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American Airlines Drunk Passenger

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The craziest encounter I've had in all my years traveling. Pretty funny, I only wish I had not turned off my camera as this idiot was escorted off the plane!
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Philip S (13 days ago)
I would have thoroughly enjoyed beating that Alabama inbred f*cker senseless.
Dave M (20 days ago)
at 0:54 the guy in black says, im sober, i drank 6 drinks... uh huh edit: this should be retitled, when auditor gets audited!
Kyle Christiansen (22 days ago)
That Alabama inbred piece of shit clearly needed to get off that plane. But that woman saying “That’s it you are off !” Shouldn’t have said anything and just kept her fucking cunt mouth shut. She made the situation worse by interfering. Sometimes it’s just best for people to stfu.
Row Deo (23 days ago)
What an idiot
Wil Robles (24 days ago)
It appears that Bubba forgot to go to finishing school.
Erich Von Molder (25 days ago)
The Crimson Tide! He has his Beavis and Butthead t-shirt on - I Want TP for my bunghole!
myprophet1 (26 days ago)
Why do people drink before they fly? I really don't understand. It doesn't make the flight any better.
Emma Lovig (26 days ago)
1:47 bless you
Default Name (28 days ago)
Pathetic, rude and ignorant passenger.
ApocScout (30 days ago)
Don't ever tell someone to stop recording. Big mistake on the part of the flight crew. You want all the recordings you can get to protect you from his lawsuit, not to mention your job.
Samsung Tenorio (1 month ago)
Another jerk of the flight
cisko kiddd (1 month ago)
beautiful just beautiful 😂
TenorMan96 (1 month ago)
2:39 LMAO Everyone is looking at the camera
Ms K Jones (1 month ago)
I wonder if this passenger has seen this lil episode.
Ms K Jones (1 month ago)
UH OH 2:10 Crossed the line. Somebody is going to airport jail 👮
Ms K Jones (1 month ago)
There's Fay Evelyn Schlob Dumbly DeVay Cochran!!
tackyman2011 (1 month ago)
What a bubba.
Rodolfo Ayala (1 month ago)
Go back to Alabama Republican loser.
Sabbath maiden fan (1 month ago)
Inbred southern Democrat white trash
Sabbath maiden fan (1 month ago)
Flight attendant should be allowed to carry tasers and handcuffs
Midnight Phister (1 month ago)
"i'm not gunna lie, i've been drinking, and i ate all the food in the galley."
Michael Hamm (1 month ago)
NOPE!..NOPE!!..NOPE!!!!....just call the cops n drag his dumb-drunk ass off the plane!!!
Hugh Morris (1 month ago)
José Angel Esparza (1 month ago)
We should nuke the south
KUAN JJ (1 month ago)
"im proud to be an American at least I knew I 'm stupid." god bless America....
KUAN JJ (1 month ago)
listen to that stupid talks with loser face
Palm Trees and Rum (1 month ago)
The guy filming is a douche bag. As is corky the drunk.
Dan Kole (1 month ago)
Somebody is going to kiss the donkey. Looks like no IQ test is needed to board the plane or buy a stupid or stupid tee shirt.
xx2345000 (1 month ago)
Fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life
Gaggy Mott (1 month ago)
That cunt needs Tazed
sweiland75 (1 month ago)
Why one should never get on a plane with American passengers.
Rainbow Writer (2 months ago)
A Beavis and Butthead Tshirt. Speaks volumes
calaragazza (2 months ago)
He didn't du nuffin
JamesT-Vlogs (2 months ago)
Anyone else notice the classy gentleman in the Beavis & Butthead shirt that reads “work sucks”?
Hani Alturk (2 months ago)
Why the airline would let someone who was eating beavis and butthead T-shirt sit by the exist seat.
MisterTwister (2 months ago)
Flat brim, loud mouth and needs a haircut, what’d you expect?
Ink Dry (2 months ago)
What a redneck fa**ot
Roger Shrubber (2 months ago)
best part is you've got a drunk jerk in th exit row
silverleaves (2 months ago)
So did he get off that plane?
