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Patagonia Men's Synchilla® Snap-T® Fleece Pullover

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The pullover that made fleece famous, made of warm and durable Synchilla® heavyweight polyester fleece with our classic Snap-T® pocket and placket. Check out the Men's Synchilla® Snap-T® Fleece Pullover: http://www.patagonia.com/product/mens-synchilla-snap-t-fleece-pullover/25450.html?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=seo&utm_campaign=f15_yt_25450
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Text Comments (9)
Pol-Émil Doucet (3 months ago)
Anyone got any tip on how I can find this particular model? On their site it's not there.
Michael Chavez (2 months ago)
Pol-Émil Doucet go to Tyler’s
silvia Jimenez (10 months ago)
Damn she's fine
moviedude22 (1 year ago)
Hardly would consider that material "heavy"...but the price point sure as heck is. haha
Adam Abraham (2 years ago)
Max Urbani (2 years ago)
Which design is this and where can I find it? Its my favorite design that I have seen
ZOINKS (2 years ago)
Max Urbani I have a size men's small for sale if your interested ;-)
SwineFluInCompany (3 years ago)
Who is that beautiful woman?
Max Stratopoulos (2 years ago)
Sarah, shes works for Patagonia in product design

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