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Does the Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener Actually Work?

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It's the knife sharpener that can do it all, turning dull knives into cutting machines. Inside Edition went to the Urbani Truffle Kitchen in New York City with Chef Celeste Rogers, the winner of Food Network’s cooking competition ‘Chopped,’ to put a Bavarian Edge to the test. In its commercial, with two quick flicks of the wrist, a pineapple is sliced up. For the first couple of tests, it seemed to work, but once we got into some of the more outrageous tests, it didn’t live up to the hype.
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Text Comments (3215)
Slater McAndrew (1 hour ago)
omg I got the ad for the same thing
Did anyone else get the ad before the video for the knife
Sara Stoffer (5 hours ago)
The one with the steak inside editionis meat was more frozen in the commercial it was like hardly frozen so
m.k.volgs (7 hours ago)
1:17 - 1:19 there is a glitch
m.k.volgs (7 hours ago)
Did anyone get a knife sharpener as before the vid?? I did 😂
the Lizzy Army (7 hours ago)
Everything on TV is somewhat exaggerated
Mr. Fluffy Floof (7 hours ago)
“Watch this credit card turn into a knife!” Soo, _Sharp money_ ~~?
Natalie Foss (9 hours ago)
Did anybody else get this ad before the video
Skyla Alexis (17 hours ago)
Inside edition does not know when to shut up if the knife gets the job done its fine as is
Kylie Gacha (1 day ago)
Kids, don't play with knifes...
X DICE (1 day ago)
I got an ad for this on the vid XD 🤣
Fadwa Douidy (1 day ago)
0:36 - 0:37 look at the tomatoes, why is there two cuts right in the middel?
Arlett Alvarez (2 days ago)
When I clicked on this video , an ad for THE SAME FREAKING PRODUCT CAME TO ME
Jdogs channel (2 days ago)
Your not supposed to be using a credit card as a knife
Karen J Stanczak (2 days ago)
Anybody saw that the butter knife was upside down
gaming_flower yt (2 days ago)
They didnt sharpen it with the meat and the credit card
Henry Ho (3 days ago)
I swear I saw the ad of the knife sharpener
Nightcore scientist (3 days ago)
i got an ad about knife sharpener before this...
Roi Tran (3 days ago)
Expose em
Audrina Mendez (3 days ago)
I'm not even kidding I got a knife sharpener ad before this 😂
Yerany Serrato (4 days ago)
I seriously think that they didn't sharp it a few times enough
Chare Igg (4 days ago)
That meat was not really frozen and inside edition froze it to the core
Lauren Walters (4 days ago)
Your meat was to frozen!
Josua Sabeskanthan (4 days ago)
They haven’t sharpeners it on the Bavarian edge for a long time. The more often you use it the sharper it gets
Puppy Lover (4 days ago)
I had a commercial for a knife sharpener before this video
Vortex1322 (5 days ago)
xD right before this video there was a ad for it
Holy Drone (5 days ago)
they don't care about ruining other people's company's! and a tiny dent! Doesn't change how sharp the knife is!!!
Dank Toaster (5 days ago)
Did anyone else get and ad for this product?
Kadan Johnny (5 days ago)
[System] [Error] (5 days ago)
I saw the ad for this company before I saw this vid
joy aisiku (5 days ago)
Just liars every commercial does that I don't know why they just want everyone to buy their stuff that's a no idea
marco gonzalez (5 days ago)
I got a knife sharpener add
Bryan Ibanez (5 days ago)
The meat was not frozen it was normal
Larr Barr (5 days ago)
R u dumb
Dokkaebi (6 days ago)
Umm I got an ad for the exact same knife sharpener The irony lmao
Lauren G. (6 days ago)
Why fo you need a chef that one chopped to test this out???🤔🤔🤔
glaxlygirl lol (6 days ago)
I had a add about this
Grant Fordonski (6 days ago)
In the frozen meat cutting the knife was literally upside down
Rana Ibraheem (6 days ago)
Ok that meat Lisa used was too frozen
Dr meme (6 days ago)
2:02 she is holding that meme butter knife the wrong way.Anyway MEME OUT
Wickedwill (6 days ago)
Can you pass the dum dum test Read more
Skywalker Mapping (6 days ago)
i mean, it still works if they make it sharper
sister pranks pranks (6 days ago)
That why i never buy these thing on the TV
Sebastian Is my NAME (7 days ago)
The Bavarian edge is better the. You guys think
Diana Coello (7 days ago)
The title is so rude
Sophia Nguyen (7 days ago)
*Flick of da wrist*
Savannah Garvelink (7 days ago)
First ;) and also at 1:55 did they even use the right side of the butter knife? 😂😂
Omegxx (7 days ago)
In the pineapple thing they were to weak
K Tube (7 days ago)
2:00 anyone think that ringtone was theirs
Kelvin Lopez (7 days ago)
Look at the flick of that rist Also an add came on it was the same thing
PapaWolfman (7 days ago)
OK, so it won't sharpen a credit card..... Duuuuuhhh, who cares??? How about doing a REAL test and review to let potential buyers know if it sharpens KNIVES and if so how well does it sharpen them???