Jim Fitton (2 months ago)
If it were a matter of him not being at an emergency exit, then I think he was offering a reasonable solution, i.e., switching seats. He was a bit drunk, but not slurring. Filming him was immature, insensitive, and uncouth.
Tiki Rob (2 months ago)
Stupid hat, hair, shirt, tattoos, attitude and accent.
Vertical Sombrero (2 months ago)
TJ Miller
Ri Hinlo (2 months ago)
Question: can't they spot this in the pre departure area?
1hourOfLove (2 months ago)
I feel for the guy. He's been at the San Francisco airport since 4:3O this morning. He just wants to go home. Now what? More San Francisco for this man?
Victoria Hanke (2 months ago)
Americans have been using the f bomb way too much! Can we please get back to civility? Oh, I forgot, these a holes don’t know the meaning of that! Look how they dress to travel! They make America look like it’s full of podunk back ally trash! The airlines are correct in removing this trash, and placing it out on the curb!
Victoria Hanke (2 months ago)
The lady next to her knows this chick is clueless that they are not asking her to leave,,,they are going to remove her! And Bless them for that! Don’t drink and fly!! How hard is it?! ☺️☺️
Tom Bender (2 months ago)
Mental Drunk...Somebody may Shoot the Hog.?...
Apricot Theory (2 months ago)
I will bet $100, both his dumbass parents vote democrat.
M14 SMK (2 months ago)
Love it when they tell police what they’re Not going to do..........usually w/2 taser darts in their body!
Glenn Fales (2 months ago)
LOL dude was crying
Wallace Geller (2 months ago)
Throw this asshole off the plane from 30000 feet. He is a puke.
Comicbookstoreguy177 (2 months ago)
Jonah hill is upset and fat again
J T (2 months ago)
Work sucks! 😂
Shane Graham (2 months ago)
Big baby crying give him a pacifier off the plane jackass
Crazy 4 Cavy (2 months ago)
lol, more entertaining then the screaming child but....
allen D (2 months ago)
that is my son and his mother and I are so very proud of the job we did in raising him. He should get a haircut and loose 100 lbs. with that i will agree.
rob morrison (3 months ago)
You mean to tell me that no boarding agent or check in clerk noticed this idiot was drunk as a skunk. A few people dropped the ball allowing this baffoon on the plane.
Cathleen Williamson (3 months ago)
Ppl is you're going to drink keep your mouth shut. You won't win the battle.
dünyalı s (3 months ago)
It's aviation rules you can't take video.and also he has no permission.yoi saying that gentlemen shut up. It makes you whore.
Hunter Bungay (3 months ago)
1:22 "I was like this when I flew out here." The best rational for staying on a plane that I've heard in a while. I was pinned the last time so why not this time? Brilliant!
Avery Heaney TV (3 months ago)
That's the camera lady's karma
Robert Vegas (3 months ago)
Well. Did he fuck her up?
Shyangel Girl101 (3 months ago)
Lol 😂
Benny G (3 months ago)
I hate to see a grown man cry, but I must say this is some quality entertainment right here.
PunchVideo (3 months ago)
And he’s seated next to the emergency exit. Yikes. Preflight screening. Ask boarding passengers neutral questions to assess their sobriety/aggressiveness as they’re boarding. It will take some more time, but look at the time and money being wasted getting these people deplaned.
If he wasn't sitting in the exit aisle I bet nobody would have noticed. The old gray haired ladies reactions are amazing.
Cat G (3 months ago)
Aww why did you stop filming?
D Lamb (3 months ago)
Throw the fat ugly fuck off the plane!! Shoot the cunt with a low velocity bullet in its head!,
Charles Strauch (3 months ago)
Just another a-hole that doesn't want to filmed while acting like an a-hole. What did he expect in this modern iPhone society? Sober up, dude.
London Light (3 months ago)
Fuck this fag with the camera... he's provoking the situation.
