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Summer Style Ideas for Women Over 50 ~ Lookbook 2013

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Style, Beauty, Anti-Aging, & Health for Women in Their Hot-Flash Years! Thanks for watching! I'd love to hear from you, please rate, comment, subscribe. Visit my Channel for more Videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/HotandFlashy Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/HotAndFlashy50 Blog: http://www.hotandflashy50.com Outfit 1: Lime Green Sweater: Express White Capris: Delia's Flip Flops: DKNY from Marshall's Necklace: BP at Nordstrom Watch: Tokyo Bay Outfit 2: Dress: Forever 21 Leggings: Mossimo Target Sandals: Born from Marshall's Bracelets: Alex & Ani Ring: Jason & Co. Newport RI Outfit 3: Army Green Top: Forever 21 Skirt: Pieces from Macy's Shoes: Mossimo from Target Outfit 4: Red Tee: BP at Nordstrom Necklace: BP at Nordstrom Shorts: American Eagle Shoes: Nautralizer Today's makeup: Estee Lauder Double Wear Light in 2.0 Milani Baked Blush in Dolce Pink NYX Slide on Glide on Eyeliner in Brown Tarte Lipsurgence Matte in Hope Victorias Secret Lip Plumper in Clear Nailpolish: The Balm Hot Ticket in Mellow Yellow
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Text Comments (195)
Wanda Shirkey (9 months ago)
I love the red top and shorts.
Piddeaux (9 months ago)
Dress for your figure, not your age!
S M (1 year ago)
i am thirty years old and i love milfs
You have fabulous legs !
Mervat Attia (1 year ago)
Hi Angie, I think you look great and good for you for wearing what you want and not what society tells you to wear. I like your style.
Bella Vita (1 year ago)
Ha I love your dog whenever he makes an appearance ha this time sawing logs love it. I also love how you show the clothing slowly (now 2017) in stead of fast, makes it easier to showcase all. thank you!
Kimberly Kuhr (1 year ago)
I like your clothing choices im 36
sus2731 (2 years ago)
wow you have a knock out body, not even little cellulite!!
Fazia Singh (2 years ago)
You are a very fabulous fifty. You don't even look forty!
Sanaz Mehrzad (2 years ago)
Honestly, your outfits are good for age 20- 30 NOT OVER 50, especially ur short shorts and mini skirts!... Lol...😀😂😝
Ilse Wenzel (2 years ago)
I am 70 and still into fashion magazines, stylish clothes always. I love clothes but take a large size and there is nto much selection
Meg hudson (2 years ago)
Ilse Wenzel I'm 59 yrs old and can't seem to find any stylish clothes here where I live in belding Michigan.only stores to shop at are Wal-Mart.Kmart.meijers.maurices
My Name (2 years ago)
Your brow shapes are uneven, way to much lip gloss, nail polish is awful, hair is too flat and too bleached out. Those tops are all hideous and the shade of yellow is awful on you.
lisa (2 years ago)
To the few stupid comments on here saying her shorts are too short, could you just be jealous of any woman no matter what age that has really good looking legs like her? I'm so sick of across the board ageism everywhere, and cringe when I hear one female insulting another out of insecurity.
Nanette P (2 years ago)
you have fantastic legs gf! It was funny to me that your pup was just lying there. So happy you werent in his way LOL
Maylene McDondald (2 years ago)
I absolutely love your sassy and classy chic style! I am 53 and those are the styles that I would buy! I'm so proud of you helping women! That's a wonderful quality of yours! I am a big fan of your channel! Thank you beautiful you!
Viv Ann (2 years ago)
Looking amazing Angie....as always! Thanks for sharing! :) X
Denise Millikan (2 years ago)
Great outfits, of course you should wear what your comfortable in, Iam about 8 yrs older than you, and Yes, I still shop for clothes and makeup, keep myself up at this "old" age, haha... You can't ever think about age, its only a number! When my daughters and I are out shopping we have a blast ! Keep up the great videos, your a beautiful woman ! I love bright colors too ! I also love Express...
jlouise eisentraut (2 years ago)
I think you look great for 50! Love the yellow sweater, the sleeves are nice for mature arms. You have nice legs, although the shorts are too short, the wedges are cute!
