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Pure Black by Mandarina Duck | Fragrance Review

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Giovanni Price Sr (5 months ago)
I just ordered this from Fragrancenet.com while @ work on lunch 🍴 break !!!
Jay Rev (7 months ago)
I believe mandarina duck black has a closer dry down similar to allure edition Blanche (eau de toilette version) when the lemon subsides a little and the Tonka vanilla pepper starts doing it's thing in a similar fashion. It would even be a nice substitute!
MERCEDESBENZS600 S500 (10 months ago)
So it sounds like for the money you can go wrong huh???
Remko v.d. Wielen (1 year ago)
On the Mandarina Duck website, (the Great Britain one), I can't find any listing of perfumes. Only bags. This really is my number one, ticks all the boxes.
CarsonFacePalmer (1 year ago)
Have heard good things about various fragrances from the Mandarina Duck line
ShaveNontheDarkside (1 year ago)
I like the scent, but I think more than 3 sprays are needed...maybe I might be over spraying lol. agreed on everything else😀
Sucram Sucram (1 year ago)
To me this really reminds me of Chanel allure homme sport or sport eau extreme
dracdoc (1 year ago)
I can def see that comparison
rob chavez (1 year ago)
One of my faves... bought it in 2014, sales person said they were gonna discontinue it, so only managed to get a 1.7oz. That's all Dillard's had. Flash forward to couple months back and found it on a discounted site for cheap... super cheap. Couldn't resist so got 3 lol definitely a compliment getter for me.
A Sally (1 year ago)
Great review playa, I have the extreme version and it's in my rotation in the fall and winter season.
lemar gatson (1 year ago)
I am wearing this one today and it is close to Jay z gold for sure. I own both but enjoy this one a tad bit more for work and it lasts 6 to 8 hours. I have cool blue but it last no more than 4 hours but smells good though. Black extreme is my next purchase one my black runs out. Thanks again Cody you bring the cheap 💎
Ryan Yoder (1 year ago)
I usually don't like sweet fragrances but I really enjoy this 1! And for the price you can't beat it :)
Glenn Hendricks (1 year ago)
Hey Droc can you do a review on Given by air to know your opinion.
Glenn Hendricks (1 year ago)
Givenchy air
Shane (1 year ago)
I really enjoy this one. And the tonka + vanilla reminds me of Versace eros for me. Both suitable for a night out, and both very smooth and nice
Southern Sillage (1 year ago)
So is "Mandarina Duck Black" the same thing as "pure black"? Fragrantica doesn't list a pure black, just black and black extreme
CarsonFacePalmer (1 year ago)
Yeah, same thing. I was wondering that too at first.
dracdoc (1 year ago)
As far as I know it's the same thing, but re-branded at some point from black to pure black
Southern Sillage (1 year ago)
Correction, fragrantica lists "pure black" but FragranceNet only has "black" and fragrantica doesn't list one called simply "black".
Jim R (1 year ago)
This is great cheapie and I've picked up two backup bottles of this and Black Extreme. It's one of my Top 10 sub- $30 scents.
Johmathan .B. Swift (1 year ago)
I sampled Mandarin Black a little while back. I was totally surprised . I didn't expect what I got , especially for the price. I actually enjoyed it and was seriously considering it. Yes, other people must know about it also now. It's up in price. The 1.7 was under $20, now it's above $20 Still well worth it. They only have the deodorant of the Pure Black on Fragrancnet. Going to have to pick up the Black. Very nice review Cody. Have a great week ahead.
Arden Powers (1 year ago)
Thanks for the review Cody . . . I hope that this has not been discontinued !
dracdoc (1 year ago)
Me too, this was a pleasant surprise!
kenn4.2LS (1 year ago)
My bottle just came in yesterday. I agree that its not very original, but it is a very smooth tonka/vanilla/citrus. I like it so far. I'll have to report back about its longevity...
Rob Whiff (1 year ago)
good you bring this house to light, offerings from this house are super affordable ,☺ great take Cody ...

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