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Learn How Your Suit Should Fit

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Harry Rosen explains how a suit should fit on the body.
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nick labian (1 month ago)
big fekker
Achmad Mubasir (1 month ago)
Lroy Johnson (1 month ago)
Why they always use a fitted man !!!!!! USE ONE THATS KINDNOF OBESE IT WILL SHOW U HOW A TRUE SUIT FITS .....
Constantin Amundsen (3 months ago)
your tie is too wide, your suit doesnt fit, and your pants are too baggy. overall too lose fit.
Anthony Will (4 months ago)
This dude's suit's fit is SLOPPY af! Wow! I know who NOT to take fashion advice from
PALMS 23 (5 months ago)
What if you have excess fat bunching up over the belt and the crease on the trousers only come down the thighs not all the way down the leg. My shoulder pads are detachable so the suit jacket fit the shoulders comfortably. When it gets really cold I put the shoulder pads back in.
JAZZ MAN (5 months ago)
The shorter guy’s suit is too wide at the shoulders.
Samsunk Androit (6 months ago)
the trousers looks kinda loose.
andrea inzaghi (7 months ago)
great video but throusers are too long
Rick Emmons (7 months ago)
Why such a bizarre size match up? That model had just wanted a navy suit, for war.
Chocolate Chip (8 months ago)
I think a blue wall, would've been better
Chocolate Chip (8 months ago)
I don't like the wall.
Chocolate Chip (8 months ago)
That suit model has big hands.
ker der (9 months ago)
Niloy Nath (9 months ago)
Your suggestion was good back then.. now its more about slim fitted, no break stuff
علوش العراقي (10 months ago)
جميل موديلات جذابه
sunboy1000 (10 months ago)
baggy arms...im out,,,
Boban Stanisavljević (10 months ago)
I'm sorry but you can't talk about fit, since your suit doesn't fit you...
Sal P (9 months ago)
Boban Stanisavljević Exactly!!
PD CREATIVE (11 months ago)
Thanks for teach
Phoenix Warrior (11 months ago)
Ok, why does the narrator's suit look off the rack? Smh
JAZZ MAN (5 months ago)
Alexis Knows I wish there were shops like that in the UK. Even the so-called small size jacket/coat sleeves on ready to wear jacket and suits are made with gibbons in mind. If asked a tailor to take the sleeves up, wouldn’t they have to move the buttons and button holes up too, otherwise it would look odd?
Alexis Knows (10 months ago)
Phoenix Warrior ... that is why you go to a small shop ,that is part of your purchase eg. Gosyle at Shepard an wilodale , have jack Victor for 1\2 off ( fall , winter suits) this includes any tailoring needed
Phoenix Warrior (10 months ago)
Alexis Knows ..i would think he could at least get it tailored
Alexis Knows (11 months ago)
Phoenix Warrior ... he can't afford a good suit working at Harry's... most of staff are a__ holes , Toronto has many small men's shops , were the staff really help you within your budget .
Soldier ofYHVH (1 year ago)
Real Men Real Style, eh? I'm looking for some suits that are not Pride Parade tight. I'm not trying to look effeminate, or like a pimp. I went to Neiman Marcus looking for hope and all I found was more punk slacks and pimp styles. I guess to get a real mans suit, you have to have it tailored, because it's painfully obvious that gay dudes run the fashion industry.
JAZZ MAN (5 months ago)
Soldier ofYHVH Have a look at Magnoli Clothiers. They make suits from the 1930s style up to more modern. Remember button up flies? If you lost one button, it was ok, but if a zipper goes, you’re open to the world. I wish there were button up fly trousers more readily available. http://www.magnoliclothiers.com/ “Pride parade tight” ha ha ha ha! I’m going to remember that one.
usmannaeem (1 year ago)
At what length you the V of the suit end. The top bottom?
TANUJ SABHARWAL (1 year ago)
you dont wear a belt with a suit
Lord Voldemort (6 months ago)
Only when you're wearing a vest.