Susan Dorough (3 years ago)
Would you please grow up and wear elegant but simple! All your videos are awful! I apologize but you need to cover your neck! Think Crew Neck Silk sleeveless... No leggings! You need to get out of Cali - and travel to New York! Maybe you won't be HotandFlashy but SleekandClassy! Accept that fact that you should not wear jr. clothes. TACKY!
Shane Noel (2 years ago)
+Viv Ann Ha ha ha.....agreed! Angie's on fleek!  Just because a woman is over 50 doesn't mean that she should  resign herself to nunnery clothing. 
Viv Ann (2 years ago)
Susan...funny how some women sound like nothing less than jealous. Angie looks AMAZING and many women over 50 still do and are proud of it. Wear what YOU are comfortable in but don't offend other women that don't dress the way that you do. That's highschool nastiness.
Shane Noel (2 years ago)
+Susan Dorough Would you please get out of the 50s?  If you want to wear what you describe then wear it if that's what you're taste is.  People don't ride horse and buggies or use Morse Code anymore.
gwenn vorsaga (3 years ago)
You need to get some self confidence and a life. Find another you tube channel, maybe one geared to old fat jealous woman . We here Love Angie, and she inspires us to be all we can be!!!!
June Hutcheon (3 years ago)
What with the remark never to wear shorts over 50 she looks beautiful maybe Kay is a little green eye monster I love the clothes and I am going to take your advice I am over 60 and always been told I look good in shorts :)
Maude Mathilde H (8 months ago)
June Hutcheon My legs are so scarred up from Soccer that I had to stop wearing shorts. People can be so rude asking what's wrong with your legs. I got smart and said I was mauled by my pet Panther LOL that sent them on their way. I'm 52 and wear Maxi dresses and Capri's or jeans in summer.
Mariza V. (3 years ago)
Hi Angie, you look great, but in this video I love your dog, he's so cute!!  Mine is with me all the time :)
Donna P (3 years ago)
Hi, I think you look fabulous for over 50. I will be 47 in a few months, very depressing. My Boys are grown, youngest is 21. I am constantly looking to see how to update my looks and skin care, make up with aging. I have a pear body shape. The only jeans that fit me well are American eagle, express and seven for mankind. My oldest sons ex was laughing at me for wearing forever 21 and American eagle. I see in your videos you are rocking these brands. I felt so old and stop wearing them because of her comment. Any thoughts?
Maylene McDondald (2 years ago)
+Donna P aww! Thank you, too! Big hugs to you! Now that's what I am talking about! A woman with inner beauty and strength, too! Good for you for standing your ground and ignoring someone negative! I wish you well with many happy celebrations as a woman! Cheers to a wonderful life being a young woman at heart! Yay! ♡♡♡♡♡
Donna P (2 years ago)
Hi thank you so much. I do hope you are doing well now. Yes aging is depressing. It feels good when someone walks up to you and asks your sons who is 24 and 22 if you are their sister. That means we got it going on at our age. I use to let her get to me but not anymore. I am thick in the bottom and hips but wear things that are classy as well. I am a cancer survivor, so life has meaning and taught me to live life to the fullest. Hoping life is great,stay healthy and beautiful. Big hugs
Maylene McDondald (2 years ago)
Hi, Donna! Your ex daughter-in-law apparently isn't nice! Don't let her determine your style choices. So what if you wear style clothing from Forever 21? I am 53 and I always dress up nicely and I love being classy and trendy with a couple of key pieces of accessories! I wear skinny jeans and leggings but with the right tops/blouses. Everyone thinks that I am my 6 year old grandchild's mom. I am not even thin or tall! I am short and thick around the waist! I had open heart surgery in back in March of this year. I lost so much weight but ended up gaining weight! I still wear clothes that makes me feel great! Just rock your own style beautiful you! I know how you are feeling about getting older! I refuse to accept aging! So I embrace life! Hugs!
