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NEW BALANCE COLLECTION!! Thank you for supporting me and helping me reach 1000 subscribers! Help me reach 5000!! Comment on a brand that you like and that I might not know! If you enjoyed what you saw, please LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE! I would love your support in moving this channel forward! VLOGGING CHANNEL : www.youtube.com/samsuhtrd INSTAGRAM : SamSuhTRD
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Text Comments (165)
york warriorxD mi madre (2 months ago)
I think new balance is bad
whatthedeals dotcom (3 months ago)
Joes New Balance Daily Deal: Women’s 247 Classic WOMEN’S LIFESTYLE SHOES (style WRL247SP) $29.99 https://whatthedeals.com/code/5c017b87ca0ae
iconik 2333 (3 months ago)
997 is pure perfection..!!!
MoonStra (3 months ago)
I ain’t gonna lie new balance is fire idc what anybody says about them
U know that new balance founder is greek right?
iDid (4 months ago)
997's are tanks for the feet!
GFEAST (4 months ago)
How’d you get them for so cheap??? I’m looking to get a comfy pair but no more than like $50
Edith Callaway (6 months ago)
New Balance are racist footwear.
Jake Ochsner (6 months ago)
I always wrote off new balances but just picked up two pairs this weekend and I love them! simple, comfortable, go with anything and I like that they’re not “cool” or trendy.
itsrexo here (7 months ago)
1:44 thank me later
Floki Geoon (7 months ago)
New balance=shit for bikers
WoLF (8 months ago)
Came here for new balance shoes but the dude bragg about what he is wearin
Brandan Mentch (8 months ago)
Idk what happened but I’m all of sudden more into new balance shoes than mainstream Nike and adidas shoes
Ferdinand Vazquez (11 months ago)
Definitely not into NB's...BUT, I can style them 997 any day! Good vid 6ix R.
Mr. Avocado (1 year ago)
Hey bro I'm a subscriber and ill be with you when you hit one mill we believe in you
Junhyoung Kim (1 year ago)
I'm Korean too!!!
6IX REVIEWS (1 year ago)
welcome to the channel!
Amriejan Dominguez (1 year ago)
Mr. Dingus (1 year ago)
I thought this was Riche Le
R1 Cezyy (1 year ago)
I didnt really like New Balance when I got into sneakers too, because I thought they were a 40 year old dad type of show but tbh the only model I like is the New Balance 574
Lil Leslie (1 year ago)
You from Toronto? You one of them Scarborough niggas? Cause I am 😂
Brennan Ragan (1 year ago)
check out the brand Off The Radar
D K (1 year ago)
Do you have the NEW BALANCE 574 Jamaican flag?
D K (1 year ago)
you interested in buy some? i got a pair of 9.5.. i'll give you a good price ^_^
6IX REVIEWS (1 year ago)
unfortunately I don't
Mang Didge (1 year ago)
Loving new balance its now my favorite
Floki Geoon (7 months ago)
Mang Didge..
Ashton Pope (1 year ago)
I just bought some new balance 575 in a navy blue, white, and yellow color way for a dollar fifty and they look near deadstock
Kourtnee Emerson (1 year ago)
I love new balances!!! They go with almost anything and everything!!!
Circle of Drink (1 year ago)
Daffy Duck (1 year ago)
$30 Canadian = $1 American LOLOL😂 subscribed I feel the Canadian struggle with the exchange
Adagio Cisneros (1 year ago)
You mention hunting for deals and buying shoes used. What websites do you suggest?
Greyson Wayne (1 year ago)
where did you get that jacket?? its nice
hafizkamarudin (1 year ago)
hello there, feel free to visit my store.. http://www.ebay.com.my/itm/122623078730
Adrian Brent (1 year ago)
What the one with the pigeons on it, and how much are they, I went to food locker but they weren't there . What are they called.