Zubin Kapadia (3 months ago)
You taunt someone who is drunk and you will get it back. He was willing to exchange his seat even. unnecessary escalation...
gary boates (3 months ago)
Hillbillies alive and well. Laughably sad - a life wasted.
AFK4Realz (3 months ago)
Haha, you let him punk you into turning your camera off..smdh
Lilly VonShtup (3 months ago)
Everybody on that plane have been waiting since 0430..he chose to get lit..pay the consequences
Robert RMedina (3 months ago)
They Negotiated with him way too long, call the cops, they will make him get off the Plane 1 way or another, besides hes doing Terrorists Threads aboard an Airliner...
ubiquitousdiabolus (3 months ago)
they should give him alcohol until he passes out
william f (4 months ago)
Well done - you must be pleased with yourself
Erik Kruse (4 months ago)
This happens far too often. Airlines should start using a breathalyzer to board. Thanks to asshats like this, it's becoming a stronger possibility every day.
Debbie Knight (4 months ago)
People who yell and scream and make fools of themselves on planes piss me off its hard enough being on one for fucking hours it's tiring enough why make it hard for everyone else????
agent9752 (4 months ago)
Nothing says have a nice flight than I'll fuck you up motherfucker.
beldengi (4 months ago)
I have upgraded to a camcorder so that I can zoom in yet keep a safe distance, but any crim, bully, drunk, or street preacher is fair game for my camera
Rachel Hollingdale (4 months ago)
So many un humans out there who do not respect those who are mentally ill, if you can’t respect the weak and the lame and the sick you are no human bring you are a troll bully monster
jacob freemans (4 months ago)
He just wanted to go home.He had been in Frisco for five days and realized his place was back on the farm with the chickens and the pigs.creeping into his sisters bedroom in the dead of night while his mama and papa danced naked in the woods.Lawdy Lawdy.
Allen Kostner (4 months ago)
Dallas fan? Haha
Island Girl (4 months ago)
Don't reason with a FOOL!! Call Authorities!!!!
Darrin Ros (4 months ago)
Throw the snowflake out the back at 45,000 feet. that would rule. Toss the old bag too...
Darrin Ros (4 months ago)
IN a beavis and butt head voice "Uh huh huh that dude is wasted, mm yeah yeah he is wasted" I will fuck you up, "Mmmm yeah fuck you up, huh huh huh" That sucks mmm huh huh yeah sucks...
wfdix1 (4 months ago)
Looks like another 30 year old mama’s boy.
Oliver Vapor (4 months ago)
Typical drunk guy. Everything was all, "Please I'm no trouble I just wanna go home I've been here since this morning I'm willing to trade seats YOU FILMING ME MOTHERF*** ER I AM GOING TO F*** YOU UP "
Lizzy Sherwood (4 months ago)
ANNNND their sitting in the exit row. "I drank 6 drinks and I'm sober", yeah right. Beavis and Butthead on American Airlines.
eLEMENTARYimage (4 months ago)
It's enough what alcohol does to our roads...
Richard Marchant (4 months ago)
I remember when you got dressed to get on a plane and you didn't look like some hillbilly at a barbecue in Alabama
XtremeBudgetMusician (4 months ago)
Isn't that the same dude who was in the Trump inauguration airplane video where the cucks mother had died and she's using it as an excuse to be a cunt to the Trump supporter
Bill Bright (4 months ago)
Dude I’m not getting off this plane, why I didn’t drink half as much as the pilots.
Denise W (4 months ago)
Baaaaaaawwwwww poor boy ! 😂
Denise W (4 months ago)
Emergency exit ! Omg 😮
Denise W (4 months ago)
It’s scary how they all talk like down y’all south
Pat Rooney Clough (4 months ago)
Lady you’re not helping!!
uncle chaos (4 months ago)
great emotional video
unclevroomvroom (4 months ago)
Thanks for filming, Jim. Made my day!
unclevroomvroom (4 months ago)
We have a spot for you down with the dogs and cats, Son.

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