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There is now a Doki Doki easter egg in Yandere Simulator and it's not Just Monika! Yandere Simulator Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCkQ-... Doki Doki Literature Club Playlist: http://bit.ly/2DImgXD Yandere Simulator Updates (Yandere Dev) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1EBJfK7ltjYUFyzysKxr1g Yandere simulator game link: https://yanderedev.wordpress.com/ Follow me on Twitter! ► https://twitter.com/JayKubzScouts Watch me on Twitch! ► http://www.twitch.tv/thekubzscouts Follow our Instagram! ► https://www.instagram.com/thekubzscouts/ --------------------------- We're here to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously, so any negative comments will be automatically deleted! Thanks for watching!
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Kubz Scouts (1 year ago)
Normally I don't make a Yan sim video for updates this small, but the Doki Doki girls are officially in the school! Leave a LIKE on the video for more!
XxAxelplaysXx 101 (11 hours ago)
Jun Sor (2 days ago)
Hey jay The four eyed freak look into midori's panties 😀😀😀😀😀
Jose Mosqueda (9 days ago)
Jay is that dude and I love Doki Doki literature Club
Cheyenne Grech (18 days ago)
Haylee Moore (20 days ago)
Yuri is cutting to 1st place
Mother Blu (9 minutes ago)
I see what you did there and it’s messed up
shadowunikat849 (1 hour ago)
I dissagree with monikas placement. I feel Monika belongs in the gaming club because she realizes she's on a game and ma nn ipulates the codes. I feel as if sayori would be in a nerdy club such as the science club. Natsuki the cooking club and Yuri.... ERM most likely the occult club because she has those vibes aswell as the books. Another option for all the members is the photography club because before the protagonist comes they just chilled. Natsuki especially because of her addiction to manga. Like if you agree and comment what you would change. Also feel free to add what you think their persona would be!
Fluffy Jacqui (9 hours ago)
Monika: defs Light Music Club Natsuki: defs Cooking Club Yuri: Drama Club Sayori: maybe Gardening club? idk
XxAxelplaysXx 101 (11 hours ago)
Itz_Ya_Girl_ Ally (23 hours ago)
6:28 You can, but you need to increase biology.
Brinley Shriver (1 day ago)
If u do a myth yandere simulator vid I have a myth after Kokona makes the octo dogs take the gloves and kill Kokona when ever the dead line comes will Konona still get Senpai but dead??🤔🤔🤔
da patato group ye (1 day ago)
i despise your favorite student council I forgot her name but she was walking with aoi
Leafy Leaves (1 day ago)
Doki Doki Club
Gacha Evie 123 (1 day ago)
And let's not *HANG* around. Meh: ;-;
Hacker Gamer (2 days ago)
did you guys played ddlc
roman cejas (2 days ago)
"theres no time to hang around" jay 2018
Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika!🤪
Fox boy (3 days ago)
I want Jay to do a Monika challenge where he has to kill the rival that looks like Sayori or yuri's death or he can kill two girls and just get rid of one girl
Paige Browning (3 days ago)
Just Natsuki....just Natsuki....just Natsuki...JUST NATSUKI
Mantas Dapolskas (4 days ago)
Jay: and now were just gonna hang out untill she comes here Me: are you really making puns of sayoris death?-
CJ Green (4 days ago)
Natsuki: Cooking Yuri: Occult Monika: Student council or gaming Sayori: Gardening, Crafts club
Scarlett (4 days ago)
Natsuki: belongs in the food club Yuri: belongs in the occult club Monica: belongs in the computer club Sayori: belongs in the gardening club this is what I think what club they should be in
PPMini Majik (5 days ago)
why you leave her hangin
Fluffy Gamer1912 (5 days ago)
Just Yuri, Just Yuri *JUST MONIKA*
Hawaii Peach (5 days ago)
Monika: Light music club Yuri: Occult Club Natsuki: Baking Club Sayori: Drama club?
Stariatt Like (6 days ago)
I got one 1) go to the meme closet 2)be any character from ddlc 3)go to the shower room 4)change into gym or swimming suit 5)How will the characters look like THAT DUDE
CHARCO _LOTUS 765 (6 days ago)
Yuri:Will u accept my confession? Jay:Well i'm scared of you so...i'm gonna choose *YES* me:DAFUQ?!!!