Geronimo Jr (1 year ago)
Asics Gel Lyte III & V's Not to be slept on
Lil Ram (1 year ago)
Are new balance shoes meant for running/walking or for style because I might get them and I don't wanna get told "why you got running shoes?"
yerkab (1 year ago)
Lil Ram all of them
CMD Syndrome (1 year ago)
new balence in my opinion are highly under rated...
Funny Compilation TV (3 days ago)
CMD Syndrome not in the dmv 😂😂
Jacob OG12 (3 months ago)
i agree
kelechi anaghara (1 year ago)
Where can I get those 997s please
video starts at 1:47
david preciado (1 year ago)
all of them are clean bro. nice new balance collection
Edina Almeida (1 year ago)
tem algum BR por aki?
PJ Tag (1 year ago)
nice skin
6IX REVIEWS (1 year ago)
Clorox Bleach (1 year ago)
Where does yo hairline end
Rory Flynn (1 year ago)
I thought u were riche le
Вас (1 year ago)
A great option for walking through the city parks and under the style of Casual will do the same http://www.shoesfoyou.ru/shop/new-balance/new-balance-288/
Thomas Desanity (1 year ago)
r u from the 6ix?
Chandler Causey (2 years ago)
Sacony is marking some 🔥
Tesu Kim (2 years ago)
I've always loved and wore the new balances. I like how everybody's sleeping on em.
Spades (2 years ago)
hey, im new to your channel and consequently i live in toronto lol. Anyway i just anna ask where u buy any of you shoes . like any
Alex Gerlach (2 years ago)
How'd you get so rich bro?
Tavaughan Plummer (2 years ago)
Asics for sure
Oil Straight (2 years ago)
I like new balance shoes some are made in USA!! but some are made in Vietnam and Indonesia
Jaison Villa (2 years ago)
where did you get your new balance can you give me a link to thanks
New Balanace News (2 years ago)
Congrats on 1000 subscribers, and now almost 10,000 subscribers! That Capsule collab is amazing, the denim quality looks insane. You should check out our New Balance News FB page, we've been gearing up for the 247 x mita Sneakers "Tokyo Rat" release. Anyways, great content, cheers mate!
casanovavw72 (2 years ago)
I have a question? What size New Balance should I cop, I wear size 11 Nike Basketball shoes. I'd greatly appreciate the help and advice. Thanks
casanovavw72 (2 years ago)
Awesome Thank you for you're helpful advice
6IX REVIEWS (2 years ago)
+casanovavw72 go with an 11! True to size is a safe bet with new balance
joshua alanis (2 years ago)
what do you think about the new balance 009?
Warren (2 years ago)
I love new balance, made in America too! Top quality sneaker
Jake Ochsner (6 months ago)
Not all. 990’s still made in America. The cheaper models are made in Vietnam. Says on the box where they’re made.
Floki Geoon (7 months ago)
Warren K You are not right at all
F. M. (1 year ago)
Warren K right, this is à nice and respectful "sneakers company"
NebbyK (2 years ago)
Do these shoes run a bit large? My 574s rub against my heel a bit and it gets annoying.
Michael Knight (1 year ago)
NebbyK Your question is old but go up a half size and they won't rub against your heel and they won't feel too big either.
miller Murphy (2 years ago)
NebbyK that is because they Are like kinda puffy. And if u like the style you should with all do respect just kinda get used to it
310aolman (2 years ago)
got the 1980s vintage 420 turquoise,grey,yellow .how much they worth.
King Trigga (2 years ago)
I can get most NB'S,because my uncle is the shoe designer
Yo mine too!!
Supreme (1 year ago)
Swift Banks (2 years ago)
OTF Trigga ask your uncle...
Edris Y. (2 years ago)
asics gel lyte v kayano
Hugo Alvarado (2 years ago)
Whats up my good man i like the shoes but what a really liked was your jacket bro , where did u buy it ? Thanks for the good inf on nb shoes .
Hero K (2 years ago)
you are too cute!!!
