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Funny and cute photos of One Direction!

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I own nothing! I just love One Direction SO much! Enjoy!!!
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Text Comments (213)
DirectionProductions (11 months ago)
Vale Dolan (1 year ago)
3:07 Please and Thanks Santa from your favorite directioner (and i know you're directioner so give ne the guys or you will see) ;-)
Mahrukh Yar (2 years ago)
What's happening there Harry ? 😂 (1:46)
Ronnoc Gaming (2 years ago)
I have a one direction picture folder on my tablet!!!!!!!😌😌😌😵😵😵
Shwetha Kumar (2 years ago)
oopsy..sry I meant LLN!! ;)
Shwetha Kumar (2 years ago)
mäe (3 years ago)
00:57 so now I can die peacefully :')
idonthaveaname forme (1 year ago)
not today satan so can I
Doan Dac Le (3 years ago)
04:14 louis is looking at harry's hand touch niall's penis Lol
Kamilla Petrová (4 years ago)
2:10 yes loui Wait i go
Kamilla Petrová (4 years ago)
Yes i marry you boys
Katie (4 years ago)
I love all of it i could not stop laughing, BUT my fav. part is Niall's Arobic class!
Vieana Kelleher (4 years ago)
Malik and Zayn BAHAHHAHAHAHAHHHA omg! wtf hahah
alisha aaron (4 years ago)
enough with this larry shit 
Hope Martindale (5 years ago)
Hope Martindale (5 years ago)
1:46 HARREHHH!!!!
sulma medina (5 years ago)
2:03 okay be there in a minute
sulma medina (5 years ago)
1:37 lol WTF probably they didnt know their name s
Cyanne Remmers (5 years ago)
00.38 YES!!!!!
LittleMixGurl55 (5 years ago)
At 0:53......i have like 7.........dedication
Sarah Hocker (5 years ago)
2:47 ahahahaa your my favorite! ;D
Ana Avedoy (5 years ago)
OMG! In 3:52 Liam looks just like Harry!!:O
Carmen Parrish (5 years ago)
@ 25 they called Niall a dick
rawrthebambi (5 years ago)
We all wish we owned 1D... We all wish.....
Shequoia Williams (5 years ago)
NO I DID NOT MEAN TO PUT THAT. I was a directionator than now I'M A PROUD DIRECTIONER and Larry shipper but don't get mad at me
Farah Salsabila (5 years ago)
2:19 i would probably doing that
kevin helaine (5 years ago)
3:24, so cute!
Lexie Rod (5 years ago)
Again Harry what the fuck at 2:11
Lexie Rod (5 years ago)
1:48 pause there WTF
Daisy Stancheva (5 years ago)
Harry where did you touch? :D
Ranien (5 years ago)
00:36 YESSS!!!!!!!!!
Azra Arapovic (5 years ago)
Seriously?! 4:00 out of all the words it has to be that one?!
Azra Arapovic (5 years ago)
0:36 yes I will marry you guys!
Marissa Moreno (5 years ago)
1:37 Liam isn't even there
Jasmine Ruiz (5 years ago)
4:16 I need that I thing and you've got that I thing! LOL!
Isianah (5 years ago)
4:16 niall : what are doing harry ?? o_O harry : I touch !! :)
samantha haynie (5 years ago)
10sec i just made the best meme out of that
Abby Zeo (5 years ago)
end is so true
Abby Zeo (5 years ago)
Then he couldn't marry me.
tootygirl8 @gmail.com (5 years ago)
Louis mine
Darcy Horan (5 years ago)
2:00 o. o!
(:princess:) (5 years ago)
0:34 YES!!!
Darcy Horan (5 years ago)
2:35 ;D
Darcy Horan (5 years ago)
1:45 o. o
Darcy Horan (5 years ago)
what the fuck 1:41
Darcy Horan (5 years ago)
lol 00:41 ha ha
Maria Morin (5 years ago)
lol yep
Allie Dalton (5 years ago)
Say iPhoned 5 times then post this on 2 other videos then look under your pillow
Hxiley Mxrtin (5 years ago)
At 00:42 YES I WILL
Madison Buss (5 years ago)
4:11 Louis: You only can do that to me Harry!
