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Probably the Most Drunk Person Ever!

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My friends 18th, decides its a good idea to down a bottle of Morgans Spiced at Pre-Drinks, unfortunatly this video was filmed around 10pm. He was off home in bed by 11:25pm. This is unbelievable.
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Kayleigh Shaw (1 month ago)
Kayla Adams (1 month ago)
You guys should probably take him him to the hospital ..
William Mason (1 month ago)
Uh oh, he pissed himself drunk
Umar Ahmad (2 months ago)
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HW (2 months ago)
I'd lick his belly button. He won't know.
Tsar R (2 months ago)
Uni poofs
Tsar R (2 months ago)
Fucking gimps help the cunt
jupiter 111 (3 months ago)
predrinks?? wtf does that even mean?
Agressive Pie (4 months ago)
?¿ (5 months ago)
dwarfedgiant (5 months ago)
This happened to me on my 21st. Met a load of mates in the pub (around 19:00) and they had made me a pitcher of all different drinks. I had to down it and we moved onto the next pub. I was in their about 10min before having to go puke and end up a bit like this. They took me home (around 21:00), I slept a bit and then met them all again the the club after the pubs had shut. Had a really good night actually.
Zidane Ilyas33 (6 months ago)
Fucking stupid friends.
Zidane Ilyas33 (6 months ago)
He pissed his pants.
Zidane Ilyas33 (6 months ago)
Should have given him some water maybe.
Zidane Ilyas33 (6 months ago)
Shouldn't have posted to youtube. He is your friend.
Zidane Ilyas33 (6 months ago)
Feel bad for him.
DANA MARIE KENDRETH (9 months ago)
Nice friends laughing! Pretty sad.
Jacob McCarthy (11 months ago)
I’ve gotten smashed before!! Light years away from being fun!!
Cutetodd (11 months ago)
He's so fucked up I ove it
Ionut Edy (11 months ago)
I ve been this drunk
Katelyn Spencer (1 year ago)
You fucking idiots .
Shabaloo (1 year ago)
weed for the win
NIVXID (3 months ago)
mix weed and alcohol.. gr8 combo m8
Fiery Gamer (1 year ago)
Dont get wasted get crazy
Chris Collier (1 year ago)
whoring your friend for views...
Chris Collier (1 year ago)
you lot are dicks, you dont film this type of stuff,let alone put it on youtube
Moss (10 months ago)
Chris Collier Shut the fuck up it’s funny and they can all look back on it and laugh.
Rainbow2766 (1 year ago)
I'd hate to get drunk around you guys
strongsick286 (1 year ago)
hes smiling
Angelina Thompson (1 year ago)
yes, yt luv'd it all the way in America!
Angelina Thompson (1 year ago)
"his mumz a nurse, she'll look after him" NOOOOO, she's gonna throw him in his bed and tell him to FK OFF already! Stud up & sleep it off for pity sake!
Jewel Nickerson (1 year ago)
I'm sure he thanked u guys 4 posting this but I'm thanking u 4 the great entertainment. Lol
Homoud Al-Shehri (1 year ago)
Seems that the camera man is very kind he's laughing all the time 😂😂 But you know what, i think his friends are the best because they're looking after him and taking care of him.
punkrock4life (1 year ago)
He's not even drunk...he's Obliterated lol
Bread& Butter (1 year ago)
I bet he felt great in the morning 👍
Internet Connection (2 years ago)
I hope he dident get alcahal poisgoning
Sean McGlynn (1 year ago)
Internet Connection I love alcahal poisgoning. LEARN HOW TO SPELL!
Susan Martinez (1 year ago)
Internet Connection s1234567890.i.
Syes Sisk (2 years ago)
You guys are really good friends for still looking after him and giving a shit
Brandon Cottz (2 years ago)
Bolas atleast we get drunk lol
Michael Roy (2 years ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqv_8qoCIDU peeing himself, im subscribed and he is most drunk person ever
BolasDaGrk (2 years ago)
The Brits are gonna ask him to make sure he gets up in the morn for tea and crumpets!
