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Meet Kelsey Merritt, the First ever Filipina To Walk Victoria's secret Fashion Show

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shisui uzumaki (1 month ago)
Mas wow to kesa kay Liza
melvin gabriel (1 month ago)
TO be clear sa lahat ng Bashers kung sino nauna kina Janine at Kelsey bilang victorias secret model... Si Janine po ay unang pinay na nakagawa ng VS commercial VTR at si Kelsey nman ay unang pinay nakarampa sa VS run way stage at full model ng VS... so mag kaibang level sila..mas matibang at mas recognized ka kung nakarampa ka sa run way stage ng Victoria Secret dahil VIP at socialite mga audience doon sa run way compare sa commercial VTR lang... and Kelsey Merritt officially announced by Victoria Secret management as First Filipina to walk at the VS run way. imbes na binabash niyo silang dalawa bakit hindi ninyo suportahan sila since both of them represent out country in the international modelling Industry. Dapat masaya tayong lahat.
Dem Sy (2 months ago)
Hawig ni elise joson
sue lake (2 months ago)
80 to 90 percent of the time to succeed as celebrity in Philippines , u have to be half blooded or full blooded but not look filipina. Janine is full blooded with filipina beauty.
NemzKie Pandzz (2 months ago)
I think The FIRST FILIPINA who walk in Victoria's Secret Runway and Even had a Commercial was JANINE TUGONON.... How can you forget about her?
Almarie Villabeto (4 months ago)
Wow congrats 😊😊
Christopher Lulu (4 months ago)
I cant wait to watch
Noemi Noble (4 months ago)
Our best wishes all the time!
hanz poblacion (4 months ago)
akaka ko ba si janine yung unang nag walk sa VS?
Xin Ang (4 months ago)
sa Ads lng un pero di un nakapglakad sa VS runway
Genesis Qui (4 months ago)
eto na naman tayong mga Pilipinong may multi-standards... just be happy that there's a Filipina in VS.
cleo cortez phill pride. (4 months ago)
Congrats kabayan
cleo cortez phill pride. (4 months ago)
Wow nman
LorChuan Lim (4 months ago)
Dba my pinay na nauna sa kanya? Sina janine at ung isa pa dati na nakalimutan ko ang name
Joseph Bagtas (3 months ago)
Sharina Gutierrez?
Marvel Xhandler (4 months ago)
Of course she is half and people will not think she is a filipina because of her looks..ayan na nman ang mga proud mga pisti
Ron Raymundo (4 months ago)
Sya yta yung sa commercial ng san mig light.. "Bucckeet'""
Miyamura Chiharu (4 months ago)
Kelan kaya magkakaroon ng 1st Filipina Victorias Secret Angel?
North Yippie (4 months ago)
Miss Meritt is "beeyooteeful" no doubt, but she not a full Filipina. She looks BI-RACIAL. Amerisian? Euroasian? Exotic looking, for sure. I think this is why I got confused when news came to US Youtube that a "Filipina" made the VS cut, but there was not a brown skinned, asian featured beauty in the picture. It might help to use the correct term for our Eurasians or Amerisian beauties in the Philippines. For example: "Am-Fil," or "Euro-Fil"? "Fil- French?" "Fil-Aussie"? "Scan-Fil"? "Swiss-Fil"?These terms lend an accurate descriprion of the MIXED-RACE beauties in the country, which seems to be growing by the year. Congratulations to Ms. Meritt!
Rafael Villasana (4 months ago)
Cora, the title of the video says the first ever filipina TO WALK the VS runway show so definitely she wasn't part of any runway for VS in the past.
Rafael Villasana (4 months ago)
Cora, this year will be her debut for VS runway the reason why u she wasn't part of last years VS in shanghai.....
Miyamura Chiharu (4 months ago)
Rafael Villasana sino kausap mo kuya?
migs punzal (4 months ago)
Yeah,i think mdami nmn tlga na haf haf na,mhirap na humanap ng pure as in pur na pure na pinay...puro nga,di nmn din pinay sa pusot isip e di wala din,ung perfect na purong pinay sa dugo,itsura,isip at puso,napakahirap na cguro matagpuan....ok na ung half haf,basta sa puso nya pinay sya at gagawin nya ang best nya,dededicate nya sa pilipinas at sa mga pinoy ang tagumpay nya,ok na yun,wat more can u ask for?!
yongskie Ortega (4 months ago)
Ganda nya😍😍👌😱👑👑👑👠👠
free hearteu (4 months ago)
Janine was the first but i think she was for the ads while kelsey is the first filipina to walk in vs runway. And pls let’s not compare these 2 ladies they are both beautiful
Hailee Carlo (17 days ago)
free hearteu tru
Liza Galvez (4 months ago)
Correction half Filipina
Barbara Sanders (4 months ago)
She is the second one, the first one was Janine T. I think it was 2015 or 2016 i forgot but she did it first
Rafael Villasana (4 months ago)
Barbara, JT made it to the VS pink ads not the runway itself which is bigger and what this post is all about.... runway has more exposure and possibly higher tf.... i guess.
