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Drunk at Airport

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Not Alfie (1 month ago)
lmao the nun!
TheShepster80 (3 months ago)
All that matters is that you skip to 1:43.
Hh Mhd (3 months ago)
It seems old airport old clothes! The man was smoking in airport! At what year was that show prod casting?
Ryan sharlotte (3 months ago)
Judging by the comments below you get arrested and jailed for being drunk in America.
wisdom seeker (1 year ago)
Sir. Have you been drinking? Man falls and slides to a field goal. lol
Francis Artanis (1 year ago)
Jane is totally fit however.
Francis Artanis (1 year ago)
A bullet unloaded at 1000mph between the eyes would dispel the problem totally.
Alex Iturria (1 year ago)
No security staff to help??
Saif Afghan (1 year ago)
Carl Meehan (1 year ago)
I can't ever remember being that drunk in a nightclub, let alone after a flight lol. How can people drink themselves into such a state, especially when they're travelling alone?
Jerry Perry (1 month ago)
When you've had nothing to eat it can get fast to reach that state. Too much alcohol at once on an empty stomach is my guess. I don't think he is a alcoholic. Looks more like someone who is not used to drinking.
Crazy Hai (2 months ago)
I had an alcohol problem, following serious abuse i experienced. I never expected alcoholism to happen to me (when I was a teenager, I had no issues with alcohol). But u want to know, how people can get themselves into such a state? It is extraordinary easy to start drinking heavily, under certain circumstances. We don't know this man's circumstances - but with me, it happened when the need to forget was so powerful, it overwhelmed any other consideration (including travel safety, showing yourself up in public, etc.) Unfortunately, once u get into a pattern of drinking too much, alcohol then releases its physically and psychologically addictive influence. At that point, brain chemicals get 'rewired' - and those 'rewired' chemicals, send u compulsions even more powerfully. I've had mental illness in my time. But I can honestly say, alcoholism was harder to control, than even my mental illnesses. Alcohol literally becomes the most important thing in ur world, sadly (even though u hate the situation). It's like ur lose control over ur free will - and have no idea how to get it back. When I had the problem, I wouldn't have thought twice about getting bladdered whilst travelling - the alcohol would seem more important. Indeed, I did get bladdered travelling - even downing wine in train station bathrooms. And I got myself into travel pickles at least 3 times, as a result.
Ryan sharlotte (3 months ago)
You should see the Holyhead to Dublin ferry!
Drew Hermor (1 year ago)
Robin James or he could be an alcoholic
Robin James (1 year ago)
Carl Meehan he'd just come off a flight. When you're in the air on a plane you get more drunk by drinking the same amount. So if he drank to get a bit drunk, he'd end up getting paralytic if he did not know the effects would be much stronger
marvin19966 (1 year ago)
that fucking tetris tune in the background
Motorhead (1 year ago)
1:45 have you been drinking? No, 2 seconds later face see's the floor hahaha
Chris Lancaster (1 year ago)
hes not fit for travel he could have illness
They should have phoned security right away instead of trying to reason with him....
Never.2.Shabby (1 year ago)
OMG ! That show was poss 20+ years ago. Hated that bitch and the other camp crooked teeth fuck ! They were absolute BASTARDS to the people travelling.
Robin James (1 year ago)
Avoir de la chance you hated it so much that you had to watch more on YouTube....riiiiight
T C (1 year ago)
2:28 - 'Hello!'
Michael Uhlir (1 year ago)
I'm America.. the SWAT team would have swarmed the entire airport.. 20 SWAT officers would charge at him.. throw him down and shackel his limbs behind his back
Bonnie Devine (1 year ago)
He seemed a happy drunk atleast. A few cups of coffee and a sit down in the nurses room would do the trick. Hope they helped him get sober and then let him go on his merry way :-)
David (1 year ago)
They need to put this Eurotrash in jail.
nazxify (1 year ago)
That is why Islam forbids alcohol
fahd s (1 year ago)
You can drink alcohol and not get drunk. The French are masters of that. They drink wine with every meal. Most people at airports who drink are NOT drunk. I am a former Muslim
Chip butty time (1 year ago)
But not flying aircraft into buildings..... ya fuckin wazzack
nazxify (1 year ago)
its Muslims not Moslems asshole
Alan Deans (1 year ago)
nazxify ah, so that's why Moslems are all grumpy !
nazxify (1 year ago)
I think you have a great free time and write all this
SS Standartenfuhrer (1 year ago)
Another immigrant !!
Charlie Irvin (1 year ago)
Man is Drunker then Cooter Brown
nyg1984 (1 year ago)
Tarmac roadkill. Just drag him out of the way and let him sleep it off.
Benters (1 year ago)
In the USA the only place he would be going is to jail. Also, he would have made the mistake of letting the medical people get hold of him. Next thing, they would have checked his vital signs, and he would be facing thousands of dollars worth of bills for the treatment!
Nobody cares about stinky usa
Brian Chawngthu (1 year ago)
i can really understnad...it happened to me once..hahaha
Marcus Potter (2 years ago)
Better than calling an ambulance, that way taxpayers money doesn't get wasted dealing with him!
Bassmanwcm (2 years ago)
1:57 Ave you been drinkin?...............Nuuuop.......
fro0tyl0opy87 (2 months ago)
Dumbest question ever hahahaha
Raymond James (2 years ago)
"Have you been drinking already?" With woman "no" man "yup" at the same time hahahahaha
Tina M (2 years ago)
Omg!! They are so nice!!!!
The Sean Talk (2 years ago)
If that was America, that guy would've been arrested within the first 5 seconds of this video.
Ryan sharlotte (3 months ago)
The Sean Talk so if your drunk in USA you get arrested?
Rob T (1 year ago)
Land of the free huh..!!?
kathy neese (1 year ago)
doubt that a drunk is a drunk..
The Sean Talk (1 year ago)
Don't know where the Hell you're from, but that shit doesn't happen in the states.
The Sean Talk (1 year ago)
Then you wonder why Muslim guys crash into your fucking Parliament.
bjfdog (2 years ago)
"Have you been drinking?" 18 minutes later. Duh.
Richard Hall (2 years ago)
1:19 That lady in the orange shirt is quite attractive!
Phil Whipple (2 years ago)
Had a bad day I guess.
patrickrfaul (2 years ago)
2:29. This looks like a good place to sleep.
Bunsenbrenner (2 years ago)
The red lady gets her kicks out of talking rapidly to a red-arsed Swiss. Don’t quite know for which one I should feel sorry ...
Marty933 (2 years ago)
He did a pretty good dive.  Too bad it was onto a tile floor instead of a swimming pool.
Ry Water (3 years ago)
That lady has great glasses and the nun is not amused.
Brandon from Kentucky (4 years ago)
In the United States he would of been arrested
TheShepster80 (3 months ago)
No...the cops would have shot him dead.
Ryan sharlotte (3 months ago)
Brandon from Kentucky why? So if your drunk in the USA you get arrested? His ticket should be revoked and that's it. Arrested is too much
Ryan sharlotte (3 months ago)
Antoine Lérie you've clearly never been to the UK.
Landie Man (1 year ago)
Brandon from Kentucky “land of the free”
Noah Aresta (1 year ago)
Brandon from Kentucky dddd

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