Roel Olpindo (2 years ago)
Where do you find sneaker deals
Tino r (2 years ago)
Yo what are your thoughts on the 993's
Jacob Landman (2 years ago)
All I have is a pair of 620's :,(
Daniel (2 years ago)
Karhu bro... check them out! They are a brand from Finland which makes some cool sneakers.
Where did you buy the jacket? Brand name please)
+6IX REVIEWS Thank you. Had its jeans long time ago ;-)
6IX REVIEWS (2 years ago)
+Light Crusader scotch and soda :)
- thisguyrighthere (2 years ago)
dude where did you get your jacket
6IX REVIEWS (2 years ago)
It was on clearance from 'Scotch and Soda' !!
heli82 (2 years ago)
Man you got some lame nb's, just stick with Nike 😶
6IX REVIEWS (2 years ago)
+heli82 hahah just exploring different brands
whazzupwearwith swan (2 years ago)
anthony hernandez (2 years ago)
Great content I like it
Brian_b_23 (2 years ago)
Reminds me of Richie le. Keep it up man. You just got another sub
Iv. Zack (1 year ago)
Rory Flynn (1 year ago)
Brian_b_23 i thought it was him to. Lol
Rory Flynn (1 year ago)
Ball Hog me to😂😂😂
Joonas Castrén (2 years ago)
great video quality and entertaining. just subbed
6IX REVIEWS (2 years ago)
much appreciated!
Soundcloud Place (2 years ago)
New Balance is dedicated to helping athletes achieve their goals. It’s been their mission for more than a century to focus on research and development. It’s why they don’t design products to fit an image. They design them to fit. http://www.asicsnimbus.com/
Brittany Cortez (2 years ago)
Ville John (2 years ago)
New designs just sucks, NB 574s for the win.
Darnell Hamlet (2 years ago)
What's the instrumental?? And dope collection!
Pratama First (2 years ago)
The 2nd shoe colour remind me of Gundam RX-78..😁
6IX REVIEWS (2 years ago)
+Pratama First hahaha good observation! I had to look up an ex-78
Miguel Nunez (2 years ago)
You should have copped the central park!
Christian Mcoy (2 years ago)
trying to be Richie le
6IX REVIEWS (2 years ago)
I guess you could say I like his channel, but not exactly the same! But Richie Le is a great YouTuber so I will take that as a relative compliment haha
Leon Chen (2 years ago)
good job 6IX REVIEWS! Please keep doing this, I enjoy watching your videos. They are entertaining and informative.
6IX REVIEWS (2 years ago)
thanks man! much appreciated!
Andrez Montano (2 years ago)
try saucony
Preston's Pickups (2 years ago)
those ronnie fieg collabs are sick. nice content just subbed!
Jose Castro (2 years ago)
Cool vid.  Searched for NB collections and was interesting to see others like myself that really appreciate the NB sneaker.  I am a sneaker collector, sneaker head, sneaker enthusiast, etc.... At the moment I have well over 20 pairs of NBs alone.  I own plenty of Jordan's but nothing compares to the quality to a NB sneaker.  So please keep those videos rolling for New Balance content and you got yourself a lifetime subscriber.
6IX REVIEWS (2 years ago)
+Jose “Latinochino” Castro haha ya man! Thanks for stopping by! I'm waiting to cop my next new balance but nothing has caught my eye yet 😳🙈
Leo Colo (2 years ago)
You should check out Krial Footwear from Argentina http://www.krialfootwear.com/footwear/
KEVIN (2 years ago)
are you gonna get the new 009? they look sick new subscriber btw
6IX REVIEWS (2 years ago)
+KEVIN thanks for the sub! And the 009 looks good, very sleek! If the right colour way comes out, I'll def cop!
Tommy Igo (2 years ago)
I just subbed! Like your vids. Have you ever tried any 574s?
