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Fashion for Women Over 60: Surprising Wardrobe Essentials

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When it comes to fashion for older women, what are the fashion essentials that everyone should have in their wardrobe? What are the wardrobe essentials that you couldn’t live without and why? What is one thing about fashion that you have learned over the years that you would like to share with the other women in our community? Ready to take your look to the next level? Check out our fashion for older women video series: http://sixtyandme.com/fashion
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Lissa (10 months ago)
Would have loved to see clothing examples put together ...
Julia Shore (1 year ago)
no, the tam looks pretentious,,,,but I also think you should wear whatever you feel good wearing.
Sue Harvey (2 years ago)
As interesting as watching paint dry..............
Angela Winters (2 months ago)
Yet here you are, watching.
w m (1 year ago)
ha ha ha ha ha!
Judi Orourke (1 year ago)
Sue Harvey
chronicreader (2 years ago)
I have found, surprisingly, some really nice things at thrift shops, including one unused Versace silk scarf (yes, has the tags, the rolled handsewn edge, etc) for $7.50 US. (The thrift shop is run by "leftists" who had probably never heard of Versace or cared. Their thing is social justice for all.) Aside from that, I have found some really nice faux pearl majorica-type necklaces at a local antique shop that specializes in costume jewelry. The prices and the quality are very appealing. Aside from those places, I often buy silver and stone jewelry from a shop that supports education for girls in Pakistan. The variety of stones is amazing, so I have a lot of choice, and the items are unique but fashionable. I also feel that I make a contribution since half of the price goes to the schools. Anyway, there are lots of places to find nice things at good prices if you know where to go.
Angela Winters (2 months ago)
Well, aren't you the pretentious snob? I'd like you to know that I am a liberal, or what you call a "leftist", and I do know Versace. I know several other designers , too, and top-name brands, like my Burberry trench coat and Vera Wang purse and glasses. I also got them at bargain prices because I know where to shop. I like and respect the people I bought them from. You remind me of a "good Christian" woman I know who "volunteered" at a thrift store situated near an affluent suburb, the residents of which brought their cast-offs to the thrift store. The reason I put "volunteer" in quotes is because this "good" woman pilfered things of value from the store and sold them on Ebay or, in the case of children's clothes, dressed her kids in them. She and her husband make enough to buy clothes for their children, but not as nice as the clothes she could, and did, steal.. You and she could be one and the same person. And speaking of political leanings, since you despise "leftists" so much, you must be a white supremacist alt-right Trump-pet. The lot of you just got your backsides handed to you in the mid-terms, your president is throwing tantrums daily, and much, if not all, of his Administration is in, or headed for, prison. So, like that other idiot, Kanye West, you might want to just stay away from politics for a long, long while.
Graciela Wakefield (3 years ago)
Very informative and easy to follow....
Linda Newton-Perry (3 years ago)
I love fashion. As a matter of fact, I just finished a newspaper column on Senior Style. I no longer do it, but loved every minute of it. I write a blog on the animal bigfoot. I try to look sharp, in the field and recording my videos. I love hats. Everyone offers me hats. I'm  69, overweight, but I believe everyone should look their best because people do treat us by the way we look/dress. You may see my 'style' on Bigfoot Ballyhoo.
joan tatham (1 year ago)
Linda Newton-Perry bigfoot ballyhoo
Jeanette F. (3 years ago)
I love the tam! I haven't been looking hard enough for one but, I like that very much! I think women of my age look nice in A-line blouses/jackets that do not show any humps, bumps or, jellyrolls. lol I do not wear spanx? I like good black stretch pants fitting, with a flare on the bottom, and jeans too. I'm proportioned with an hourglass shape figure, except for the stomach a little. lol As you see I'm wearing gray. I do layer. I like a longer blouse under a smaller black jacket. I like soho but, I never go go. Maybe the thrift shop will have some cool material. I want a red belt. I found my favorite black raincoat in my local thrift shop. I just ordered a large scarf, and a silky afcan to wear around the house. I'm 62, I juice, and workout with weights in my house. I need to get out walking. I love to walk on the beach. With this snow in NYC ? I'm in a slump. I was going out every night to help a 100 year old woman. I slept over because she was afraid to stay alone in her big home. I did that for four years. She passed away three weeks ago. Time to go shopping. The jobs will come. Thanks Margaret and Judith! 
Louann Copeland (1 year ago)
in gla
Jeanette F. (3 years ago)
I was a little beatnik at heart. I love your look Judith in that way, unique. At my 10 yr. old birthday party. I made everyone dress like beatniks. I loved going to the village into CafeWah, and watching the older beatnik's reading their poetry. We call it the Spoken Word now. 

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