Oowagaeri Chisei (4 months ago)
Tangina naririnig niyo ba yung kanta sabi "kunin mo diyan" hahahaha!
king renz (4 months ago)
She's the 2nd, Janine is the first Pinay na nakasali sa VS, but I wonder nung last fashion show Ng VS Wala Naman si Janine . Siguro sa ads Lang talaga si Janine.
Yannie Lang (3 months ago)
She's the 1st filipina to walk in the runway. So first pa rin si Kelsey, kc yung runway show ang mas mahalaga.. malamang binalak din nya na makapasok dun kc yun yung mga dream ng ibang mga international model..
Yup sa ads lng po sya d sya nakapasa sa fashion show
Chano Mendoza (4 months ago)
Janine Tugonon ang nauna...
Hovi Gico (4 months ago)
C tugonon ang una
Rafael Villasana (4 months ago)
c janine po VS pink ads lang po sya mas bongga po ang runway at un po ang ibig sabhin ng post na ito.... JT never made it to the final cut of the VS runway.... #wink#researchmuna
Sky Bordeos (4 months ago)
She's totally pretty
Lihj Ada (4 months ago)
wow!goodluck lady..!
Marjorie Ayo (4 months ago)
proud of you
RN (4 months ago)
Just imagine, thousands of models around the world applied to become VS model and only very few are chosen. VS show is the most watched fashion show in the world! Congrats Kelsey! You made it.
Princess Montano (4 months ago)
shes exotic kc d nmn ganyan ang tunay na pinay
Coffee Lover (4 months ago)
Sana si Janine Tugunon din..
R Sinoy (4 months ago)
Sarah M (4 months ago)
Shes super gorgeous. Vs aura is showing all over her. Goodluck and God bless on your new journey!
Cora Prg (4 months ago)
She's been modelling to the sites of VS but not really the runway show...i've never seen her presented in the runway...she's never been casted so far on the official runway??? When??? i never missed watching the yearly runway of VS, could you please inform me where and when she did the runway???just for curiousity!!!
Miyamura Chiharu (4 months ago)
Cora Prg Janine will not walk in the runway but Kelsey will cause she passed the audition.
Rafael Villasana (4 months ago)
and Cora, she can do both tagalog and kapampangan fluently....#fyi#lovejaninetugonon
Cora Prg (4 months ago)
+Catherine Dabu ok tnx for info👍
Catherine Dabu (4 months ago)
This year po. So yung gagawing VSFS this year dun mo siya mapapanuod.
mhemssy bb (4 months ago)
Lily Aldridge kamukha nya
Janine Tugonon is the first to join in Victoria Secret's fashion ...I guess...
Xin Ang (4 months ago)
Dear diary, (4 months ago)
Mas mataas pa bayad sa catalogs kesa sa vs runway. Pero si KM parehas meron
Rafael Villasana (4 months ago)
she never walk the VS fashion show as she didn't make it to the final cut but she made it to the promotional commercial of the VS pink but not the runway which makes our very own Miranda Kerr of the PH to be the very first legit filipina to walk the runway of VS.
Joseph Bagtas (4 months ago)
elijah xavier Diaz Remulta Dalawa sila dati. Sabay silang nag-casting rin nun ni JT, pero hindi sya nakapasok. Twice nya nang casting ngayon.
p_r_e_c_i_o_u_s .1996 (4 months ago)
She's gorgeous
Fabrice-Sean Marénel (4 months ago)
Let's be honest here, she's gorgeous but she does not look like a typical Filipina.. She could easily be taken for a Latina.. Thanks or because of being also half causasian.. Let's celebrate when a 100 percent and typical look-alike Filipina will make it!
Aya Sora (4 months ago)
Orange Face ano ang typical filipina you ask, and I answered it.
Anti-Tumblrたんたん (4 months ago)
Aya Sora so ano point mo?
