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Gay Butts Vs. Straight Butts!

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Text Comments (840)
Chris Dossett (6 months ago)
Omg ur so right and hot. I love you Plz txt me 251-232-7507
karladarla (9 months ago)
I hate this channel so much I wanna kms
Aatheist14 (11 months ago)
My theory is gay guys have bigger butts on average because something in their genetic code is activated that is typically activated in women. Not all, but many lesbians have masculine features too like smaller breasts and larger arms. Odd but nature will fuck with DNA mutations in every possible way.
Albert The Beyblader (1 year ago)
ur butt is so cuute
Albert The Beyblader (1 year ago)
U got such a cute ass
Austin Weishaar (1 year ago)
I'm not gay but I do have a big butt weird
Katherine Miller (1 year ago)
Gays have big buts because gays are fabulous.🏳️‍🌈
ibmsst (1 year ago)
What's with all the hand gestures and moves. #weird
TheSizzlingIcetray (2 years ago)
You're approaching 40,000 likes :D
Im a female and i've always wanted a jockstrap 😂
croitor2009 (2 months ago)
ha!Me 2!!
Edward Duarte (2 years ago)
I love gay cute but
thomas leo (2 years ago)
I'm a guy with a big butt. does that make me gay ?
Jose Ramos (1 year ago)
+Curtis Simmons hola
Curtis Simmons (2 years ago)
shut up u retarded
nature giver (2 years ago)
Not necessarily.
under the blood stains (2 years ago)
Weave Snatcher (2 years ago)
It's just a joke
BLATINO40 (2 years ago)
AND he has the best MAN TITTS ... dam !!
Merrida100 (2 years ago)
As women, we actually do walk around wearing the female version of a jock strap, except it's for our boobs (which we also try to showcase in the same way gay guys showcase their butts).  See?  Exactly the same, but just different!  Hug a gay butt today!
Jeremiah Collins (2 years ago)
he is cute
ssj7 Tyger (2 years ago)
Dont get it cry?
Courtney Knight (2 years ago)
fuck me piz
aditya kumar (2 years ago)
get ur gay ass outta here bitch
Noah green (2 years ago)
Get your closet ass out of here
Bryan Huber (2 years ago)
Kyshawn Kelly (2 years ago)
I think black men have really big butts
theactualnic (1 year ago)
Benny Bonnacker Well shit on my rusk and call me Koos. You're South African!! Same!! I'm shook
Benny Bonnacker (1 year ago)
Kyshawn Kelly Yes Bitch!😂😋 We have!😏
Gay Stuff (2 years ago)
I am black
Christopher Fontenot (2 years ago)
Yes we do!!!!😂😂😂
Harris Yogien (2 years ago)
Noah green (2 years ago)
Then why are you here lmao
Romi Stymiest (2 years ago)
its not an option to be gay, its genetic that's a scientific fact, do ur fucking research before saying dumb shit like that, and honestly why would someone choose to get bullied, disrespected and pushed around, god damn it u are fucking retarded
Tesser (2 years ago)
really? why not turn gay for a day then? just turn gay real quick. do it. just like dudes, don't get turned on by women.
lolstop (2 years ago)
lmao ur gunny
Vahlon- 9 arts dragon (3 years ago)
Lol I have a bigger butt than most women I've seen
Valery Sol (3 years ago)
And many Africans are straight... And African men got a "Biggest "natural" butt" than white women. No offence
No middle eastern people & Italians also got big butts
Brayden Lobetti (3 years ago)
do a crotch video naked
- MrRIchBiker (3 years ago)
wow- you are hot and smart/quick!  what a combo!  what a build!  damn..toned!  thank you for the video!!
Jordan Holley (3 years ago)
I didn't know a jockstrap was the butt-equivalent of a wonderbra.
Cyber_King (3 years ago)
Why don't girls have jockstraps? Perhaps because they don't have genitals that need support down there.
Cyber_King (2 years ago)
+Jennifer Allen Go get one then.
Erin Williams (2 years ago)
that is the exact reason
tomhulcelover (3 years ago)
LMFAOO you're so funny lmfaoo yes please make jock straps for women
tomhulcelover (2 years ago)
+AbbyWag Gaming lol! they're kinda of more like reverse jock straps though lol thongs cover the butt crack when jock straps expose it
Abby Wagner (2 years ago)
Abby Wagner (2 years ago)
Things are jock straps for women😂
Valery Sol (3 years ago)
Yo, guy, you ain't got butt... You were straight before being gay... And many straights got big butts than yours...
Cheesus Crust (3 years ago)
You are born gay, but i agree on the second part.
Mr. Camel (3 years ago)
Melbin lololol!
Mr. Camel (3 years ago)
Love your eyes btw! :)
E Posh (3 years ago)
WHYYYY soooooo queer??? WHYYYY???