6IX REVIEWS (2 years ago)
I have, not my favourite model but I have!
paolo luis de guzman (2 years ago)
im collecting made in usa/uk but the first one was very neat, i hope i can find that one
Thokko (2 years ago)
Rancourt is a cool brand that produces very classic, classy and timeless shoes, yet they could be incorporated into a modern fashionable wardrobe. You should check them out, but they're on the expensive side. In my opinion, classic leather preppy shoes like Rancourts are the new "New Balances". Incorporating New Balances with everyday clothes is very 90's to early 2000's. It's just too common these days and I believe dressing well with classic leather shoes is the way to go these days.
6IX REVIEWS (2 years ago)
i'll check it out man! thanks for all the info!! really do appreciate it!
Thokko (2 years ago)
I agree as never buy New Balances at retail price. Recently, I bought a Made in England New Balance 576 English Breakfast Tea Pack for 100 dollars Canadian and it retails for 233 Canadian. I was shocked to even see it available as it was a 2013 released shoe. However the extra laces that should have come with the shoe was missing, but I didn't complain because the price was awesome! I also bought a New Balance 998 for 150 dollars Canadian which was an okay deal since not too long ago, the 998 could be purchased for a specialty running store for less than 100 US dollars. Ever since J.Crew popularized the shoe for the general public, the price really shot up. J.Crew sells my grey 998 for 262.00 Canadian dollars. There was a time in the 2001 when I bought the New Balance 1700 in medium grey colour with blue triming at retail price and it was the most expensive New Balance ever made and it was something like 170 dollars Canadian but the shoe was crap as it wasn't made with leather and the breathability was poor and it fitted very small. I had to special order it from a New Balance store as New Balance did not have an online ordering website. It was a return after wearing it a few times indoors.
6IX REVIEWS (2 years ago)
man! i do love your knowledge and passion for shoes! i feel it even through your comment!! Glad to have you on the channel!
cod4Rlp (2 years ago)
dam that last shoe goes for £130 + on ebay, although I think thats still under retail :o
cod4Rlp (2 years ago)
Yea I got some 575 made in england instead, since im from england :D
6IX REVIEWS (2 years ago)
it is a great great shoe!
SamirCarKey (2 years ago)
like ur vid. keep up the good work.
Flynn Sheehan (2 years ago)
hey what camera do you use to film?
Flynn Sheehan (2 years ago)
thanks a lot!
6IX REVIEWS (2 years ago)
+Passion 4 Football Hey man! I use a Sony A5100 mirrorless camera!
J Lubs99 (3 years ago)
+6IX reviews dope vid but is it just me or new balance shoes are just really ugly
nate (3 years ago)
Need some 998s bro. Dope collection tho!
6IX REVIEWS (3 years ago)
+Nathaniel Soy ya man! super comfy shoe and model!
Saimum (3 years ago)
Congrats on 1k brother, and I'm liking how you aren't just showing sneaker reviews, collection videos are dope too man keep it up!
6IX REVIEWS (3 years ago)
+Saimum much appreciated! i'll see what else I can think of!
augdawg23 (3 years ago)
where the heck did you get that first pair for $30???
6IX REVIEWS (3 years ago)
+augdawg23 just have my ways...just have my ways :)
Sean Sim (3 years ago)
great video man! congratz to 1k subs! keep it up bro!
Sean Sim (3 years ago)
Yeah man! Support from the 6!
6IX REVIEWS (3 years ago)
+Sean Sim thanks man! glad to have you consistently on the channel!
Hugo OBGC (3 years ago)
again! nice video
Hugo OBGC (3 years ago)
+6IX REVIEWS (6ixSam) one days i will have a dope collection like you. lets hope you will have 100 000 sub at the same time
6IX REVIEWS (3 years ago)
+Hugo Savage Thank u sir!
ma76bball (3 years ago)
Congrats dude. Keep on rollin'.
6IX REVIEWS (3 years ago)
+Michy Asquith Thanks man! Glad to have your support!
BREAKINGNECKS23 (3 years ago)
Congrats !
6IX REVIEWS (3 years ago)
+JJKICKs23 thanks man!
Victor (3 years ago)
Good job
6IX REVIEWS (3 years ago)
+vk l thanks man a lot to have the support

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