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Russian Girls

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Hot Russian Girls
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Wofka1986 (11 years ago)
Wofka1986 (11 years ago)
Sasha Dith:Russian Girls
John T Smith (11 years ago)
I don't think it's lying to say that every person who ever watches this video has to admit it's HOTT.
spurcu (11 years ago)
W stalin
Kambei Shimada (11 years ago)
Kambei Shimada (11 years ago)
LOL nice humvee ad=D
DhiscoStu (11 years ago)
My new favourite song!
Shawn Bandy (11 years ago)
sounds a bit like Russian Mortal Kombat but much better!
mrfunone (11 years ago)
It's nice to know Russian women can take care of a Hummer!
Kei Kaneda (11 years ago)
hahaha ^^
mackblack01 (11 years ago)
they're hot...
Raimanojaku (11 years ago)
yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah dude, russian women are simply the hottest!

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