Mo Fo (3 years ago)
Mo Fo (3 years ago)
lets talkandoyes
Isol (3 years ago)
I love the shorts!! I live in shorts and I plan to wear them until I am 100 ☺️
Maude Mathilde H (8 months ago)
Isol Fernández Oh how I wish I could wear shorts. Too many scars from soccer in my youth. I'm 52 now. Wear Capri's, Maxi dresses, and jeans nowadays.
hoopy1111 (3 years ago)
You're a beautiful woman, but you barely get buy with the shorts. If you were any older they would be to short. I have some beautiful legs even at 60.. and I can't pull it off anymore.
sisterella100 (3 years ago)
You look perfect!! I rock shorts like that too at 46, so I'm happy to see I'm not alone!!
Vickie Scholl (3 years ago)
I was wondering how tall you are. I am only 5'3.  Would your outfits look good on me?
HotandFlashy (3 years ago)
+Vickie Scholl I'm 5'7"
Sandra Hammons (3 years ago)
I love your blog! It's just what I've been looking for. You could be my best fashion friend!
Ann marie White (3 years ago)
Omg you look amazing at 50!
EtezE SnowVegan (3 years ago)
Hi Hot and Flashy, I am so happy that you touched on the topic of our society and what they think we should wear after fifty. I love my short skirts and I was about ready to give them up because I had been watching other You Tuber's say that we needed to dress age appropriate because as they put it, It looks like we are trying to hard and therefore it ages us. Personally I don't get it, and yes I will keep wearing my short skirts😜
Lisa Lisa65 (3 years ago)
You didn't tell me where I can get legs like that,  :) 
J OneLife (3 years ago)
Yes your right! We are all made different sizes and shapes, wear what makes you feel happy! What should I worry about what someone else thinks. What is more important is you are a nice person and a lady and take good care of your body and hair!! This lady is beautiful she looks 35!!
Car Wash Professional (3 years ago)
Anita Sequeira (3 years ago)
Hi Angie. I your new subscriber and I am hooked on to your videos. I love your style and I am 41 and I used to think that one has to get conservative as they get older. I'm glad you broke my myth and that I can wear what I like. Thank you so much for all the inspiring videos! Love you 😍
Kathy Buttermore (4 years ago)
Oooooh girl you can rock the shorts.  As long as you can rock it, you should.  My legs are in shape, but alas, cellulite and varicose veins (thanks mom) won't let it happen for me:(  Work it!
Pauli (4 years ago)
Please do a YT for gals with giant boobs. PLEASE !
Patricia Bell (4 years ago)
I am an Eddie Bauer, LL Bean kind of person.  Your videos are great for inspiring ideas to spruce up my outdoor style so I don't have to always look like I just stepped out of the backwoods.  Hee, Hee!   Thanks very much!  
Cindi K (4 years ago)
Angie you look great! I love all of your summer choices. The colors look great on you, and you have the legs to be able to wear the shorts and skirts. I love the shoes you chose for both looks. These looks are great for you. Keep doing your thing Angie!
TheFattuchus (4 years ago)
You have a gorgeous figure.  I could never wear those shorts, and I bet most women age 35 or over could not wear them either.  Love your channel. Keep up the good work.
Claire Robinson (4 years ago)
Hi Angie, Thank you for your wonderful videos. It isn so great to get the benefit of your experience. First saw you video on droopy eyelids ( the glue technique) I haven't tried it but that's the one that got me hooked. Thanks for telling me what products you are using & especially using "drugstore" brands. It so helpful to have you scanning the shelves for bargains! Also, thanks for your positive comments on Botox. I agree it is worth the money! Keeping up the fabulous work.
godis imaginary (4 years ago)
She looks awesome for over 50 and she's working all those outfits - props!
Kay Walsh (4 years ago)
Never ever wear a short skirt over fifty big mistake.
Annie in KC (4 years ago)
I would not wear any of those clothes.
1960genius (4 years ago)
Love love your style!
HeyMimi DIY (4 years ago)
So so cute! Totally agree with wearing shorter skirts or shorts with shoes that don't have a steep incline.  It makes an outfit that looks sporty and fun, into one that is too sexy and just wrong somehow.  Not sure why it makes such a big difference, but it sure does!  Love your style; you look great!
Cathy Lester (4 years ago)
I LOVE the full description and tips on not spending tons of money. Angie - you are my new hero.
Shlomit Sela (4 years ago)
I really love this video, and your style. and hope you'll make more of these. To start with, you look more than 10 yeas younger! 