Aiyhmin Xin Ngo (6 days ago)
No yuri will be the occult club 3 garls good
Theonefable (6 days ago)
Ayyy! “Sayori would always be HANGING around in the sewing room*
Willow Reagin (6 days ago)
You dont like yuri? All around e off a millon faces
Ally the unicorn (6 days ago)
Yuri should be in the drama club,Natsuki should be in the cooking club,Sayori should be in the Music club,Monica should be in the occult club bc she looks danegoeros!
I think yuri would be in the acult club
Samuel Villalvazo (7 days ago)
What happens if you kidnap monika
HeartAttack Bleach (7 days ago)
And I protecc these beautiful birds **lets go of bird**
Monika messed with YouTube... she made the words stretch down on my screen .p.
L F (7 days ago)
yuri DEFINITELY belongs in the occult club.
Lol (7 days ago)
What club? What club? W h a t c l u b? There needs to be a literature club 😑
и чо ты здесь делаешь? Иди в российский ютуб, блэт
Kitty Boi (8 days ago)
My two favorite games in one UwU
L F (7 days ago)
L F (7 days ago)
riccardo heryanto 10 (8 days ago)
Im like the pun: And there no time to HANGING around
Omg does anyone know the song of the mini radio from this vid? Also great and funny vid Jay funny like always!😂
Elena Walgamotte (8 days ago)
yuri: ocult club Monika: gaming club Sayori: art club Natsuki: cooking club
Aki Nanoko (8 days ago)
Yuri must be in occult club!
Lucys gacha storys (9 days ago)
Yuri belongs in the occult club. Natsuki belongs in the cooking club. Sayori belongs In the art club. Monika belongs in the occult club to.
Asha Grace (10 days ago)
Nah. Yuri is occult.
pluppycake 140 (11 days ago)
yuri-occult club monika-light music club sayori-drama club natsuki-cooking club
KatArtandAnimation UwU (12 days ago)
Doki doki yandere club
Pigsgooink 34 (12 days ago)
Nah, Yuri would be in the occult club
Cute Girly Gamer1 (12 days ago)
ValerieTheTsundere (12 days ago)
Monika : Light Music (Like you said Yuri:Occult Natsuki:Cooking Sayori: Idk
Emmabelle Glendenning (12 days ago)
Yuri should be in the occult club
Emmabelle Glendenning (12 days ago)
Jay: Um going to be Sayori and there’s no time to HANG around! Me: Really dude really
SChu Entertainment (12 days ago)
sayori belongs to the gaming club Yea ik it's wasn't Added
SChu Entertainment (12 days ago)
Which means will be same as the portag?
Sharon Finnegan (13 days ago)
yerre acolt club ,
Nining Ratningsih (13 days ago)
I love Doki Doki literature club it's fun he he he he he..... ;)
Minandro Orio (13 days ago)
Natsuki goes to cooking club
Sage Dickinson (13 days ago)
Never clicked so fast :)
J Owens (13 days ago)
Monika- Drama Club Natsuki- Cooking Club Yuri- Occult Club Sayori- Gaming Club
Stephanie Nader (13 days ago)
Jay quick question, what would they look life in swimming and sports clothing? Just curious ._.
Giselle Playzroblox (13 days ago)
Natsuki : Cooking Yuri: Drama or Occult Sayori: I dunno Monika : Light music or gaming
Ale De Loera (13 days ago)
Sayori in the cooking club
Hail Satan (13 days ago)
I disagree strongly on how Yuri has the most yandere qualities about her. Yandere-chan is not a true yandere, so in that sense, Monika would be most like a yandere.
TheAshley2008 Gamer (13 days ago)
In the thumbnail I thought sayori was sticking up the middle finger............
