you my beautiful daughter ❤
iiSxpphirei i (1 year ago)
I cry when I read the comments. 😂😍😭
tippynoodles (1 year ago)
So true tears of love.... <3
Jasmin Music (1 year ago)
So beautiful !!!
clare p uk (1 year ago)
I used to sing this to my mum when she was in her final stage of cancer
Renata Muncey (1 year ago)
Rip baby grace Eden my flower no words can not describe this pain this nothing of u fairness! my child you have set me free because of your short existed my love mummy and your brother and sister rip 06~03~17 born sleeping at 35 weeks xxx
iiSxpphirei i (1 year ago)
This was my lyrical dance when I was like 8. Now I'm 12
iiSxpphirei i (1 year ago)
Jolie Moua (1 year ago)
To my Great Grandma 😭😭😭 I miss her so much and I will never let her go. Dear Great Grandma U are in Heaven and I will never forget u and leave u no matter what. U can hear what I’m saying in my heart and out loud, I love u so much u are the best love u 😘😘😭😭😭😭. Can please get a lot of likes please.
Morgan House!!!!!!!!! (1 year ago)
I started singing just singing its the first song that came to my mind
wendy ramirez (1 year ago)
To my beautiful baby who’s now my guardian angel 👼🏽💞😔
DeetsterB (1 year ago)
To all my daughters. Robyn, Arianna, Michelle ( my angel baby) and Sabrina. Gods greatest gifts in my life.
Eric Parker (1 year ago)
thank you for this sing...
Rudy Mcterry (1 year ago)
rip dera
ChezzaAU (1 year ago)
To my beautiful daughters. This would be my wish, 'my prayer', when I'm no longer here to support you
samayra brown (1 year ago)
I love this song!!! It talks about a mother's prayer❤
Marni Dianna (1 year ago)
balling my eyes out here. I'm not even a mom yet and I'm sobbing.
Kristy Alcorte (1 year ago)
I love and miss my 6 Angels forever with me. RIP
Raquel Cabezas (1 year ago)
I will always love you my sweet baby angel Rubi 5.11.2017 @ 22 w 3 d stillborn
ursula garcia (1 year ago)
beautiful words
Iris Kwong (1 year ago)
To my baby that was in my tummy for 12 weeks n 5 days. It wasn't long enough but it was my happiest time in my life. Baby, mama knows that u had tried ur best that u had stopped growing on 8 weeks n 5 days but ur heart beat didn't stop until ur 12 weeks n 5 days. Thank you for staying w us for another 4 weeks. U must hv known that was papa n mama's honeymoon n u wanna be w us b4 u go. Baby, we love u so much, pls be happy in heaven n we will meet someday. Mama will get well n move on n so as papa. We will never forget u. Love always n forever.
Dot G. (1 year ago)
Isn't this just a tearbank for us who didn't have mothers/good ones?
Federica Itriago (1 year ago)
goosebumps! I really love her voice!
Merry Scary (1 year ago)
I miss my mom 😢
J.Acker (1 year ago)
Wasn't going to comment, but seems I'm in good company here. RIP Sebastian Lee 10/16/15-03/03/16
Allyson N (1 year ago)
To my sweet Bradley who went to Heaven on 12/20/16...Mommy loves you.
Amelia May (1 year ago)
pretty song i always love this song !!!
victoria balrup (1 year ago)
such a beautiful sng
ayu A.M (1 year ago)
ga bisa dismpan offline
Amelia May (1 year ago)
i love this song
Matthew Truong (1 year ago)
[Celine Dion] I pray you'll be my eyes And watch her where she goes And help her to be wise Help me to let go Every mother's prayer Every child knows Lead her to a place Guide her with your grace To a place where she'll be safe I pray she finds your light And holds it in her heart As darkness falls each night Remind her where you are Every mother's prayer Every child knows Needs to find a place Guide her with your grace Give her faith so she'll be safe Lead her to a place Guide her with your grace To a place where she'll be safe
DJ FreeM (1 year ago)
i always loved this song
deborah sekyiwaah (1 year ago)
I love u mom, wherever u r I will always remember u and u always in my heart, RIP MOM
yolz yolz (1 year ago)
iloveu mga anak..sorry ngkulang si mama..babawe ako mga anak
Wendy Martinez (1 year ago)
yolz yolz iñybv. Dddz. , hhdar
Matthew Truong (1 year ago)
[Céline Dion] I pray you'll be my eyes And watch her where she goes And help her to be wise Help me to let go Every mother's prayer Every child knows Lead her to a place Guide her with your grace To a place where she'll be safe I pray she finds your light And holds it in her heart As darkness falls each night Remind her where you are Every mother's prayer Every child knows Need to find a place Guide her to a place Give her faith so she'll be safe Lead her to a place Guide her with your grace To a place where she'll be safe
Matthew Truong (1 year ago)
Matthew's mother, Mary's Song.
Ali Darroch (2 years ago)
Wholeheartedly didicated to my lovingly daughter,,Ariane,,
Kelly Arevalo (2 years ago)
My mom passed away today one month ago. God I miss her so much. This song makes me cry for her.
