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Does the Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener Actually Work?

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It's the knife sharpener that can do it all, turning dull knives into cutting machines. Inside Edition went to the Urbani Truffle Kitchen in New York City with Chef Celeste Rogers, the winner of Food Network’s cooking competition ‘Chopped,’ to put a Bavarian Edge to the test. In its commercial, with two quick flicks of the wrist, a pineapple is sliced up. For the first couple of tests, it seemed to work, but once we got into some of the more outrageous tests, it didn’t live up to the hype.
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Text Comments (4197)
Memetopia (55 minutes ago)
They did not use the sharp part of the butter knife
Isaagain Plop (3 hours ago)
She didn’t sharpen them enough
Rayan Latu (7 hours ago)
chef my ass
ツNulao (10 hours ago)
In actually stupid enough to try and put my finger in the shapener.
PROOF (10 hours ago)
Is no one going to talk about how in the frozen meat one they used the non sharp edge instead of the sharp edge
PlayBoy dolan (10 hours ago)
Lisa guerreo would have confronted the knife
Cockfuck (19 hours ago)
Lisa is such a tool
misdy garlick (19 hours ago)
It work you just hate
NotNoodles (21 hours ago)
They pulled a sneaky on ya
Happy Frog (22 hours ago)
Of course its scrapped off some of the card, because its a grinder
Gabriel Wilson (23 hours ago)
Plots twist: some stole her information of the credit card.
SYFER TALKS (1 day ago)
Is it just me or is the pic for this vid makes it look like she a on the lose killer
Carson Kimber (1 day ago)
If she’s a professional then why is she using the wrong side of the butter knife
Twy Ggagava (1 day ago)
Not gonna lie the chef is hot
Shithead Bisee (1 day ago)
They shaper ed it 10 times
Makeup Addict (1 day ago)
Bruh the ad meat was not as frozen as there’s there’s was like 14 in freezeer
Jully Mahida (1 day ago)
The tomato is a paid actor
Itz Ashley (1 day ago)
If this actually works i can finally make my *PINEAPPLE LEAF KNIFE*
entries entries (2 days ago)
The meat was more frozen than the one in the commercial
Crooner 1717 (2 days ago)
1:18 look at da flick of the rist oooooh 😂
sayunara (3 days ago)
Too bad my mom uses that everyday
Allie Boswell (3 days ago)
The butter knife was back words they always find a way to make something look bad
Andre Alvarez (3 days ago)
1:18 look at the flick of the wrist 👌🏾
Mya Villa (3 days ago)
In the beginning u can see inside edition has the tomato 🍅 sliced half way
SidTheSuperKid (3 days ago)
She threw the tomato at the knife, while the commercial guy simply dropped it. SMH
Zamia GD (3 days ago)
2:12 swipes the card like she’s at a grocery store smh
PrettyChaotic (3 days ago)
Never ever say "Did they pull a fast one? " again
Bella Coe (3 days ago)
When they sharpened the credit card on the commercial and sliced through the tomato nothing was on the card and normally the juice will leave some pips! That's is how it is fake! Also Liza sharpened it once and in the commercial they did it five times! Me= WTF DO IT CORRECTLY! My mom= BELLA STOP SHOUTING!
TheBanana Thrower (4 days ago)
The product is a fake or they just had Gordon Ramsey as the guy who was slicing the tomato with his credit card
breakinglegs2 (4 days ago)
The edge of glory is better
Charlie O'Kane (4 days ago)
2:12 Card Denied
BUNNY LIFE (5 days ago)
kill this girl
Maria Valdez (5 days ago)
How tf is it sharp as an eraser
Maria Valdez (1 day ago)
Oh damm I am so dumb then :/
mink doo doo (3 days ago)
Maria Valdez they said an razor
Gabby Pretzles (5 days ago)
You sliced through a tomato just by dropping it and clean through a pineapple with the rind with your half assed sharpening what more you want in a knife how sharp does it have to be to satisfy you??? Sharp enough to pierce through the vast emptiness that is my soul?
JASON LIU (5 days ago)
That meat is too icy
Hannah Gordon (5 days ago)
2:02 she wasn’t even using the sharp side of the knife 😂😂😂😂😂
leon zhang (5 days ago)
Imagine not censoring the card ✌️
Triston Ong (6 days ago)
Tempted to play Five Finger Fillet with that...
ηγσηツ (6 days ago)
The meat was too frozen
Look the meat u used was super frozen. But if u can’t see the chef didn’t have a “frozen meant” he has a half frozen not like a dead frozen
Mom (6 days ago)
can win chopped and is a chef but doesn't even sharpen the knife nearly enough and uses the wrong side
ProD3M COLA (6 days ago)
Someone get the info on that card
ApolloCranberry 19 (6 days ago)
Why the hell would you want to sharpen you god damn credit card?
Jaycie Clark (6 days ago)
Plot twist The use it to kill...