The Golden Chicken (8 days ago)
I saw an add for this before I watched the video..
Anthony.5 (8 days ago)
I wanted to watch this experiment.the ad in the beginning for me was another knife sharpener😂
Bill Cosby (8 days ago)
What’s that finger you wanna be a knife
Super Goku (8 days ago)
It’s like everytime they try on the first try it doesn’t work but on the second try it does work
aaron Franklin (8 days ago)
who ever made the knife sharper and it doesn't work YOU JUST GOT EXPOSED
Jellys Fush (8 days ago)
I got a add for a knife sharpener
Noah Arriaga (8 days ago)
I saw the same ad
Hunter Streightiff (8 days ago)
Though the meat dim whit
Coolblasterz (8 days ago)
Products that inside edition tested Bavarian Edge Brass Bullet Flex Tape Click here to read more (500+)
waaazup D (9 days ago)
Lisa Gurerro is hot as hell
Snipe Boy134 (9 days ago)
Ok so did everyone else get a ad that had to do something with a knife
Zeke Larson (9 days ago)
Pengu Luu (9 days ago)
I want to know what happens when you sharpen your finger in there
Nsb Nsbs (9 days ago)
1:20 flick of the rist
Mega Flippers (9 days ago)
before getting to the vid there was the same thing in a ad
ItzYour_ Savage21 (9 days ago)
You pre cutted it
F.T Nalu Lover (9 days ago)
Freya Bramman (9 days ago)
Hey Read more
Vexquoi (9 days ago)
use the edge of glory
Danny (10 days ago)
these people have never been to japan obviously lol
Captain COOKIE (10 days ago)
I got a ad for the knife sharpener
Ezequiel 012508 (10 days ago)
How to trick a idiot Read More
Ezequiel 012508 (10 days ago)
Michael Myers needs this Not Mike myere
In the commercial they probably sharpen it so many times
Nick Eastman (10 days ago)
I got an ad for this product before this video
ETHAN ROBERTS (10 days ago)
This lady annoys me so much, of course the commercials exaggerate things that’s just how it works, It still sharpens a knife really sharp. I can’t believe she makes a living of this
Can’t Guess this (10 days ago)
Does anyone else realise they had the butter knife upside down
Simar Toor (10 days ago)
LiSA GureRReo investigates SponGeBobS Death AfTer She KIlls Him
Olivia Ojukwu (10 days ago)
I got a commercial about the knife sharper omg!!!!
LonerBoner (10 days ago)
i saw a *cringey* copy ad of the Bavarian edge on this video.
Oscarplays And more (11 days ago)
Who lives under sea spongebob that lost his house spongebob
Lively Atlantis (11 days ago)
The pre- tomato is a nightmare
m3m3productions (11 days ago)
use edge of glory duh
Lillty Lia (11 days ago)
1:55 ummmn the knife is upside down......
MusketeerKFH (11 days ago)
The Butter knife was upside down did anyone see that
RDJPRO (11 days ago)
Just quit complaining when this sharpener is actually really good and very helpful
Jay Wanders Out (11 days ago)
It's great that the credit card didn't work otherwise TSA would confiscate all our credit cards before flying.
P Wild (11 days ago)
The meat they used in the add was not frozen
Julius Goze (11 days ago)
Card: credit or shred it
Sports Boys (11 days ago)
Hi inside sedition I'm 5 years old and I love your videos
Adam Gardner (11 days ago)
maybe with the butter knife you could have used the sharp edge
Brian (11 days ago)
You don’t know if they were already sharpened before the test
Kirill Iuzvac (12 days ago)
Americans always have problems with Germany
KITT vs KARR KR (12 days ago)
Michael Myers: *I should get one of those....*
Wow credit card cutting through a tomato works if you want to know why it didn't work for them because that didn't put pressure
J Taing (12 days ago)
The butter knife was the wrong way around............
Game4Life797 (12 days ago)
I have one and it honestly works great.
Toni Manning (12 days ago)
Try flex steel

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