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Does the Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener Actually Work?

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It's the knife sharpener that can do it all, turning dull knives into cutting machines. Inside Edition went to the Urbani Truffle Kitchen in New York City with Chef Celeste Rogers, the winner of Food Network’s cooking competition ‘Chopped,’ to put a Bavarian Edge to the test. In its commercial, with two quick flicks of the wrist, a pineapple is sliced up. For the first couple of tests, it seemed to work, but once we got into some of the more outrageous tests, it didn’t live up to the hype.
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Text Comments (3819)
OvalCoolCat (2 hours ago)
The add just showed up before this
Pamela Rivas (18 hours ago)
Charley Miller (20 hours ago)
Before this vid I had the same sharpener commercial 🤣🤔
4,999,999 views (21 hours ago)
1:10 voice crack lol
Russell Felix (1 day ago)
I got a knife sharpener broad and taylor ad
Jake Constantino (1 day ago)
If you had a city owned by you, what would you name it Mine would be thingapore
WannabeClout Member (1 day ago)
I literally just got an ad about this wtf
Andres Reyes (1 day ago)
I don't know how but I was going to watch this then there was a ad of the barbarian knife😂😂😂
Alex THE LIMELIGHT (1 day ago)
2:12 You gotta go harder than that
cami4 Life (1 day ago)
When she said just like the flick of the wrist That remind me of the girl
Elijah Torres (1 day ago)
2:00 why didn’t she used the teeth? It could be the reason why it’s not working.
Glori Roblero (2 days ago)
In the beginning ther was an ad wich was the pocket knife sharpener hmmm did they do this on purpose
Just get a Russian knife sharpener
AviationDuck - (2 days ago)
3 quarters of the credit card number, the cvv and date of expiration could be seen.... amazing security
Dylan Paul (3 days ago)
Dylan Paul (3 days ago)
nopepenguin ha (3 days ago)
Who else got a add for the broad Taylor
0:38 if you go here with out context you’ll get the wrong idea
Derpy Drawings (3 days ago)
I just saw an ad of an off-brand Bavarian Edge before this video starts like lol.
Alexander Tarlton (3 days ago)
It’s sad that this girl has nothing better to do with her life
Who got an add of this right before watching this? Only me? Ok
Devon Hill lol I went to check this comment and I got it again 😂
Devon Hill (18 hours ago)
Alana Kadin Leon Guerrero I did
Para_exe (3 days ago)
Honestly feel bad for these companies, just ruined
Jennifer Alvarez (4 days ago)
No way Before watching the video the commercial for the knife sharpener came up
LiL -_-Hector (4 days ago)
Why is the ad the thing in the video
Ignorant Love (4 days ago)
You sharpened the card once, he sharpened it a few times
Sienna Quezada (4 days ago)
They scammed you!😯😯😯😯
Justlammy !! (5 days ago)
They kept saying he sharpened it
unaizah qutub (6 days ago)
"It only went half way through😥" She looked soo worried
Iahel Cathartes Aura (6 days ago)
Mine works PERFECTLY! It is ideal & amazing ☺ And I can sharpen super fast & only as sharp as I want things to be. I LOVE this thing! YES IT LIVES UP TO WHAT IT SAYS, Inside Edition idiots. You girly goobers didn't do it right. I sharpened 3 plastic cards so I could carry them camping & hiking. They work perfectly. Smh
AwsomedudeOHH !! (7 days ago)
Why did I have a knife sharpener ad...
Rose Ventureno (7 days ago)
Montana Bennett (7 days ago)
Maybe cause she's sharpening it wrong
Abel Depaz (7 days ago)
Kryptonik Kaston Tv (8 days ago)
1:18 ha
Pennsylvania Railroad (8 days ago)
Wanna know why it doesn’t work it’s because your holding it upside down
JSM Fire (8 days ago)
2:11 get all that info my dudes.