Amoresable (4 years ago)
I'm 52 not dead, but I need help dressing...
Jennys Soapbox (4 years ago)
I'm 53, I'm not dead.
moon0halo (4 years ago)
Angie you have great legs!
Angie McCann (4 years ago)
Very cute outfits, Angie. Keep 'em coming! 😎
Kathie Collins (4 years ago)
What you have to remember is that we are not all as nicely shaped as you.  Where you might be able to pull off some of those outfits....many of us can not!  I love your makeup tutorials - very nice for the older women.  These clothes not so much!  If I belted pretty much anything with my pear shape it would look horrible - and there is no way I could buy clothes at Forever 21.  Good that you can though.....just my opinion.  
Mary Beth Umholtz (4 years ago)
Just found your channel and have watched a few videos so far. Loving it! I'm 48 going on 49 pretty soon so just a bit behind you in age. You look fantastic! I'm slim but my legs do not look nearly as good as yours. Do you owe them to exceptional genetics, or are you athletic or a healthy eater? I'd love to hear your thoughts on diet and healthy lifestyle.
Sanaz Mehrzad (2 years ago)
Mary Beth Umholtz
HotandFlashy (4 years ago)
Hi Mary Beth~ It's 1/4 genetics and 3/4 exercise and healthy diet. I've always had a fast metabolism which helps, but my immediate family all struggle with their weight. I work out 3-4 times a week and eat a low fat/low cholesterol diet for heart health. Because of that my metabolism hasn't really slowed down much with age. I'm way into doing whatever it takes to stay healthy and energized as I age!
Mimi S (4 years ago)
I am extremely happy that you have decided to wear what you like and what looks good on you without gauging whether it is someone’s "age appropriate" or not. Aside from others poor manners in telling you that you should wear age appropriate clothing, I think you and many of us other quintastic women are setting new standards for what is appropriate based on attitude, creativity, honesty, courage, and love of life.  That is not for the faint of heart.  I plan on fighting age discrimination all the way but will settle into my fifties with my sense of self encased in clothes I like (LOVE Charlotte Russe, Forever 21)!
HotandFlashy (4 years ago)
"Quintastic" - Love IT!!
Adele Tome (4 years ago)
Deciding which clothes we wear at certain ages has more to it than just how thin or fit we are. As we age, our skin (not just face, I'm talking body here) gets saggier and spotted and well....it just doesn't look as great as a 25 yr olds! THAT is why most women, no matter how toned, need to cover up more as we age. Look at some of the most gorgeous and slim celebrities. Even Jane Fonda covers up more now, whereas Goldie Hawn shows much of her leathery, saggy skin. Both gorgeous women, but you get my point. But you look great in your outfits Angie.
sally hammons (4 years ago)
i will be 52 nxt month n i jus wanna say u r my inspiration! i totally agree with ur mindset
HotandFlashy (4 years ago)
Thanks Sally! I hope you have a happy birthday!
anna haener (5 years ago)
amazing body:)
Janaki Blum (5 years ago)
no sound...
HotandFlashy (5 years ago)
try again?? has sound for me, just watched...
deedee lebowski (5 years ago)
love all the looks, the skirt and short outfits are my favorites.   All outfits are totally age appropriate, if you have the figure to pull it off,,,why not.   You look modern.   Going into f 21 or A eagle, I'm 59 and shop where ever I want to.    Also a lot of times those younger sales clerks have advice that I've taken, we can learn from all age groups, its fun just being a girl sometimes.
Maria Smith (5 years ago)
Hi Angie, Your figure is proof of your healthy lifestyle. Can you do some videos on diet and exercise routines please.
theTreesandme (5 years ago)
do you ever feel odd going into forever 21 or american eagle?  i kind of feel like the sales people give me the hairy eyeball (and I'm *only* 38).
Alberta Dan (4 years ago)
I am 51 and still go into Forever 21 and H & M and I feel comfortable going into these stores.
theTreesandme (5 years ago)
+HotandFlashy Thanks for your response!  I agree, I will ignore 19 year olds and try out these stores.  I love the outfits you showed.  Sometimes wading through all the ridiculous clothing is painful but I also would never wear what is marketed to "older women."
