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Funny Girlfriend and Boyfriend Texts Messages

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Text Comments (988)
Albert Lozano (11 hours ago)
0:16 how did you end up in the toilet??😂
Itz _Lilyvideos (16 hours ago)
5:40 LOL she was like SAY IT Properly!
MLG_yungz 4 (23 hours ago)
7:54 God damn
wolflie wolflife (2 days ago)
AppleSas (3 days ago)
Why are these all 2012
PxsTELDxEAMs (3 days ago)
5:32 LMFAO
•Gacha Coffee • (4 days ago)
9:55 I THOUGHT IT WAS (3 words, 8 letters, say it, i'm yours) I LOVE YOU But FOOD IS BETTER SO SCREW IT!!!
Nin Xyami (5 days ago)
8:15 karma is actually a bitch dude!!!!!!
DavidAlsGamer (5 days ago)
9:50 (thumbnail) no need to thank me :p
Vixnex (7 days ago)
6:53 im pretty sure thats not her BF
0:53 lol
Marvin Lynch (9 days ago)
6:40 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Extream Torj (10 days ago)
Girl: i love u Me: thats your problem not mine
Gabriella Eguao (10 days ago)
Who here has a friend that asked if u and ur crush are dating and another friend that told ur crush to propose to u ... Just me ok
Wolfie Love (10 days ago)
10:23 the person in grey is a SAVAGE
Powr Yt (10 days ago)
5:37 had me dead
Jessica (11 days ago)
11:58 this make me laugh
Jagar Studio (11 days ago)
11:15 *_PUN INTENDED_*
colby robards (15 days ago)
12:07 no......
Ava Draws (15 days ago)
12:28 made me fall on the ground in laughter Read More
Isabel Byrne (15 days ago)
Thumbnail at 9:54 ...you’re welcome.
Nancy Colez (15 days ago)
3:37 my version of it: boy: did it hurt? girl: what? boy: when you fell from heaven ;) girl: no boy: why not? girl: because my boyfriend caught me ;))))
1,000 subs no vids? (16 days ago)
Kden25 (17 days ago)
2:20 lool
Hatim Jamali (19 days ago)
5:14 EPIC WIN!!!!!!
It’sJustTess :P (20 days ago)
9:50 thumbnails here, thank me later. So now you know this ain’t click bait.
Addi Playz XD (21 days ago)
Missing (23 days ago)
why are all these texts from like 2012 and 2011
Roses are red and violets are blue How could yiu do that And f* to you
Anime Lover (24 days ago)
Can ios users can turn off auto correftion?
cHiCkEn bUcKeTs (24 days ago)
Kaehukai Keliikuli (24 days ago)
11:30 is so funny im cracking up
Dankulus_ Memeulous (24 days ago)
Why are they always on an ipod
Johnathan Edmonds (24 days ago)
3:33 I died from laughing
Misael Tcheumeni (25 days ago)
2:21 im dying bro this is so cringy
Ruby Arc (26 days ago)
10:21 actually the sun is a star soooooo Yea he loves you that much
Cricket World (26 days ago)
Elizabeth Astran (26 days ago)
This was funny lol
Althea Pagarigan (27 days ago)
Dalilah Martinez (1 month ago)
3:44 that got me dying at the end 😂
LaLa LaLa (1 month ago)
iiNanaii (1 month ago)
0:52, 2:46 ...
DashFlash- The Life (1 month ago)
Burning Blood (1 month ago)
It took me about twenty minutes to figure out 10:21.
deb savage (1 month ago)
*whose gonna watch on valentine’s day?*
Itzjustlexi !? (1 month ago)
SolSun LunaMoon (1 month ago)
No I don't because I'm single and 10!!
Elsa Delarue (1 month ago)
2:52 LMAO 😂😂😂😂
UnknoWn Walker (1 month ago)
send the poop
sweet_gacha_lover (1 month ago)
I wished for a pony😂 I just died😂😂
5:44 break*
Erik the gamer (1 month ago)
thumbnail: Boyfriend: i want you back Girlfriend: 3 words, 8 letters. say it and im yours. boyfriend: i got you food? girlfriend: ....you really know me NOTE: wrong because it was 9 letters, you know why? because the boyfriend then put a question mark, wich makes it 9 letters.
Mendes Army Fan (1 month ago)
10:26 THAT'S ME 😂😂
Haven Smith (1 month ago)
The picture on the video is me one a whole other universe
Father Gasconie (1 month ago)
5:18 Arthur Morgan talking to Sadie Adler
Austen Gohl (1 month ago)
.... this video is for people with no girlfriend or just looking for experience... like me 😭😭
Jedi Scum (1 month ago)
5:37 same. -_-
Ava Nimmett (1 month ago)
Right there Quote of 2019 “Perfect is boring”-Jason 201- That is so cute
lacey platt (1 month ago)
Omg the one were tge girl wished for a pony lol
XD 10:36 Hanna is relatable
DieselPlatinum (1 month ago)
7:21 got me real good.