Aya Sora (4 months ago)
Orange Face yung kapitbahay mo, yung mga classmates mo, yung nakakasalubong mo sa malls.. yung mga artista karamihan half-caucasian or part chinese kaya mapuputi yung iba dinoktor na ni belo
Anti-Tumblrたんたん (4 months ago)
Ano ang typical Filipina? Lol eh mga artista dito sa atin di naman rin mukhang Pinay na kayumanggi ang balat at mababa ang ilong lol
Cora Prg (4 months ago)
+Rafael Villasana until she does'nt appear in runway still JT considered the first!anyway they both gave merits to the filipinos so lets be all contented👍👍👍
Cora Prg (4 months ago)
Definitely not...Janine Tugonon was the very first filipina in Victoria's Secret and she was introduced by "Pink" collection, and Janine is 100% filipina by blood and skin colored that makes her glamorous....you're pretty and witty but sorry to say you're not smarter than Janine, physically and mentally speaking, but i may say that you added merits for us Filipinos 👍👍👍just be humble and hopefully one day you exert effort to learn the mother language, you stood up as a "filipina" it might be credits on your part!!! This is my only views nothing personal!!!
Ed M (2 months ago)
crab mentality at its best.
Miyamura Chiharu (4 months ago)
Cora Prg and btw, for your being close minded, being ignorant, and being arrogant failed to enlighten me if you are really an educated person. Research first before commenting and stating fake arguments. Goggle is free. Go ahead! You can also use google to check your grammar. Thank u
Miyamura Chiharu (4 months ago)
Cora Prg seems your school failed to teach you well in terms of english.. lol
Cora Prg (4 months ago)
+Miyamura Chiharu ok if your logic is minimal then fine!!! Seems that you're now irritated and i can't do anything about it😆😆😆 i'm educated person and i am open for healthy discussion or arguments without insulting my avversaries... you should learn to accept and respect others opinion...i have more important things to do instead of arguing with you.It seems that you're out of temper😆😆😆😆😆 read all the comments below and don't skip even one so that you can see all negative/positive comments not only mine😆😆😆😆😆...and remember, we are in social media!!! FYI😉
Miyamura Chiharu (4 months ago)
Cora Prg And one more thing lola, if the video is talking about who is the first pinay to become VS model no doubt thats Janine. But that is only a One time gig. She wont be forever a VS model. She needs to audition again for other projects like VS fashion show and other VS campaign. Try to learn how VS works first and research a little before you insists that Janine will walk this year.
Pre Pre (4 months ago)
rhi (2 months ago)
Did you even watched the whole video? Lmao pinoy nga naman
lol (4 months ago)
She didn't actually walked on the runway though she's featured in the advertisements for pink
Brix Savage (4 months ago)
She looks vs typical models.
Kento (4 months ago)
Jaycee Zairelle Mamotos (4 months ago)
1st ever? ang alam ko pangalawa siya? i think lang ah. hindi ba nakapag fashion show si janine tugonon? sa victoria secret?
Miyamura Chiharu (4 months ago)
Nope. Hindi po.
Cyd Pauline (4 months ago)
Nope, cos Janine was casted in the ads for the Pink line.
Ariko Subumo (4 months ago)
Walang may pake. Economy muna bgo mga gnyan gnyan.
lol (4 months ago)
Ariko Subumo walang may pake pero nag effort kang mag comment pa?
Co Co (4 months ago)
What else do you want? A pure Filipina model who grew up abroad, doesn't speak Tagalog, doesn't care about the issues happening in the Philippines and is only proud of being Filipina when it's convenient for her? I'm sorry pero mas gusto ko nang half na born and raised sa Pilipinas like Kelsey dahil alam mong pusong Pinoy, nagsasalita ng tagalog at may pake kung san sya nagmula.
Kriss Ampoc (24 days ago)
Xiao Tan (2 months ago)
+Jade Sarell Pabiona Olano nakakabobo ka ineng
mutsuki mutsuki (3 months ago)
Luh ung mga replies tlga ihhh akala nila anti kelsey ka coco pero well said
Aya Sora (4 months ago)
Kaloka yung mga replies hindi nila naintindihan yung comment haha
Sonny Atienzar (4 months ago)
Co Co gets. Mas ok paragraph construction mo dito since hindi conflicting ang content. Malinaw as in claro 😘love Kelsey siguro mga 4-5 years ko na siya pina-follow. Hate ko rin na binabash nung iba si Janine. I mean I will support anyone who like to represent their Pinoy heritage & bring honor & pride to the country kahit 1% pa yan. I don't like to discriminate people from what they are.
