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CSS Positioning - Static, Relative, Absolute, Fixed

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Static- Works in relation to pageflow Relative- Works in relation to pageflow and allows top, left, bottom, right properties Absolute- working in relation to the page itself and is taken out of pageflow Fixed- working in relation to the page itself and is taken out of pageflow
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Turbo Kungfu (3 years ago)
Thanks, that was great; exactly what I was looking for.
ismail mohamed (4 years ago)
Hi, can you tell me how to put a logo image in the top left hand corner without moving the heading down or leaving a gap between the heading and the paragraph. I am trying to heading and logo on the same line at the top of the webpage.  I have tried to align it on the page, however when i try to validate this it brings up an error to say I should include this in the CSS .... any ideas how I can do this and what codes I would use on the style sheet????  [email protected]       thanks
Salah (4 years ago)
Thanks, Buddy. You totally eclipsed Codecademy's explanation of this.  Thanks for restoring my morale!!! 
ralvesb (5 years ago)
Thank you, dude!
S Chhay (5 years ago)
i have a question for you, im doing a responsive design using dreamweaver cs6 for school, i have made a column for the nav on the left, when i put a padding of 20px, the content on the left of the nav goes on the bottom instead of floating left, i think it has to do with positioning but i cant figure it out, help pls :)
Benton Rochester (5 years ago)
Hey mpla. Great idea. I will make that video soon.
Max camilion (5 years ago)
Thank You! Can you show how to do this??? This tutorial doesn't show how to do this effect from the beginning, youtube.com/watch?v=wZwnBkUDK9Q
ArafatX (5 years ago)
what kind of mic did u use to record this. both my ears are bleeding.
mpla mpla (6 years ago)
what about elements inside (Static, Relative, Absolute, Fixed) ? you have to cover this subject 2 :) anyway nice video thums up!
Benton Rochester (7 years ago)
Super awesome thanks!

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