Gacha Girl (1 month ago)
3:52 I see what they did there
Hailey Yearnshaw (1 month ago)
5:52 honestly me and my dad tho
dynocompe (1 month ago)
Texting Maria would annoy the shit out of me
Episode lover (2 months ago)
10:29 nialler? Omg spot a directioner🤣
Skrrt (2 months ago)
At 2:12, are they gay or is this fake. Just saying, I have no problem with gay people. I’m just wondering. Wait. If they’re gay, why is an Amanda included. I’ve never met a boy named Amanda.
SuperCreativeUsername (2 months ago)
7:34 you damn bitch. If my crush lost my pen in class I’d no longer have a crush on her. Probably crush her skull though (lol no)
PurPur PlayZ (2 months ago)
How do you simplify 2I<6U? Easy, I<3U. Awe! I <3 U too! Jeez im crying
Big Seone (2 months ago)
"Enjoy your last 15 minutes of MW3... I'll be over soon." *FUCK*
Dappershmellow (2 months ago)
8:53 LOL
IAm Rudy (2 months ago)
2:10 Either He is Gay Or He Calls His Girlfriend On His Phone ^Boyfriend^ Or its that fake😂
Mr.unknown twin (2 months ago)
Do you have a crazy boyfriend or girlfriend? Me: i never had one
Leah and Isabella (2 months ago)
Nope. I'm a single Pringle ready to mingle
OverWims (2 months ago)
Nina Rashid (2 months ago)
11:51 that wasn’t funny! That was sad
Kian K Poh (2 months ago)
wtf is there a fornite free v-bucks scam ad
YouCube26 The OK Cuber (2 months ago)
Half of these aren't even fucking b-g texts
Jupiter 3 Io (2 months ago)
The ending. Me: in my imagination, sure. In reality, no.
Kawaichu. Chan (2 months ago)
10:35 SOOO ME XxD!!
Legend GTV (2 months ago)
What if you are single? *goddammit*
Yo queen gurl Kay Kay S (2 months ago)
Girlfriend:what your 11:11 wish Bf:I will tell u mine if u tell me first Gf:ok well I wish that we would last forever Bf:I wished for a pony My mind:why is this so me...I WISH FOR A PONY WBU 3:41
Emma Bigler (2 months ago)
6:05 I hate it soooooooooo much when people do that, when they sign their name at the end of EeEvvVeErRRyyY text message and I’m just like, THATS WHAT CONTACTS ARE FOR U FRIGGING ANNOYING PERSON ITS NOT EVEN A FRIGGING EMAIL THATS WHAT THE NAME IS FOR AT THE TOP OF THE SCREEN AND IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE SO FORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok I’ll be done now, rant is over, now u can go hate me by disliking or giving me a peice of your mind in the replies. Anyways if u got this far and are watching in 2019, HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! 🤣☀️⌚️🌙 🎊🎈🎆
Joëlle Brouwer (2 months ago)
3:56 so smooth😍
livewire anonymous (2 months ago)
Why yes yes I do
You need some milk XD (2 months ago)
The end question tho I was like NO I DONT HAVE INE AT ALL!!😀
Klaire Miller (2 months ago)
I heard that if you say a youtubers name 5 times you will get pinned. Let's try it. Scoop Scoop Scoop Scoop Scoop Now... we wait.
Yummy Bleach (2 months ago)
7:19 I honestly don’t know what “soil” means the way that there using it, can someone tell me.
SpringWolf (2 months ago)
5:44 oh my god if I was him I'd run *plays run meme*
SuperMarioJase (2 months ago)
I don’t have a girlfriend I’m forever alone😬
MeMe LoRd (2 months ago)
why does everyone use iphone1-3!?
m_d_d___but_venom :3 (2 months ago)
well, dan, karma IS a bitch. your girl’s ex fiancé has his own husband alien now. also, you mess with eddie you get the venom. he’ll eat you. wouldn’t mess with him. karma’s a bitch.
American Jedi (2 months ago)
Amazing that so many people have the same text app. Couldn't be that they're all fake? Nah.....
Michael Chapman (2 months ago)
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Musician C (2 months ago)
The first one it was 11:11 AM
Dr. WMD (2 months ago)
Do you have a crazy boyfriend or girlfriend? Motherfucker do you really have to insult me for not having a girl?!?!
ProMan123 (2 months ago)
0:12 its 11:11
Harkirat Gandhi (2 months ago)
Anyone see 11 11 for the first one
Black Mamba (2 months ago)
I hate autocorrect!!
Koree Mathis (2 months ago)
Kiwi Cheesecake (2 months ago)
5:53, I LOVE IT😂😂

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