Jiggajig Jones (1 year ago)
Alexander Hälg gayyyyy
Susan Martinez (1 year ago)
BolasDaGrk s1234567890.i.
123 321 (2 years ago)
+P40Gaming 😐
123 321 (2 years ago)
rhys Wall (2 years ago)
no !
Physicized (2 years ago)
Jordan! Get yourself together!
Ryan C (2 years ago)
I onto drink enough to be in the "stoned" state where u think everything is funny and can but barely stand. He is pardon my French "fucked up"
Cody Lengenberg (2 years ago)
Good times yo
Stevie Boy (2 years ago)
Please tell me what type of liquor he had and how much, just wondering.
Jiggajig Jones (1 year ago)
StevoSurvival sip of sherry
Martin Adams (2 years ago)
Hahaha EPIC!!!1!
Chill Khalil (2 years ago)
Dang i hope that kid doesnt have alcohol poisoning 👀
andy moore (2 months ago)
No he doesnt me and my friends get that drunk all the time hes fine
Gta V5 Mods GTA (3 months ago)
Clever Troll ur the only BRAINDEAD person here using troll faces as profile pics. you are either 10 years old or stuck in 2008
Clever Troll (10 months ago)
Moss most foolish person I've ever met
Clever Troll (10 months ago)
Moss What? No are you braindead?
Moss (10 months ago)
Clever Troll Your maximum age is 16. I’m betting you’re about 12.
Higgered (2 years ago)
friend goals
ProjectFlashlight612 (2 years ago)
HAVE ANOTHER DRINK, MR LAHEY!   And the tosser who tells "Chris" to stop filming and help has a fucking bottle of booze in his hand.  Yeah, son, you're clearly at 100% capacity yourself, giving everyone else orders while pointlessly holding liquor during a paralytic alc poison emergency.  Because putting the bottle down and using both hands to assist with your seriously incapacitated chum would just be grubby working class oaf behaviour, wouldn't it.  Pull your trahhhhsers dahhhhn, Jordan, we have a rubber of polo in the morning.
Mort (1 year ago)
ProjectFlashlight612 I am the liquor rand
truenorth27 (2 years ago)
Sucks to be him
Flame 187 (3 years ago)
I'd hate to have his hangover the next day ...
Alex Hickey (13 days ago)
He'd still be passed out shur
Some One (22 days ago)
He's 18.
Umar Ahmad (2 months ago)
Flame 187 can yu subscribe to me
Jay (6 months ago)
The next week or two is gonna be bad
Tony Davidson (3 years ago)
Anyone for tennis Timothy!!lol fuds
RadicalDubstep (3 years ago)
Tony Davidson (3 years ago)
What a bunch of fannies you lot are a load of limpwristed twats
C2daS (3 years ago)
+Tony Davidson Quite the opposite, he was fine and we all still joke about it to this day. :) Thanks for your consideration though.
Tony Davidson (3 years ago)
+C2daS lol I think it will be you who ends up lonely if that's the way you plebs look after ya mates
C2daS (3 years ago)
+Tony Davidson Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, no one appearing in this video cares what a lonely troll on Youtube thinks. Have a nice day.
Pspisripoff (3 years ago)
Max Party Level at UK?
Amaethon (3 years ago)
You guys are real pricks to him, if you were his real friends you would done some funny shit to him.
Chris Hell (3 years ago)
Hope you made sure he fucking laid on his side in bed! A friend of mine died because he laid on his back and drowned in his puke :(
DJrobber (6 months ago)
Chris Hell nurse* how did he die? Doctor drowned in his own puke 😂 na it still sad tho
ANON Anonymous (1 year ago)
xQnH (1 year ago)
Chris Hell ngl that should have been in dumb ways to die no offence to your friend and your loss
Jiggajig Jones (1 year ago)
Chris Hell yep, it happens for sure. Alcohol is a terrible drug.