MK (10 months ago)
Akash Topder (10 months ago)
That is more of an opinion than a rule
Paul (1 year ago)
That suit model is either 7 ft tall or bald guy is 4 ft tall.
jean billy (3 days ago)
Paul lmao you sound so racist sir
andrea inzaghi (7 months ago)
his suit is not perfectly fitting, sleaves are too large
Joe Neuman (1 year ago)
I can see the inside of you jackets cuffs. Think about having them tampered if you are going to where it with a French cuff shirt. The models jacket cuffs fit better.
Milford Cubicle (2 years ago)
is it just me or is the suit on that model very boxy? there's no "v" taper.
Prince 52boxing MMA (2 months ago)
It's funny I don't think either of these guys look good in their suit.
Rich Luna (2 years ago)
The tall guy's jacket is really short but looks really good somehow.
The Remnant 1611 (1 year ago)
The dude has super long arms and if his jacket was down to where he could grab it, it would look like he was wearing a dress. The length of a jacket is about proportions and the "grab" test isn't a rule but more of a guideline for the average person
DallasGreen123 (2 years ago)
My suit fits exactly like that, but when I pull up the arms, it exposes so much of my wrist, is this normal?
Alexis Knows (11 months ago)
TheRealBubfield405 .. thanks was wondering why too, something for me to look for....
DallasGreen123 (1 year ago)
+TheRealBubfield405 Thank you for giving this long and detailed response! I haven't figured it out till this day, I was just accepting it and not lifting my arms too high whenever I wear a suit (quite silly when you think about it haha). I am not wearing suits often (yet) because I would look horribly overdressed in my current enviroment at campus. Also, I can only spend so much. But now that you told me, I finally know what to look at when buying my next suit in a few years. It seems really obvious but I haven't gotten behind this one myself.
TheRealBubfield405 (1 year ago)
I don't know if you ever figured out your issue, but I'll post this anyways: yes, it's normal, but that doesn't mean that is how the suit SHOULD fit. You see, when people purchase suits "off the rack," or relatively cheap or modest suits that you'd find at a department store, and there's no tailoring or alterations involved in the fitting of the suit, a very common problem occurs, which is that the armholes are too big. That sounds like the issue you're having. Your armholes, which is basically around the armpit area, are too big, and so when you lift your arms up, it pulls back on the sleeve, you feel a tightness or a pulling on your shoulder, and I bet that if you were to lift your arms all the way up, the shoulder pads don't even accommodate your shoulder anymore(they lift up off of your shoulder), and your lapels also start to lift up away from your chest because they are being pulled by you lifting your arm up. I'm pretty sure you've done your research by now, but the general consensus that I've seen on this is that they cannot be altered. You simply need to find a more fitting suit off the rack, or you should consider getting a bespoke suit, or maybe a custom-made suit. I wouldn't recommend either a bespoke suit or a custom-made suit too strongly however since I honestly have never gotten one myself. I'm simply giving you recommendations based off of theory and/or what I've learned so far about suits and how they should fit. Otherwise, I hope you have solved the problem or do solve the problem. :)
a (2 years ago)
the seat of the pant aboot the crease of the booty.
Underrated Critic (3 years ago)
That dude has long legs.
i never do up the button of a suit. you know why? because i hate suit jacket buttons.
John Connor (3 years ago)
WUBALUBA DUBDUB (2 years ago)
"i wanna talk aboot"
Giuseppe Marotta (3 years ago)
Eh. You should have had one of your real salesmen do this instruction or Shannon. Mamma Mia!
Roseal Johnson (3 years ago)
Greg Jones (3 years ago)
I have those exact same burgundy wingtip Clarks in my closet :)  Great looking shoe.
권진만 (3 years ago)
Very helpful! I want to recommend it.
Per Ringnes (4 years ago)
Do you sell custom made suits?
Excellent video. Just the right length for Facebook, but for the businessmen on LinkedIn make them about half the length and do some targeting. It will bring you many from the SM world into your stores.
Abhi Ram (4 years ago)
Great video, instructive as usual. Looking forward for the next !

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