Ruben Duran (4 months ago)
Sus half pinay na nman
anne lao (4 months ago)
Half pinay ay pinay padin! Utak naman
Kim Lee (4 months ago)
e sino o ano gusto mo mag represent ng pilipinas?
E P (4 months ago)
parang Miranda Kerr ang aura nya? is it just me or what? good job. cant wait to watch her there!
Joseph Bagtas (3 months ago)
Yes. May napanood ako, 2012 ata yun. Yung pink lingerie suot nya. Mabilis na angle, si Kelsey nakita ko. XD
Da Goddess (4 months ago)
I'll be the second bitch with my height 5" 11 I can stand tall. So watch out hahaha
awesome weirdo (4 months ago)
You can do it!💕
markian albana22 (4 months ago)
pwde din cguro shaping miss world or miss universe nalang araw
markian albana22 (4 months ago)
pwde din cguro shaping miss world or miss universe nalang araw
Judith Marin (4 months ago)
Sana ako din makakasali din ako dream ko din pumas OK dyan sa victoria7 secret
SummertimeSadness (4 months ago)
anne lao (4 months ago)
Is still a filipina
marico unsani (4 months ago)
CONGRATS Kelsey!! we're very proud of you. support tayo sa success nya napakabait na bata ito kaya deserve talaga sya sa kanyang naabot.
Kakeru Masumoto (4 months ago)
Good for her. Pero sana di lang VS goal nya. Aim higher maybe a supermodel perhaps. Matagal na since my pinay supermodel. Naomi Campbell wasnt even an official angel per se.
Miyamura Chiharu (4 months ago)
Kakeru Masumoto well VS is one of the sought after fashion show of almost all models in the whole world. Malay it would be her stepping stone for more opportunities.
Ivy Diez (4 months ago)
Ang pagiging Pilipina ngayon is not about sa color at itsura dapat sukatin. Marami na may lahi sa atin kaya ang pagiging Pinoy is base na sa pag-iisip, pananalita at puso niya. She tweets in Tagalog. She is proud that she is Pinay. Si Pia W may lahi. Si Maureen W may lahi. Nakakatuwa naman tayong mga Pinoy. So pag-maitim from Japan hindi Hapon? Pag puti galing South Africa di African?
rose m. (1 month ago)
People now a days lahat nalang issue..haist
Jazz Jam (4 months ago)
tama..support na.lng sa knya.ang ganda nya db?
Miyamura Chiharu (4 months ago)
Ivy Diez tama!! Ang iba kasi dito iniinsist na first talaga si Janine and sinasabi na magbetter siya kasi 100% pinay siya.
Ivy Diez (4 months ago)
I think yun yung challenge for people to see beyond the physical features.
yazmillah (4 months ago)
Ivy Diez thanks Ivy! Hindi kasi nakikita ang puso at diwa...kulay at anyo Lang ang nakikita ng tao, kahit saan ka pumunta..
Jenni Lopez (4 months ago)
Sharina Gutierrez is also a Filipina who will be walking this years show! Happy for her as well
Nellyn Ruiz (4 months ago)
Jenni Lopez Sharina Gutierrez also auditioned for the show but didn’t get in.
Hailey Levisque (4 months ago)
Dun sa thumbnail kmukha ni chienna ng girltrends ung ksma ni liza
kuba emang (4 months ago)
Mas bigatin padin si janine tagonon first filipina nag karoon ng vs na tv ads sa buong america .
John Sergio Sebaste (2 months ago)
Bat ang ang pinoy talaga may pagkavovong side minsan gaya mo. Instead of comparing them why dont you just support both of them! They are both good in their own ways. They are both beautiful and they are both proud Filipina's.
Ariane Baskerville (2 months ago)
Yannie Lang (3 months ago)
Iba pa rin pag nkasama ka sa runway.. as far as I know Janine wouldve wanted to be part of the show as well after she has been part of their ads.. cause we all been looking forward to that.. pero di naganap.. but let us stop comparing these two.. just be proud that we have a representative who's walking in the most anticipating runway show around the world every year 😁
Bri Rr (4 months ago)
J wolfe VS is the biggest fashion show in the world. If you base your facts on rankings from google, baka ikaw walang alam sa fashion. I’ve been to Paris fashion weeks yearly so dont question my knowledge. These models are the highest paid ones in the world. Kung ipinaglalaban mo na mas magaling si janine, well my dear di ko kaya makipag labanan sa taong di marunong umintindi. Know your facts before saying “clearly you dont know anything about fashion” cuz you dont know what I know☺️
Xin Ang (4 months ago)
+Co Co true! kya nga first ever filipina na makakasali sa VS fashion show
Joy Marie Lee (4 months ago)
Tannga cguro nag post nito SI JANIN TUGONON angnunang filipino naging model ng victoria
Miyamura Chiharu (4 months ago)
I just wanna clarify that Kelsey is not an VS angel. She was only granted to walk in the VS fashion show which is any models drean.
