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Stick To It, Episode 4: Style & Message

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“The medium is the message. Just doing something that encourages other people to take action, that democratize things in general and makes the world better… “ Shepard Fairey - Los Angeles This is the 4th and final episode of the documentary, "Stick To It," an inside look at the worldwide culture of sticker art. From propaganda tools to bumper stickers, through skateboarding brands artwork and street art, there was always from the very beginning, a sense of subversion in the act of slapping stickers. This mix of visual elements and messages make stickers an essential item of the counter culture sphere! Featuring: Chris RWK, Veng RWK, El Toro, Shepard Fairey, Kristy Henderson (PETA), Dave Kinsey, DB Burkeman, CJ Ramone, Shepard Fairey… Directed by Alexis Deforges This Episode of STICK TO IT Was Made Possible By Jakprints In Collaboration with Wallplay Soundtrack courtesy of Born Bad records It's gonna be the same  Frustration / Uncivilized Frederic Campo- Marc Adolph-Fabrice Gilbert-Emmanuel Blervaque-Nicolas Duteil / Frederic Campo- Marc Adolph-Fabrice Gilbert-Emmanuel Blervaque-Nicolas Duteil /  (p)&(c) 2013 by Born Bad records Away Wall of death / Main Obsession Brice BORREDON, Gabriel MATRINGE, Adam GHOUBALI / Brice BORREDON, Gabriel MATRINGE, Adam GHOUBALI (p)&(c) 2013 by Born Bad records Marble Blues Wall of death / Main Obsession Brice BORREDON, Gabriel MATRINGE, Adam GHOUBALI / Brice BORREDON, Gabriel MATRINGE, Adam GHOUBALI (p)&(c) 2013 by Born Bad records
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Text Comments (18)
Rustoleum Can (3 months ago)
that's cool! we need more!
Peter Southgate (4 months ago)
It was all fun and games untill the end. How to make stickers boring.
DIRTYYETTI (4 months ago)
City paper boxes? What did he say at the end? He thought his joke was so funny that he interrupted it with his laugh along with being muffled by his Wild West train robber attire
Hugh Brisman (5 months ago)
I think the F bombs in the video are unfortunate. I would show these to my students and inspire them but the language is a barrier. As an active artist on the streets it does not offend me and I understand it. The video would be just as good, and authentic without it.
DIRTYYETTI (4 months ago)
Hugh Brisman “those words...those words...” -Michael Richards
Creativity Weekly (11 months ago)
Just love this series! MORE PLEASE!
Owley (1 year ago)
Clean, as always <3
lurker (1 year ago)
Spotted a theory propaganda x Skam sticker. Og sticker artists. As are questions Josh and toro as well
david p (1 year ago)
AHA!!!!! Not Banksy Forum!!!!!! Yep..
apedog999 (1 year ago)
fuck theses this shits wack
Robert Stevens (1 year ago)
I saw a sticker that changed my life!!! It was a monkey using a banana as a gun!! MINDBLOWN!!! After seeing that sticker I went back to med school. Thank you anonymous geniuses and your stickers that are so much more important than the natural architecture aesthetic.
Hyper Boi (1 year ago)
these artist are so pretentious its hard to like most of this.
m I o . o I m (4 months ago)
Hyper Boi nothing has any more meaning than that which we give it. So give 'em hell!
Matty Ann (6 months ago)
@Neen88 Very well said.
ÆONSONE (10 months ago)
I’m allergic to pretension but I’m also allergic to whiny little fucks who think they’re above it all.
Neen88 (1 year ago)
I feel its only because they're talking about art. I don't see half as many people from non creative professions get labelled as 'pretentious'. Mostly its because people think art is meaningless (perhaps it is but no more so than anything else) and they feel irritated by anyone trying to talk about it as if it has meaning or cultural relevance
Jose Bravo (1 year ago)
clearly you haven't seen shepard's episode in portlandia. fuck off.

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