Stevie Boy (2 years ago)
Same here man. I'm sorry.
Toby Ryberg (3 years ago)
AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA pretty serious situation but still cant help but laugh
Grimm Ripper (3 years ago)
Why are you filming him? if you film him then do it but don't put it on youtube he's your friend ffs...
olivier.c (3 years ago)
j'adore ces mecs complètement ivres qui ont fait pipi dans leur jeans en sagging !!!
kotetsu131 (3 years ago)
Oh dear God I was an EMT at a college and never had a patient so drunk they shit themselves! This is impressive!
Darby (4 years ago)
mate looks like he's doing the liquor dipper.
Patrick Gogan (4 years ago)
Completely Ossified
scarypit (4 years ago)
Should have taken him to a hospital instead of home. He's lucky he didn't asphyxiate in his sleep.
Morg Mordcam (3 years ago)
Hospitals won't do anything, its a waste of time and the tax payers money. All he can do in that state is sleep it off and have someone with him all night.
Sailor Dave (4 years ago)
Knew a guy who got drunk in Odessa Ukraine and woke up married to a member of the Russian mafia family. US Navy declared it an illegal marriage.
ProjectFlashlight612 (2 years ago)
+Sailor Dave Would it be illegal if he accidentally married a warship?
climberis1 (4 years ago)
This is what happened to me on my 18th
NickRobbinsOnline2nd (12 days ago)
climberis1 same my 18th was yesterday and I felt shit today
Esperanza Nunez (4 years ago)
so funny u guys r so mean
dreamweaverae (4 years ago)
vicky parsley (4 years ago)
Oh my god! Fucking hilarious!!! Has he passed out like this before?!
smoothhandsjimmy (4 years ago)
yup youtube sure does love this :P
Owen Ephraim (4 years ago)
posh quims 
Ars Amatoria (4 years ago)
Wasted life.
KALEIDO jess (4 years ago)
He probably was so embarrassed when he saw this
kiera Snm (4 years ago)
Darby (5 years ago)
bloody drunks and their beer. that liquid will be the death of you, I tell you.
Chris Simms (5 years ago)
Hahaha you legends! Most of us have had a time when they've been in a state like that!
HighHeelShoes (5 years ago)
Time to call Mom-I'll bet she was real pleased to see him in this state
C2daS (5 years ago)
He was told if he downed a bottle of rum we would buy drinks for him all night! Turns out no drinks were needed to be brought as he was taken home!
richard head (5 years ago)
how come you are all sober and hes destroyed?
Jakub Sobczyk (5 years ago)
2:25 I think its the most happiest person. :P
Craig Jones (5 years ago)
funniest thing is matey with the camera cracking up,made me laugh this did lol
Bailey Gran (5 years ago)
Bailey Gran (5 years ago)
Lol i love your accents and whoever said HI YOUTUBERS was so hot!!! <3
Daz Vegas (5 years ago)
passing out, shitting yourself and getting taken home by your friends before midnight on your 18th birthday = priceless.
Daniel Wade (5 years ago)
mmm friends ,,,, ok lets film him in his worst state un urrr show the world
ya_nassty (5 years ago)
Woah... that's a little too far, there...
ya_nassty (5 years ago)
My mom's not Asian, dumbass. Don't think you know everything.
ya_nassty (5 years ago)
Gustaf Jackson (5 years ago)
"he's not gonna do a poo, honestly"
Dara Sage (5 years ago)
C2daS (5 years ago)
Norwich, England. Glad you enjoyed the video!
RossRussell1994 (5 years ago)
Hahaha that guy is fucking wankered.
Ben Greenhalgh (5 years ago)
I used my kitchen as a toilet hahaha
778063778063 (5 years ago)
If at first you don't succeed, sky diving is not for you...

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