Jason Cuthbert (3 years ago)
I'm gay, and I was thinking about it and do you guys think it could be possible that being gay is actually some form of population control. I kind thing to thin the herd to keep it healthy?  since the industrial revolution out population has sky rocketed, and it would seem so has the percentage of the population that's gay (though  this could be attributed to the fact that it was deemed socially unacceptable at the time and so less people came out).
TheOldButch (2 years ago)
Gay is a natural form of population control .
David Schnell (3 years ago)
He is so far removed from the actual work of procreation that he can not even conceive of the idea 2:01 of genetic engineering and gene splicing.
brown buter (3 years ago)
This guy is just too pee you feminine
tempz T.t (3 years ago)
 btw ur nudes are so hot ;)
Eyaggelos Gkioyremos (3 years ago)
I preffer gay asses...especially yours ;P ...oh sorry did i say it out loud...? Peace up (smuch smuch);)
Alex Wolfie (3 years ago)
How old is Davey Wavey now like... I have no idea?
Alter Idem (3 years ago)
+Alex Wolfie Early 30's.
Iris Heuer (3 years ago)
Girls do wear jockstraps, sorta. Things are basically jockstraps
SnipingHunt01 (3 years ago)
*sigh* I'm sick and tired of Americans saying people from england or Australia are attractive because they have accents. You ignore our personalities. Also everyone in the world has an accent.
Kai (3 years ago)
Uhm, Dallas... Everyone has an accent. We just don't notice our own. For example; to the rest of the world, Americans have American accents, Canadians have Canadian accents (I don't really see what differentiates us from Americans but everyone says we have one so) The British have British accents. You get?
SnipingHunt01 (3 years ago)
+Dallas Branham well you do have accents. In Britain we have Welsh Scottish Irish Chav Posh (sophisticated) Essex Accents just to name a few
Yee Yee (3 years ago)
I love british accents. It's probably just a natural thing. I'm American but I don't have any type of accent so I find british accents appealing
Jordan Shane Nolan (3 years ago)
Ikr if an american hears my accent they goo OMG YOUR ACCENT ID BRITISH  and they dont think about anything else
King Neptune (3 years ago)
god i wanna suck on your nipples
ssj7 Tyger (2 years ago)
+King Neptune yuck
tomhulcelover (2 years ago)
+Sophie😎 shhhh that's a great excuse! haha
Amy Starks (2 years ago)
I want to suck something else
Stormfoam (3 years ago)
+tomhulcelover ya I hate myself for looking but I'm a girl that's my excuse
tomhulcelover (3 years ago)
+King Neptune he's got really pretty nipples doesn't he lol
King Neptune (3 years ago)
the most sexiest biggest butts ive ever seen were straight butts
Ordan Oath (3 years ago)
with heterosexual women more fat goes to their but, with homosexual men probably a little more fat goes to the but than heterosexual men, thats my theory
Lauren Hill (3 years ago)
How do I make my butt bigger? Is there a food I should eat, way I wear clothes, or workouts?
Mike Dawson (3 years ago)
I have a big butt from years of doing heavy dead lifts and squats. I don't think it's sexy and no one;s ever said it was. I'm straight too so I guess that makes sense. 
EmbrimIsland Paradise (3 years ago)
Ramon Franks (3 years ago)
So are you gay or straight or bisexual
Fitsum Abraham (3 years ago)
hey man there no gay right here in ethiopia  how can i make it to somewhere where there is gay right
Romi Stymiest (2 years ago)
go to america
George Louis (3 years ago)
Ellen is that you? Wow those testosterone steroids you've been taken are really taking effect!
Noregrets281 (3 years ago)
+George Louis Most original and funniest comment in Davey's channel. ;)
Skeleton Emi (3 years ago)
1974bron (3 years ago)
ah, the utter loneliness of deviance, indeed.
yusmiffins (4 years ago)
did he ever make it???
vidhead85 (4 years ago)
Peacocking: Absolutely...see...straight men don't worry about their butts, they couldn't care less about it if you ask me, it's nothing for them Gay men however, even as a top, I wanna make sure it's clean and I wonder how it looks to other guys. I always say "I like making a good impression when I walk in, and I don't mind making a great one when I walk out"
Stella Thomson (4 years ago)
It's called a thong
Lucas Mott (4 years ago)
Hey... I wanna see the video with all the butts! Where is it?
ElevenYears (4 years ago)
Haha dude I just had a binge streak of your videos and you are fucking hilarious lol
hithereart (4 years ago)
What? I don't even wear anything under my short shorts & I'm straight!   :)
ericscam2 (4 years ago)
This dude is so depressing and sad.
Chow Yew Loon (4 years ago)
Yup!! I love your butt :)
liam james (4 years ago)
We have thongs
Ashley 123 (4 years ago)
I love you
Cuddle (4 years ago)
First of all, YOU DONT HAVE AN ASS!!!!! its flat mother focker!!!!
david harmen (4 years ago)
T Brown (4 years ago)
brokenahorse (4 years ago)
O que tu precisa, guri, é de uma punheta bem grossa, de macho, pra arregaçar a tua bundinha!