Rafael Villasana (4 months ago)
hahahahaha nakakaaliw c ate joy marie lee..... halatang d marunong mag google or baka walang tv sa bahay.... #judger#tangaagad#backtoumel&mike
free hearteu (4 months ago)
Sa comment mo ikaw ang naging tanga. Ang sabi sa title e “first ever filipina to walk in vs fashion show’ meaning ang unang rarampa. Janine was casted by vs b4 but she was for the ads she never walked in the runway. Read first. Smh
Miyamura Chiharu (4 months ago)
KELSEY is the very first filipina to walk in Victorias Secret FS
danica garcia (4 months ago)
walk,,, walk sa runway ,,,, Hindi ads
trex 3d (4 months ago)
she'll definitely look more asian when she walks the runway.. she's a stunner!!
Jestoni Asis (4 months ago)
Jen-Jen Chubb (4 months ago)
she’s sooo pretty. i want to be her 😍
kawaiiafangirl (4 months ago)
It's probably because she has half European facial features. Why else would it take this long only to have a non-full-blood FIlipino be the one to do it?
marj Elomina (20 days ago)
Talaga lakas nman ng loob ni tugonon ang gaganda ng model ha ng vs
marj Elomina (20 days ago)
Politically correct and offended by everything mga ita o igorot hindi ba?
sbadibal (2 months ago)
+Jerry Sta Maria hehehe pa english english ka pa diyan e mali mali naman pinagsasabi mong info gurl
sbadibal (2 months ago)
+Jerry Sta Maria hello😅 gusto lang kita iinform na sinakop tayo ng mga foreigners pero hindi nila nilahian ang lahat ng mga pilipino, kung lahat tayo ay mixed race edi sana karamihan sating mga pinoy ay mukhang caucasian (pero madaming chinese ethnics sa Pilipinas)😁😊 tsaka karamihan satin ay pure filipino especially yung mga kayumanggi, maliit at pango 😅😅😅 pero hindi lahat ng kayumanggi ay pure filipino and vice versa
lhar andrew (2 months ago)
+Jen-Jen Chubb americans are in fact europeans as native americans are the original settlers in america, and white americans are indeed from europe that moved to america
Allaine Manalo (4 months ago)
Kelsey We are all so proud of you I knew youd be a VS model one day when you tweeted about it haha congrats
cream pie (4 months ago)
bullshit you put someone who is more EURO than ASIAN and pat yourself on the back for ethnic diversity? men i cannot stand clinton voters.
it's me juday (4 months ago)
sya ba yung sa commercial na san mig?
lol (4 months ago)
I have you guys naman eh so bucket paaa
3ll3n P. (4 months ago)
Yes it was kelsey.. At yung kasama ni Janine Gutierrez din sa Palmolive.
norx Jb (4 months ago)
judy ann gomez yes!
Franz Bi (4 months ago)
I hope she won't be a trying hard Filipino there.
Miyamura Chiharu (4 months ago)
She was casted by the VS executives so she has what it takes and she has something that they need. She is not an official angel so be calm guys. Lol
Mikorine Sy (4 months ago)
Kim Lee Like trying Hard in Run Way.
Kim Lee (4 months ago)
what do you exactly mean by trying hard? americans/europeans try very hard to be VS model
Mikorine Sy (4 months ago)
Wag puro dada. Intindihin muna yung sinabe.
Mikorine Sy (4 months ago)
Easy mga Beks. Ang sabi nya wag sana mag Trying Hard. Hindi nag Tra-Trying Hard. Jusme
Maricar Brioso (4 months ago)
Goodluck Kelsey!💚
Jackie Egawa (4 months ago)
May anggulo cyang kamukha ni miranda kerr
John The Pug (3 months ago)
Mayroon kapag di nakangiti parang sa 0:48
Marvin G. (4 months ago)
wala may sarili siya beauty na kanya lang
jorie villa (4 months ago)
dahil model sa VS si miranda kerr kamukha na agad,,hahaha
edelyn pinili (4 months ago)
Jackie Egawa h
mark gwapo (4 months ago)
Wala oi ipipilit talaga kahit wala
Dhale YT (4 months ago)

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