HotandFlashy (5 years ago)
Good question! Yes, sometimes I feel very conspicuous in there... but I figure, do I really care what a 19 yo sales clerk thinks? NO! I try to shop in stores for "my age" but just hate most of the clothes. :(
Cheeky Lass (5 years ago)
Many women your age do not have that figure so I think this is an exception.
P Zugich (5 years ago)
I like that you give the information about where to find the right things to make a nice outfit, I am 60 years old, and I have a hard time trying to look (not like a 40, because I don't know where to shop
P Zugich (5 years ago)
Love your style!
Rosie Perry (5 years ago)
This was a very good quality video - better than watching TV!
Sanni John (5 years ago)
You don't have to be small and thin to look fashionable. It's a matter of finding which fashions work best for your body.
LotusFlower Flores (5 years ago)
Love the summer style videos, I agree on the Target shoes, I bought a pair for this summer from Target, and I love them, love them. I'm looking forward to your Fall Style Video. Thanks again
bunzygal (5 years ago)
Hi, I do hope you will be creating a video for Fall/ Winter Style ideas... : ) that are within budget since Holidays are expenses until January. : )
natalie075 (5 years ago)
I have gone crazy with the maxi dresses this summer! So comfortable, and fun...... I would like to have your legs, if that's okay with you, Angie? ha ha xoxo ~Natalie
CAT G.Blondecat (5 years ago)
What? Wow over here as long as you are not being immodest (flashing your privates) woman can wear whatever me, I am a Short but 'Ample' woman and love long skirts and tops but I like to show a little clevage. (my hair and cleavage are my best features)
Lisa W (5 years ago)
First and last outfits were my favorites although you look great in all of them. How do you have such toned legs? I run 3 miles several times a week and go to the gym 6 times a week and can't get mine looking that good (I'm 5'5" 125 lbs. Maybe I need to drop a few pounds). Anyway, you GO girl with your hot and flashy self. :-)
Ali59 (5 years ago)
Angie you are so naturally beautiful. What an amazing role model you are for your own girls as well as all of us! Just being in balance and being the best YOU. It really is that simple. Enjoyed the video and hope you are having a super day. Alyson
Behappytoday (5 years ago)
Wow I would show my legs off If mine were like yours (: I need to start exercising!!!
Babbs Jo (5 years ago)
Wow, you look gorgeous.. I'm only 29 and my legs aren't as thin and toned as yours (would say they are my problem ares) I think, you HAVE to show legs at your age, if they are still so nice. This is my first comment here.. I was looking for make up tips I can tell my mother ;) That's why I found you. Will definitly look the video with your fitness regiment.. wanna get these legs too, perhaps it's still "baby speck" or baby puffiness as we say here in Germany, well it's probably not ;)
Natasha Zeligs (5 years ago)
Love your outfits and you look great. Good tips on shopping without breaking the bank. I too believe that you can wear anything as long as you feel good in it and you are looking at yourself realistically.
dacakemom (5 years ago)
Hi, I am new to your channel, as well as being fairly new to all of the beauty channels on youtube. I'm so glad I found someone around my own age group.. I'll be 45 this year. Some of the other channels I'm subscribed to, (which I love by the way), the ladies are younger and I sometimes feel I dont belong,, (high school all over again,, lol). Really loved the outfits.. especially the white capris and yellow top,, thats more my style. Loving your channel so far. Thanks!
Trina Biscoe (5 years ago)
I don't listen to what people say.. You look Gorgeous. I'm your new subbie.. I am 47 right after you and Hunni let's keep being fabulous.... I believe that we should dress age appropriate fashion forward sleek and sexy... So however leave the nay sayers out.... Love your Tube channel...:)
kimlbk (5 years ago)
You must work out because you have a lot of muscle definition in your legs. That is great and these clothes look great on you. I think the short things could be modified for us larger women. I just got the book, The Wow Factor Insider Style Secrets for every body and every budget by Jacqui Stafford. It is very enlightening and gives you the shapes and styles of clothes to wear according to your body shape. I think that you can wear some trendy clothes as long as they look good on your shape
K Lee (5 years ago)
Hi, new to your channel. You look gorgeous anyway
Diane Fleming (5 years ago)
You look good in your clothes. I am nearly 60 and do wear what I like, mostly. Personally I don't think the short shorts are appropriate nor is a skirt more than 2 inches above the knee. But that's me. I love all of your tops and jewelry. Really I think that if you feel good in it and confident, then you should wear it, no matter what your age. I hate most of what is considered age appropriate for me.