1:33 Lisa:Tracks down guy in false advertisement* Lisa: DO YOU HAVE ANY EXPLANATION. THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISEMENT :Advertiser “go get away.” Lisa: “Chases after car”
HX3 EN/FR (7 days ago)
Wtf it obviously fake
Tbh their meat 🥩 was more frozen then his
Exclusive Grant (8 days ago)
Lisa is annoying
Christine Dobkowski (8 days ago)
The cared works i tryed it before dumbasses
Hawk10103 Oof (9 days ago)
Plot twist: they used a credit card with 10,000 dollars
Hawk10103 Oof (3 days ago)
Random Games TV (3 days ago)
Hawk10103 Oof imagine the quality was good enough to see the credit card number 😂
Jake Constantino (9 days ago)
It’s called “Not Trying To Get Called Out To Fight”
Why do they need a pro chef
Leslie Brighthaupt (9 days ago)
So I could put my finger in the razor than I could slice anything now? Great!👍
Jaden Bleasdale (9 days ago)
you dumbasses! look at how you were using the knife with the frozen meat!
Albert Arpoara (10 days ago)
matteo cagliero (10 days ago)
U barely put force in to the pineapple/ meat
Gitu Gacha (11 days ago)
She was using the butter knife wrongly xD.
Angelo 1991 (11 days ago)
whos the reportor?
Emma Ath (11 days ago)
Your frozen meat looks dry while their meat look ps squishy
Roboslaya78 (11 days ago)
So a person from chopped doesn’t even know how to use the butter knife
Molly Me (12 days ago)
She is the winner but *uses knife the other way* Wow
Mehaam Ali (12 days ago)
Whats next? Does teeth whitening actually whiten your teeth? 🤦‍♂️
Matthew Slocum (12 days ago)
Did anyone notice that showed us the credit card numbers.
SuperGamer Playzz (12 days ago)
V v g
Jojie Buning (13 days ago)
Death Killer (13 days ago)
The butter knife is upside down
Clout Gaming (13 days ago)
What happened inside edition ain’t got no more news 😂😂😂
Randolp Ascano (13 days ago)
I like the sharpener I bought one and I use it to sharpen my pocked knives and they become razor sharp
Aiden Smith (13 days ago)
nice card # @2:19
Joseph Bennett (13 days ago)
It is NOT a knife sharpener that is a knife honer , it's to keep a blade edge straight in between actual sharpening times. Over time during moderate use a chef knife gets beat up so that thing is designed to realign the edge to keep it from getting damaged and keep it's sharpness.
GalacticGachaGaming (13 days ago)
It doesn't work caus eyou didn't sharpen the edge the tomato was gonna meet.
MR. HUGE (13 days ago)
I’m watched a ad for Brod & Taylor knife sharpener.
DragonFireGaming (13 days ago)
... She used the wrong side of the butterknife ._.
Aesthetic Baby (14 days ago)
tofu (14 days ago)
WTF i just had an ad that can sharpen your knife
Brandon Flores (14 days ago)
I like how they used the the butter knife the wrong way
Bella Kekahbah (14 days ago)
After I watched the video the exact knife sharper add popped up
Mr mackerel Fishy (14 days ago)
“The cutting thingy that can do it all” But can it jerk me off Can it gimme a blowjob CAN IT MAKE ME CUM CAAAAAN IT MAAAAAAAKE MEEEE SCREEEAM HARDER!!!!!! can I make it scream DADDY!!! No so it can’t do everything CLIIICKBAITED this was a joke of course
Soraia Muiambo (14 days ago)
*soon this will be the reason sharper knives cause more murders*
DailyExploitsOfRoblox (15 days ago)
lol the knife was backwards
BlueStriker CraigsC (15 days ago)
When your life is a lie....
Mr. Pennywise (15 days ago)
When I clicked on this video I got the ad for this knife thing.
CorpKnight UwU (15 days ago)
Just got the Bavarian edge knife sharpener AD before the video OwO
Andrew Gilkes (16 days ago)
How frozen is that meat
Daood Zafar (16 days ago)
Hey inside edition nice job exposing the credit card, at 2:20 you can just about make out the numbers on the card and your money is Gone
JAY YU (16 days ago)
The thumbnail looks like she is some serial killer
Rusty Bucket259 (16 days ago)
*guy breaks in* Me: *sharpens lego*
cammeron tabora (16 days ago)
With two flicks of the wrist
Mengumango (16 days ago)
In had a barvarian knife sharpener ad before this
Rachel Hwan (16 days ago)
Scammm ..... Lol
Eva Salcedo (17 days ago)
" with two flicks of the risk "
Jade 05 (17 days ago)
Leave it to Lisa
Nat is my Name (17 days ago)
1:54 MaYbE bEcAuSE iTs tHe wRoNg wAy
Egypt Murray (17 days ago)
Lisa only sharpened it 1 and the commercial clearly did it 5 times to work and they always gotta make something look bad
Lauren Sarofim (17 days ago)
Who else said: *hey I have that!*
WaterIsThirsty 0 (17 days ago)
Lies lies lies lies lies Fake content fake content Inside edition: music to my ears
Thelazywire (18 days ago)
My celebrity crush: Lisa Guerrero
Dead Meme (18 days ago)
Lisa Guerrero confronts the Bavarian edge
GamingMaster _09 (18 days ago)
Advertisements introducing new things: This thing is gonna work! (Even if it’s a scam people will fall for the ad!) Inside Edition: I’m gonna stop you right there

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