Koko Moko (2 years ago)
Tis a shame such a great song, came from shit.
isaac sound waves (2 years ago)
i hear this song while playing majoras mask and seeing creepypasta
FERDZ YUSTE (2 years ago)
i remember my mom when i hear this song.. mom... you always want to protect me and all i did was pushing you away.. i know its too late to apologize but mom.. im so sorry for pushing u away cuz sometimes i feel like im a kid but all you want to do is to love me and protect me. mom i love you so much i wish you're still here singing this song for me.. mom i missed you and im sorry for everything.. i love you so much for me you're the best queen. 08-24-15- death 😔
Jimmi Fimbres (1 year ago)
Dreamshappen211 (2 years ago)
FERDZ YUSTE your mom knows you love her and care and loved you so much to the point where nothing you did would make her love you less I am so sorry for your loss but I am sure your mom is in heaven watching over you singing this song to you and reading your beautiful comment ❤
Captain Fish eye (2 years ago)
i still love my mom <3 :,(
msruizk87 (2 years ago)
My heart weighs heavy tonight mourning my twins Sebastian and Natalia born at 23w3d 12/22/16 and passed 12/23/16 they fought so hard but couldn't stay. And my sons; Daniel who passed 3/21/15 at 17 weeks and Santiago who passed 5/31/16 at 13 weeks and the other 4 angels I have in heaven who passed too soon to identify the genders and have remained unnamed.....
Queen chep (5 months ago)
I can't imagine your pain but my heart goes out to you. May the comforter of all hearts see you through and remember you like he did Job. Shalom
ndessy shimweefelei (9 months ago)
msruizk87 take heart sweetheart I know how it feels I also lost my only son last year December Now they are angels watching over you..
akesiu folau (10 months ago)
we were born to die but not that fast im sorry for ur pass
Caren Reynolds (1 year ago)
Just broke out in tears reading this my heart truely goes out to you.
katherine berondo (2 years ago)
I love this song, I love my mom😘
Samantha Arce (2 years ago)
r.i.p. my baby girl Adallena! 08/26/16. you was a stillborn! at 34weeks! Weighing 5lb 2oz. held you in my arm, the day i deliver you! you was soo precious! never would know why, god called you! it was soo soon! but you arr my Angel now! Watching over me & your big sister! i love you to the fullest!💞 I'll see you once again my love!
Dayne Chua (3 months ago)
Isabelle Hodgkins (8 months ago)
Samantha Arce sorry for your liss
Tina Gagne (9 months ago)
be strong and live your life and one day you will see your little baby again
Alex and Amelia Powlett (9 months ago)
Samantha Arce you have my sympathy
Teisha Guillen (10 months ago)
+Nicole Yowaish my birthday is 12\16\1974 I,lose two baby
Jasmine L (2 years ago)
This is so beautiful. I loved this from Quest for Camelot <3 Always knew that on my wedding day.. I will surprise my mother with a dance to this song :')
shelby Griggs (2 years ago)
my sweet ayla and morgan mommy loves you and ill get you girls back home i promise i miss my babies
Paige khan (2 years ago)
To my angel in heaven Zayyaan I love and miss you my little boy ❤️
Trinity Love (2 years ago)
to my daughter Morgan, who don't love me anymore. :""( and all I ever did was try to do the best I could. I'm not perfect. I'm so sorry. I love you and I hope time will bring you back to my arms.
Bleh Kyin (9 months ago)
Tell her to love heart back
Selph (9 months ago)
May God bring her back to you soon
Tori V (9 months ago)
Tammy Klimek all of you saying this is making me cry. Im 19 and I couldn't even imagine turning my back on my mom. Im sorry for all of you. I wish I could shake them and say what the hell are you doing
Tammy Klimek (9 months ago)
Trinity Trinidad I'm going through the same thing
Tori V (10 months ago)
Trinity Trinidad no mother who actually gave a shit and wanted the best for their child should have to go through this. It makes me sick.
Troy Boldeau (2 years ago)
to my loving Mom
Jennifer Gibbs Kimble (2 years ago)
for my daughter, Bethany, who has lost her way! God please guide her, while she won't let Mr! amen!
Uralgha Edwad (2 years ago)
its a touching songs I love all ur songs ciline Dion its a blessing gods power is upon u all the days of ur life
Jane Jumaway (2 years ago)
nice song
ladyjuliet tyler (2 years ago)
to my son that died at birth Dwayne Aaron Payne
iiSxpphirei i (1 year ago)
chase tyler that's so sad. I'm so sorry. I'm crying while reading the comments.
Ann Burnett (2 years ago)
Dedicate this beautiful song to my mom,celebrating her birthday today. Thanks Celine.
Christine Weekes (2 years ago)
this is a great song very touching I like this version the way it is sang by Celine dion. my is just busting with joy and happiness.
violetcrumble57 (2 years ago)
I wish they had have written it for son or daughter. Beautiful song
razrv3lc (2 years ago)
How would they have done that though? If the lyrics said "they" instead of "she", it would sound like she's singing about multiple children. Not to mention, she sang this for The Quest for Camelot and the mother of the protagonist sang this song, meaning it was situation-specific since the protagonist was female. She was singing for her daughter to be safe.
Catherine (2 years ago)
lololololololololololololz :)
Abung Florencia (2 years ago)
you lol
Catherine (2 years ago)
Catherine (2 years ago)
TOO AMAZING! I showed this to my teacher, AND she was like WOW.
Megan halbert (2 years ago)
to my son william alexander halbert born 2/24/15 gained his wings 7/12/15
isaac sound waves (2 years ago)
god bless your son with love he will always be with you god bless you and all your family members
Erin bradley (2 years ago)
so sorry. god bless you and your family, stay strong.
Carmen Rivas (2 years ago)
He will be aways with you, my nephew Antonio born the same day of your baby boy.😘👼👼
Revital puterman (2 years ago)
sorry to hear:( god bless you and all your family
lareinetammy (2 years ago)
big hugs xxx

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