Rhonda M (5 years ago)
There are some very beautiful and elegant clothes for women over 50 which do not include turtlenecks and trousers 24/7...j
polohorse315 (5 years ago)
Wow I can't believe how good your body is. I loved all your outfits. I can't pick a favorite
Greens & Things (5 years ago)
Yur Gorgeous...Love this~
Elizabeth Jane (5 years ago)
Those outfits are definitely NOT appropriate for most older bodies. I see people out and about wearing shorts and short skirts who look like they don't own a full length mirror. The ONLY reason you can slightly pull it off is you are unusuallly thin. Most older women need clothing advice to help them dress classier, not cling to how they dressed at 21.
Maureen Jessica Mary (5 years ago)
Loving all these looks ! You have a great figure please give us some diet tips or what you eat in a day etc plus some exercise routines that you do to stay looking so fit and healthy
Brenda Collier (5 years ago)
Yes, please show us your workout routine! I need encouragement!
meldan526 (5 years ago)
Love your outfits! Is the Naturalizer wedge a recent purchase? I really want them! Where'd you get them? Thank you!
Megakouklitsa (5 years ago)
I do not believe you're 50! You look amazing!
terri rosen (5 years ago)
YAY..you look FAB!!!!!!!
thankstofashion (5 years ago)
Hi Angie, I am a fashion blogger and love fashion. Unfortunately many women above the age of 35 stop being trendy and tend to be dressed old fashioned. Thank you for sharing your outfits and ideas with us, Mahshid
Maria Teresa (5 years ago)
thank you for letting me know! was going to ulta actually today to pick it up!
Shades Of Katie (5 years ago)
Great outfits! Thanks for sharing!
wendallyn (5 years ago)
Wow---LOVE your style, confidence, and beauty! I became a subscriber a couple weeks ago and this is my fave vid yet. THANKS!
Yael Bolender (5 years ago)
I think it is ridiculous to say: after 50, you must wear this and that, in France, they even say you must cut your hair after 40! No thank you. I don't care for these things, I am actually still wearing a hippie tunic I was wearing when I was 15!!! I took some weight but it still fits me. The most important is to feel good in our clothes. Your are gorgeous, and you are so thin, that you can wear whatever you want! Wish I could do the same! Actually I have the same black leggings as yours.
Erika Berke (5 years ago)
Angie, I finally subscribed to you. LOVE all your videos. I'm 42 and you're an inspiration. I noticed it looks like you're growing your bangs out, but in one of your videos you had said you'd just gotten your bangs, and I thought they looked good! I'm trying to decide if I should get them (never had them before, but I have some serious forehead wrinkles), so I'm curious if you're growing yours out and if so why. You should do a video about hairstyles and how you decide how to get your hair cut.
Rockysmom1234 (5 years ago)
Loved all the outfits and you look great!
Rhonda M (5 years ago)
You are very pretty and very slim so you can get away with wearing the mini skirt and short shorts however I wouldn't wear either over 50....I just think women over 50 look much prettier in a little longer length ..you are very pretty and fit though. Thanks for sharing.
Jules of Wisdom (5 years ago)
I enjoyed this video so much. Your hair, and fashion style just blew me away. I'm going to go peek and see if you have any other fashion vids. Holding up both my thumbs to you. ;-)
Bessy VP22 (5 years ago)
I was going to comment exactly what lulucita2013 commented :-) you look great!!!!! Your routine please!!!!!!!!!!!! ....love your videos <3
Karen Johnson (5 years ago)
You look great! You are an example of what healthy eating and working out can do! Love all of your videos!
aTimeAsThis (5 years ago)
Stop the bus! I love your hair curled! Those all those outfits. Never shy away from short lengths or (what I call) ba-bam shoes. You can carry it off, for sure. Target has several bright summery colored shorts like yours in great colors. They'd look good on you. I covet your legs. Of course, I'm probably 10 inches shorter than you!

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