Riki the dark (4 years ago)
his body is terrible
Chazbot (4 years ago)
LUNGES and plenty of them.
Zac A (4 years ago)
I have a hypothesis on this topic. Figure is a biological indicator of health. Even if two men cannot reproduce, they might subconsciously still select their partners based on genetic criteria. The dimorphic disposition (assuming it is real and not just perceived) may be attributed to gay men focusing on making their ass look good, whether by working out or selecting clothing as this is apparently an attractive feature. Straight men on the other hand want to look bigger and more buff in the upper body and arms and may focus more on that, because it is perceived as an attractive feature to women. Therefore, there is a noticeable difference in figure.  
Riki the dark (4 years ago)
meh, women like butts too..
_ _ (4 years ago)
Ow my mind hurts.
marco frazier (4 years ago)
wow "ghost anal" lol, so funny bc it is true lol
Isaac Addison (4 years ago)
No. 3 why did you work out just before making the vid in order to get a pump...
michael lazzell (4 years ago)
god does not agree
championxeneixe (4 years ago)
Your voice and the way you talk...the reason why many people hate gays...try to be normal please.
Lucas Mott (4 years ago)
Hey he's giving a hell of show. Funny and not borring at all and talk about real funny shits that actualy happens...I rather watch this queer guy than ppls getting beheaded or animal or kids getting beaten.
Esteban Valenzuela (4 years ago)
yes! it's annoying at at times it's like why do all that extra stuff???
Furquan Smith (4 years ago)
his nips are prefect and very hot!
WovenMoon (4 years ago)
Show your peacock!!peacock!!
Steven Parker-Jones (4 years ago)
CONFESSION:I have a big butt but I'm not gay
sammy jones (4 years ago)
your vids are all the same ...... too much talk ....too little action !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BORING
Gavin Laughland (4 years ago)
Attention all ignorant, despicable people commenting on this video. Davey is not claiming to represent the gay population. His videos are comedic, and often poke fun at the "gay stereotype". The word slut is only used by people who envy a highly sexual lifestyle. I'm not a very sexual person myself, but I respect those who are, as long as it makes them happy. Also, Davey was BORN THIS WAY, just as "straight-acting" gays were born that way. Shit throwing within the gay community defeats the whole purpose of coming out! A part of coming out is re-evaluating your hard wired prejudices to become a more tolerant and enlightened person. If not, then you're just as bad as any other homophobic! RANT END!
Tone Tone (4 years ago)
If I work my ass off to get this body daam right ima show it off I worked hard for this big before and after so ima embrace wat the fuck I was blessed wit and worked for
Tone Tone (4 years ago)
I have a big but and im gay soooo
ant dip (4 years ago)
Kay Marie (4 years ago)
I was thinking bysexual 2
luisocingular (4 years ago)
Stupid queer
jordangrc1 (4 years ago)
owe, my brain hurts..... that is when i hit the like button.
luly lulyanka (4 years ago)
when i was like 5 my sister showed me how to tell if a guy is gay by his butt  worked 70% of the time < . < lol.
Little Angelsea (4 years ago)
How? ;o
Viktor Gerov (4 years ago)
Are you gay ????
vidform (4 years ago)
If you want to make a video on men butts, make sure you go to Harlem, Africa or any place where there's a lot of black people - sexuality won't matter. You must also play Sir Mix-A-Lot's song "Baby Got Back."
davion smith (3 years ago)
+Chazbot I feel a little hurt lol
vidform (4 years ago)
+Chazbot True. I wish I could transfer some of my butt into my calves. LOL My calves are lacking.
Chazbot (4 years ago)
Black men have awesome butts but poor calves.
Trainbuff2008 (4 years ago)
Nice baps😃
Watson Everly (4 years ago)
"with all the feathers and shit... except without the feathers". o.O
IJ_BFF (4 years ago)
I hate stupid people like ur butt
IJ_BFF (4 years ago)
who comes up with these topics? oh ur butt, that's right!?
IJ_BFF (4 years ago)
lol... with out the feather
mark henson (4 years ago)
I am gay man into.guys stick to handjobs and blowjobs,practice safe sex
Chris Xiong (4 years ago)
JayTheBirdFlyZ (4 years ago)
James white+ Don't you even see how stupid that comment is? His channels about being gays! And he's not showing off he's being himself! I'm sorry but I hate stupid people.
flenif2247 (4 years ago)
Ok you have way over 4,00 likes----where's the video. And your gay ass better be mixed in there. lol.
flenif2247 (4 years ago)
you need to show us your nekkid butt. Do it, bitch!
vilde masst (4 years ago)
audrey carriero (4 years ago)
Jockstraps =thongs
inkfeet (4 years ago)
What about pan/bi butts?! :D
Romi Stymiest (2 years ago)
probably depends on which way u swing more
MegaMetagrossY (4 years ago)
I dont get people like you
MegaMetagrossY (4 years ago)
No One likes you pile of crap
thecougarnator (4 years ago)
Ghost anal LMAO thats hilarious

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