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Men's Office Clothes - How To Pull Off The Smart Casual Dress Code

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Hey lads! In a work environment where the dress code is "smart casual", some guys struggle finding a way to dress fashionably but at the same time look presentable and professional. In this video I share my thoughts and feedback on what I wear at my job which has this dress code, to hopefully give you a clear picture on how to truly pull off this look in the best way possible. If you want a little inspiration to be the best you can be, take a gander and watch on. Don't shy away from your potential! Shirt: https://bit.ly/2LV9IEz Jeans: https://bit.ly/2KvDbiT Chinos: https://bit.ly/2Kv5Swj Blazer: https://bit.ly/2OLti43 Chelsea Boots: https://bit.ly/2AKTngA Espadrille Sneakers: https://bit.ly/2vFAYw9 Casio Watches: https://bit.ly/2AJI7kF Infinite Watches: https://bit.ly/2OMOR42 Davidoff Adventure: https://amzn.to/2AKVdhG Disclaimer: This video is NOT sponsored. #mensstyle #mensfashion #mensfashion2018 #mensclothes #fashiontutorial #smartcasual
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Text Comments (12)
beat d geeks (1 month ago)
Was liking the video already until you said mvmt
Chang Ming Lock (3 months ago)
are polo t shirts and shorts acceptable?
Matt Malone (3 months ago)
Chang Ming Lock usually should be okay, but it totally depends on the office you work in 😊
Game Truth (4 months ago)
mate this style is so overrated, good video without a doubt, but this style is complete rubbish.
Bounbone (5 months ago)
In my opinion,your Casio is better than any mvmt watches, its nice, affordable, from reputable watch company, and well built....
rusty shackleford (6 months ago)
Another great wardrobe classic is a casual vest worn with the oxfords
Matt Malone (6 months ago)
rep4life 2018 that's a very good call!
EHazardGaming (7 months ago)
If I were to use label m thickening tonic to add thickness to my hair and add some cream clay as a prestyler to add some hold would that work using them together? Thanks
Matt Malone (7 months ago)
Personally I wouldn't use the cream clay as a pre-styler - when reacted with heat it would be kind of painful to apply and the finish would end up in strands! I would use the thickening tonic (great product btw) with with either mousse or sea salt spray - then use clay :) remember to use a low setting on a hair dryer too to help give the lift!
EHazardGaming (7 months ago)
I bit the bullet and ordered the cream clay. 👍 I will give you my thoughts when it arrives.
EHazardGaming (7 months ago)
Matt Malone can’t wait. Notifications are on.
Matt Malone (7 months ago)
EHazardGaming Awesome let me know what you think on my video next week! That's when my cream clay review comes out 😉

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