Just a girl (13 days ago)
Lets all dye our Hair pink-ish and not tell Yuri
Kelsey Fox (14 days ago)
Ice cream club
Max thefluffyDog (14 days ago)
sayori:hangs around roof yuri:occult club monika:gaming club (cuz she can change codes and delete ppl like yandere dev) natsuki:cooking club
Bremda Buccat (14 days ago)
evry day i imagin futre whre i can be wihe you
Yuri:akolt club Monika:gaming club Sayori:sewing club Natsuki:cooking club
Saloni Goyal (14 days ago)
monika - light music club natsuki - cooking club yuri - occult club sayori - art club but really they should all be in the literature club
Saloni Goyal (14 days ago)
i just watched his ddlc series and now i understand the and no shes not gonna use it on herself shes gonna use it on midori 😂 thats dark jay thats dark
Awkward Studios (15 days ago)
I like all of that except Sayori she could be in the gaming club
kody jamson (15 days ago)
I agree with the club choices for Natsuki and Monika but I think Yuri should be in the occult club and Sayori Should be in the drama club because Sayori is so enthusiastic btw YOUR THAT DUDE
Bill Swag (15 days ago)
3:44 *Where is the rope?*
Bill Swag (15 days ago)
Pudding Spevie (16 days ago)
Sayori of course would Monika WOULD I’m not so sure with yuri, she should be in the occult. Natsuki would fit the cooking club.
Gacha Gotcha Audrey! (16 days ago)
Monika: light music Natsuki: cooking Sayori: gardening Yuri: OCCULT
a genji main (16 days ago)
Blood is red Bruises are blue don't say no or it will happen to you too.
Thedeepblue mermaid (16 days ago)
DDLC Fandom: Yuri is definitely the most Yandere! Monika: Am I a joke to you
kitty the wolfie Tv (16 days ago)
Yuri would be in the occult club Natsuki would be in the cooking club Monika would be in the light Music Club Sayori would be in the gardening club
Tiger Mansion (16 days ago)
I have a question can you send a dead student home wile they are getting attacked and Jay your THAT DUDE
jardyn paz (17 days ago)
Doki Doki clubXD
Warlord Irene (17 days ago)
Monika: Light Music Natsuki: Cooking Club Yuri: Occult Club Sayori: Photography Club or Sewing
Moon With Shine (17 days ago)
The only one different is Yuri for Occult
PossumCat Meow (17 days ago)
Monika is more a Yandere. She deleted everyone for u
Lucyfox1012 Girl (17 days ago)
Jay as sayory : There’s no time to HANG around
Kent Coleman-Tilley (17 days ago)
Sayori in da art club
WaterWolf Boy (18 days ago)
Maybe... Monika=Info club (Cuz she a hacker) Natsuki=Cooking Club (Cuz... Duuuhh) Yuri=Occult Club (She into dark stuff) Sayori=Drama Club (I actually don't have a reason for this)
GamingwithLeafeon (18 days ago)
For monika would be in light music Natsuki would be in cooking Yuri would be in occult or drama idk And sayori in idk
Gamer Bau (18 days ago)
Sayori belongs in the Photography club, all they do is fool around. It would help Sayori -practice her act- find new friends!
Mad shadow (18 days ago)
Monika: Light music club/Gamimg club Yuri: Drama club/Occult club Natsuki: Cooking club
Cheyenne Grech (18 days ago)
They all fit in the gaming club to delete themselves !
Lorenzo Woods (18 days ago)
For each of the council members. White haired girl: She is described as being unusually calm in all situations. "What a shame" Not freaking out, just calm. Blue hair girl: The tough one. "Whoever did this will pay!" Black hair girl: I think Jay hit a glitch. Red hair girl: No idea.
Daily Cotttoncandy (18 days ago)
Natsuki: cooking club Yuri: occult club Monika: computer club or light music Sayori: gardening club Like if u agree! Also, happy new year ❤️
Who's your favourite character in Doki doki?? mine is Sayori
Povilaz (4 days ago)
Yuri is best girl <3
geen videos (19 days ago)
i know wich club they would fit into... the "Doki Doki Literature Club"
When_Time _Is_Right (19 days ago)
Yuri would be in the acult club
Tammi Parsons (19 days ago)
I think they would be perfection because in dokidoki they read and u are awsome
Violet Kitty meow (19 days ago)
Hmm I thought Sayori uniform was deifferent from the others
Aurora TheGachaGirl (20 days ago)
(I got this from Amino) Sayori: :( Monika: turn that frown upside down Sayori: ): Monika: Listing here you little sh##
Aurora TheGachaGirl (20 days ago)
Haylee Moore (20 days ago)
Sayori will be in the sewing club because she needs to sew her life together
Cherry Plays (20 days ago)
Monika best girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"We're gonna be sayori, and there's no time to hang around."
Alexia Games (21 days ago)

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