Thais De Witte (5 years ago)
malik and zayn ^^
alz3641 (5 years ago)
1:54 & 2:32, hahhaha ♥
Caroline Teal (5 years ago)
0:50 of course I do, who doesn't?
urbanwarriors811 (5 years ago)
DirectionProductions (11 months ago)
urbanwarriors811 IKR!!!!!
Ana K (5 years ago)
At 4:10 Louis was like: Harry, what are you doing? I thought you love me.... :(
0:24 remind me how Niall is a u no what
Autumn Junker (5 years ago)
the last photo louis was jelous where harrys hand was :D lol love you guys
Naruto Niqqa (5 years ago)
aliyah melendez (5 years ago)
3:44 my luggage from when i come back from ireland
corazon tim (5 years ago)
Lol! 1:23
leslie bemis (5 years ago)
0:37 YES
C.K Blanc (5 years ago)
If u see in the last pic,Harry is touching nialls **** and loius is looking at them envying
ashley olsen (5 years ago)
And @shequoia Williams no he didn't
ashley olsen (5 years ago)
brightgoldenstar (5 years ago)
How is that sad?
Shequoia Williams (5 years ago)
im disappointed in harry he said he will tuen gay just for louis its so sad
Shequoia Williams (5 years ago)
2:32 is so funny
SuperTubhuy (5 years ago)
Did harry really say he woukd turn gsy for louis Larry Forever
Ryleigh Dague (5 years ago)
Yes! We ALL Wish To Own 1D.. But Sadly, None Of Us Can.. :9 WAAAA!
Ryleigh Dague (5 years ago)
3:10.. LOVE IT! Yea, Actually, Go Ahead, Bring Them Without Clothes.. :)
Ryleigh Dague (5 years ago)
Korina Rodriguez (5 years ago)
1:37 OMG they forgot NIALL!!!!!!
DD Winston (5 years ago)
sarahskully (5 years ago)
0:38 why do you think you had to ask of course ive wanted too for years now!!!
mia brophy (5 years ago)
@ 0:35 yes i will i will
Yikess (5 years ago)
3:45 i know what i want for christmas santa x)
tyieshakennings (5 years ago)
wtf harry get your hand out of niall's pants
tyieshakennings (5 years ago)
lol to the exterm at 1:57
Amandamc96 (5 years ago)
0:21. not. nice.
margret bad warrior (5 years ago)
i love one direction but on 1:45 look at harry's left hand it looks like harry is touching louis chroch
gabriela rey (5 years ago)
0:36 OF COURSE I WILL!!!!!
Cloud redbird (5 years ago)
I came here from sims 3
Abby Horan (6 years ago)
" Hi Kevin. "
i do have a 1D folder on m computer
Megan Calasa (6 years ago)
@Megan Stevens I think it's facial expressions
Megan Stevens (6 years ago)
i dont get whats funny about 4:09?
Megan Stevens (6 years ago)
3:45 awwwwwwww!!
Megan Stevens (6 years ago)
2:37 my fave pic haha gotta love niall!!!
Megan Stevens (6 years ago)
1 :49 ewwwwwww
Fiona Brianna (6 years ago)
1:36 I didnt know niall changed his name to malik
youmakemydayh (6 years ago)
1:02 I'm still in step 5...almost at 6 LOL
Sicilia (6 years ago)
3:46 can that be my suitcase??
Yagine Chan (6 years ago)
2:28 Boner? HAHAHAHAHA
angelrock936 (6 years ago)
1:50..... not bad Harry... not bad.....
angelrock936 (6 years ago)
gehad gafar (6 years ago)
2:54 LOL LOL that one got me dont know why?
gehad gafar (6 years ago)
1:23 i would actually let them kiss me
Chan Mika (6 years ago)
1:36 That's not funny=.=
britneyilu23 (6 years ago)
0:34 duhh im not stupid i'll married harry but i hope louis dosent get angry lmaoooo
bethany freeman (6 years ago)
sweetheart we all want to own 1D
Priyanka Bharadwaj (6 years ago)
0:34 what do u think?? OBVIOUSLY!! <3

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