JSM Fire (8 days ago)
xdMax_ (8 days ago)
I wonder who’s credit card it was
XGhostBinyHaX (10 days ago)
U only sharpened the knives like twice obviously it wouldn’t work
godattsnipe 184 (10 days ago)
2:12 when you try to debit or credit a tomato XD
Sleeping cat (10 days ago)
Like sharpen it more
Brandon Mac (10 days ago)
Omg! I just got an add about the knife sharpener before the vid
Baby Migi (10 days ago)
2:03 the knife is upside down stoopid
lucisalro (10 days ago)
I got a bargain knife shaper ad for this vid
Stephen Galarza (11 days ago)
Look at da flick of dat wrist 1:19
Clickbait (12 days ago)
I got the ad for this in the beginning
Azucena Escalera (12 days ago)
Uhh there is somethink in the glass in the back
SKIP (12 days ago)
0:36 *lisa causally pulls out 8 inch knife*
Aiden Sundara (12 days ago)
Janet Nunez (13 days ago)
lisa guerrero trying to put everyone outta business
SkyOfJohn (14 days ago)
I just had a ad about that
This is not your business to do same thing as the commercial
Jessy Lopez (14 days ago)
Inside edition is doinf it wrong
Athena Amethyst (15 days ago)
Meat was way to frozen
MLGslayer 69 (16 days ago)
2:01 Y o u A r e U s i n g T h e W r o n g S i d e
How to Gymnastics (16 days ago)
Look at the flip of the rist 1:18
loser._.amelie (17 days ago)
Poor Spongebob :(
circuitBoard98 Gaming (17 days ago)
I got an ad about the Brod & Taylor knife sharpener before this video!
Lila Blue Falcon (17 days ago)
Kid at school: do you have a pencil sharpener? Me: yeah **pulls out knife sharpener**
Joy Marquez (17 days ago)
I hate when they try these products, they're destroying the business
nybsbfan18 (18 days ago)
If it sounds too good to be true...
Josh Escobar (18 days ago)
I think masterchef is more important than chopped
Yo Got (18 days ago)
I got a ad on this
z gamer bz (18 days ago)
thanks for the credit card number
Betsy Drake (19 days ago)
With the flick of the rist Plz stop
Todd the Turtle (20 days ago)
They sharpen it like once
Geometry Demon (20 days ago)
Poor spongebob 1:33
Brandon Kreber (20 days ago)
They didn’t even push hard at all
Andy GArcia (20 days ago)
2:20 thanks for your card number and security code
emma orduna (21 days ago)
I got an ad about this exact knife sharpener that they have this video right before I watched the video LOL
Velociraptor Pup (21 days ago)
O MGG XD I just had that ad
Kayla Kangaroo (21 days ago)
It was not frozen meat
Unicorn Player (20 days ago)
The guy in the commercial said sharpen the credit card a FEW times. Not just one.
Shrek Wazoski (21 days ago)
This woman really annoys me I don’t know why ....
geo geo (22 days ago)
Debit or credit
alanshadyvally (22 days ago)
If you have a really dull knife it does make it sharper. I think it's for people who will never learn how to proprerly sharpen a knife.
Julieta Hernandez (23 days ago)
1:55 didn’t she realize she had it upside down?😂
Alyssa Salazar (24 days ago)
RoBoBLox (24 days ago)
I mean I don’t hate it like who the hell would use a credit card when u have a knife
DA LEGEND (24 days ago)
In the thumbnail I thought it was a tux lmfao
Sabrina Do (24 days ago)
At the meat part,the meat wasn’t that frozen on the commercial.But yours was way more frozen than the commercials meat
nattynoi (25 days ago)
OMG before the video there was a ad about a KNIFE SHARPENER xD
javinmel (25 days ago)
These people just take an abject and just push it to the limit.
Quoc Cao (25 days ago)
The razor knives is upside down
Quoc Cao (25 days ago)
What an idiot
Isabella Rose (25 days ago)
I got an ad of that before this video lol!
James Jelly (26 days ago)
Do you see the thickness between the two meets
astray6150 (26 days ago)
why am I watching this at 3am
Maxximulis (26 days ago)
How else got an ad about a knife sharpener
Steven’s Vlogs (26 days ago)
It showed the card number 913
NinjaKiller 727 (22 days ago)
931 bud...
Oh Yeah Yeah (26 days ago)
It's funny how I got a ad for the product that they were going to use🤔
KittycatJr 9000 (26 days ago)
Who also got a 300 minute ad?
Plushie Toy Time (27 days ago)
I got a ad for the product that they were testing
It's meh Bryanna OOF (27 days ago)
Yo I got this ad and I thought that was the video haha
Dr Wolf (28 days ago)
they didnt try hard enough lmao
Redshadow1101 (28 days ago)
1:18 look at the flick of the wrist Note:I thought of this but didn’t comment then I did I didn’t copy anyone
Mr. Headshot Jr. (29 days ago)
I got an ad about a rip-off of the barvarion edge lol
Hayden Clarkson vlogs (29 days ago)
Lol in the beginning I got and ad for a broad & Taylor knife sharpener
Stick man Gaming (29 days ago)
I saw a knife sharpener ad
Xxxduck__ StabberxxX (29 days ago)
There was an ad that showed this before I watched to video
Nicole McCally (29 days ago)
I saw this commercial before watching this

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